Skylar Moree
Skylar Moree 19 soat oldin
Big dawg what's your promo code? (If you have one)
emily h.
emily h. 19 soat oldin
my cats name is Nancy and she kept looking at me like I was crazy bc her name kept getting called
Richard Torres
Richard Torres 19 soat oldin
Price: "Okay, I'm reloaded" Price: "Let's go you muppets" Price: "Going Dark" Price: "Everybody move"
Logan Feeney
Logan Feeney 20 soat oldin
Now looking back at it they take bones make bone meal take dirt make it grass and then get the grass and make wheat seeds make that wheat farm
squiggly spooch
squiggly spooch 20 soat oldin
kinda funny i got charter and its hands down best internet
Death2All 20 soat oldin
Once a clown always a clown
NRG NRG 20 soat oldin
11:38 i thought it was butt crack LMAO
Jerricho Cross97
Jerricho Cross97 21 soat oldin
26:43 xD
masterdiego93 21 soat oldin
5:02. It auto aimed in you bro 😂. They definitely had something on. You can see that bish go straight to you
Zombastik 21 soat oldin
He really got me with the outro 1 minute in
Abel Ryan
Abel Ryan 22 soat oldin
Am I the only one annoyed that they’re calling the die machine the wonder waffle
thebois 12
thebois 12 22 soat oldin
The edits on this video............MWAHH........I love it
Scurfy Ninja
Scurfy Ninja 22 soat oldin
Do the secret bank loot in warzone
Knight 22 soat oldin
Yall really stole the my friending bit didntcha
Jezz The Tabby Cat
Jezz The Tabby Cat 22 soat oldin
From 5:46 to 6:23 was very intense and scary. Genius
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai 22 soat oldin
That meme fire!
Silvex _YT
Silvex _YT 23 soat oldin
You’ll probably do as well as Anthony 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Seth Simmons
Seth Simmons 23 soat oldin
Hey, SAAV, if you see this, you guys are doing amazing!!
SandMan 23 soat oldin
Why does this not have a lot of views, this vid/stream is amazing
Antonio Quezada
Antonio Quezada 23 soat oldin
The crew <3
Brandon Pizzingrillo
Brandon Pizzingrillo Kun oldin
Prop hunt and cod, the boys are back
jj_jollyrancher Kun oldin
Wtf did I just watch marcel is bigger me
Jeremiah Weiss
Jeremiah Weiss Kun oldin
46:47 *Marcel sees a 5* *A FUCKING 5!?*
She broke I’m up
She broke I’m up Kun oldin
I use to play asphalt 8 on my tablet when I was little so I wouldn’t bother my parents
Josip Rados
Josip Rados Kun oldin
Fore real you beck an never go to jell
Alex Ronning
Alex Ronning Kun oldin
never realized marcel played with codyko
TXDN Xd Kun oldin
Gotta say Ive been using OperaGX for 4 months and its AMAZING!
Sweaty Spgti0
Sweaty Spgti0 Kun oldin
Marcel: **taunts ghost** Ghost:**gets pissed off** Marcel: GUYS PLEASE HELP HELP HELP!
Angel Brock
Angel Brock Kun oldin
Please livestream Among us
Masterking Kiko
Masterking Kiko Kun oldin
I love
Psyrex Kun oldin
14:50 I fell off my chair
Stefo 777
Stefo 777 Kun oldin
Wait update?!
Johnny Doc
Johnny Doc Kun oldin
I agree with marcel about a power nap being 90 minutes
Jopo Kun oldin
Nogla is so pea brain it’s hilarious.
Mr Gugr
Mr Gugr Kun oldin
Eggs, I love eggs :D
Benjamin Green
Benjamin Green Kun oldin
Shorox Kun oldin
Only 170 comments?
Jacie Hill
Jacie Hill Kun oldin
his lies are so funny
Asianeyes007 Kun oldin
Who else is getting recommended 6 years later?... 😗🤨
Teresa Ibarra
Teresa Ibarra Kun oldin
pokeperson1000 Kun oldin
I feel like an alternative to the last prop standing objective is: Prop hunt, but props try to finish all the tasks before the hunter kills them.
Da Juiceman
Da Juiceman Kun oldin
I know this is going to go unseen, but you are my favorite UZpostr and you've been number 1 for years. Recently as of about a year or 2 I was hit with 277 volts and honestly I feel like my heart is having problems xuz especially at night it kinda feels like a hot pan touching it. I've been to a hospital where they monitored me but nothing came up same with an cat scan. I just want to say if I ever pass soon, you've helped through a lot and u cannot thank u enough. I really do appreciate it, and you thank ya be blessed 🖤
bark web
bark web Kun oldin
Ray Shadow legend sucks but I like your content 🤣
Purple Glowstick
Purple Glowstick Kun oldin
Marcel’s “get it Brandon” gives me life Sometimes I forget how high pitch marcels voice can get
Suspect Logo
Suspect Logo Kun oldin
Ok pause at 7:46 “he doesn’t have gravel” R u kidding
miloツ Kun oldin
bruh ur mom is hot
Nate Miller
Nate Miller Kun oldin
7:25 Unus Annus
That one dorky kid
That one dorky kid Kun oldin
That awkward moment when non is no in french
Anna P
Anna P Kun oldin
Marcel and Scotty giggling in the vent together is just... beautiful
Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis Kun oldin
ngl this was a beautifully edited video
Aaron Galzote
Aaron Galzote Kun oldin
If that happened to me I would just throw the next game as crewmate and say it was them HAHAHA
Knight the Meme Guy
Knight the Meme Guy Kun oldin
Why this poppin off so recently
Renne Toledo
Renne Toledo Kun oldin
Why are there so many pandas I thought he was a bear?
Brutal _gunner
Brutal _gunner Kun oldin
So I’m expecting no drop in the bass in marcels voice
Alex F
Alex F Kun oldin
This is the best Cards video don’t @ me
cocozer Kun oldin
how you doing? just a question.
Lil Apex1320
Lil Apex1320 Kun oldin
imagine the hacker looked at the vid and got roasted hard
Mario Alberto
Mario Alberto Kun oldin
Marcel with the "ni...YOU BASTARD" xd
Orion Colon
Orion Colon Kun oldin
When you outline the wrong prop
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments
Among Us Funny and WTF Moments Kun oldin
The basically segments are such a good addition props to the editor😂😂
walk a lonely road
walk a lonely road 20 soat oldin
you guys guys
Bacon Spaghetti
Bacon Spaghetti Kun oldin
What’s that song at the start when he was on the vending machine when the pizza came 0:10
RabidHotHead Kun oldin
Puffers replacement ain’t so bad
Erick Solorzano
Erick Solorzano Kun oldin
Ayo no cap not trying to be mean or anything, Puffers editing is way better more fun
JoeBags Kun oldin
Always such a dick to Nogla, and not in a funny way but a mean way
Megan Bravo
Megan Bravo Kun oldin
“we can raise you here!” IMMEDIATELY turns around lmaoooo
MuddyMite 746263
MuddyMite 746263 Kun oldin
Marcel:I’m as gay as a three dollar bill Panda:Dies
Jordan Zeitlin
Jordan Zeitlin Kun oldin
I just realized he killed me
WolfGod2020 Kun oldin
Can u guys make another vid like this 🎁🎄
Michelle Carr
Michelle Carr Kun oldin
Sit the f&&k nogle
Citizens Bank
Citizens Bank Kun oldin
They should make a thing for upgrading the different wonder weapon classes in skills like the perks and guns
Dinjotas Kun oldin
69 dislikes let's gooo
Chris Charboneau
Chris Charboneau Kun oldin
You made it to #47 on the trending page
Cough It Up
Cough It Up Kun oldin
5/10 could have made far shittier loadouts.
Marissa Vizcarra
Marissa Vizcarra Kun oldin
It’s weird that on Marcels game Scotty is visible and on the table but in Scotty’s he’s behind something
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Kun oldin
Really you cant do anything without the Grau or MP5 and Poor Marcel
smurfybear Kun oldin
TF4L Kreach
TF4L Kreach Kun oldin
13:01 what team?
Hollow Zelus
Hollow Zelus Kun oldin
Mein Kampf over Fifa?!
Lucas Nelson
Lucas Nelson Kun oldin
Ur lit
ARBUKY 343 Kun oldin
Marcel instead of screaming just turn off your light and hide, Yw :)
Kent Le
Kent Le Kun oldin
just love the "Marcel that was a good no-scope" in the background
Toipat Kun oldin
haha clown