Two Idiots Play Raft!
Eric Morris
Eric Morris 9 soat oldin
How is ordering a Gatling gun a loop hole in the second amendment
Zaddahar 10 soat oldin
Can we just talk about how the auto captions nailed the entire video perfectly with no errors
Killa Assassin8
Killa Assassin8 10 soat oldin
I hope they meet such and the gang
Sexystar123 10 soat oldin
I cant fuckin wait!!!!! I'm soooooo excited
OLDXBOX PS4ACC 10 soat oldin
Your all posting different clips that's fucking awesome
Arturo Perez
Arturo Perez 10 soat oldin
I can't wait ๐Ÿ˜
nasir McGill
nasir McGill 10 soat oldin
I love this clip lol. I can't wait for the new show ๐Ÿ˜‚
brawl co
brawl co 10 soat oldin
Joshua Flynn-Parkinson
Joshua Flynn-Parkinson 10 soat oldin
I clicked off this video cos mini pisses me off
Fox Demigod
Fox Demigod 10 soat oldin
The chees creators you can get a boost if you time you stuff right
Darth Sped
Darth Sped 10 soat oldin
I love how well even fits into eddie
Concussion BLASTER Kid
Concussion BLASTER Kid 11 soat oldin
He put the gun down two times that was funny HE THOUGHT HE KNEW BUT PUT IT DOWN AGAIN
BigChungus 11 soat oldin
waiting for the day that everyone gets bored of regular minecraft and they make a pixlemon server...
Nope Not happening
Nope Not happening 11 soat oldin
I mean you werenโ€™t wrong lol Panda was there.
DatShadowWolf 11 soat oldin
Pufferfish ooughh
mute 11 soat oldin
i didnt think the gay one wouls throw him the pants
he he
he he 11 soat oldin
... 6:45 bottom right
Luke Mac Mahon
Luke Mac Mahon 11 soat oldin
When he says getting paid it sounds like pagen
Thenoneditor 303
Thenoneditor 303 11 soat oldin
Terriser get destroyed lolololololol
abid Hasan
abid Hasan 12 soat oldin
Moo: "And I took that personally"
Yub-Tub's high priest
Yub-Tub's high priest 12 soat oldin
1:52 Brock getting pick last ha. Later basically regretted those words.
A5sa589ssin 12 soat oldin
Another name for this title is โ€œIโ€™ve run out of ideasโ€
DarkElites Halo
DarkElites Halo 12 soat oldin
The anime song is Rainy Day by Trial and Error, thanks to @Hawkeye in the comments
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose 12 soat oldin
rorouni gunner
rorouni gunner 12 soat oldin
I cant wait
JuiceKid X
JuiceKid X 12 soat oldin
This is gonna be AMAZING๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
The Partisan13
The Partisan13 12 soat oldin
I think Marcel needs to calm down sometimes man. He keeps up with the sheer amount of stress and he's gonna get ulcers.
The eye Lord Jack
The eye Lord Jack 12 soat oldin
Is this gonna be free to watch?
Thatch 99
Thatch 99 12 soat oldin
That dudes voice scares me
Cracka T
Cracka T 13 soat oldin
Title kinda sus
jeff minecarft
jeff minecarft 13 soat oldin
wait my name is Jeffrey salguero
Mickey Casagrande
Mickey Casagrande 13 soat oldin
wait why is the voice acting so good im pleasently surprised
Best Damn Thing
Best Damn Thing 13 soat oldin
OH these go over the pants
Onyx 13 soat oldin
Will there be cameos of friends like Nogla, Moo, Scotty and others?
Shrimp Bagels
Shrimp Bagels 13 soat oldin
On Hulu tho
Shrimp Bagels
Shrimp Bagels 13 soat oldin
Snow Miser
Snow Miser 13 soat oldin
Man your team was kinda worthless huh?
War Kee24
War Kee24 13 soat oldin
13 oilIBM3
Thejayman90 14 soat oldin
Just as a help for next time, try enchanting the armour with like unbreaking 1000 so it doesn't break
Hhg Ffi
Hhg Ffi 14 soat oldin
Can't wait
Kayden Hiler
Kayden Hiler 14 soat oldin
A power nap can last forever if u do it right
Michael Infante
Michael Infante 14 soat oldin
Imagine if the entire group had kids ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
Maurice Collins
Maurice Collins 14 soat oldin
I can tell you this right now their UZpost series of this is going to take off!!!! Yโ€™all need to see if adult swim will pick up on your show when yall get more episodes
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 15 soat oldin
Like it was said in the video it would be awesome to see these as a fillers. Once a week do this, or a scavenger hunt, a parkour race, an escape room, a maze run, battles at the coliseum, or some type of Olympic games, a race in the nether with those nutsack looking things. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
Dylan Bone
Dylan Bone 15 soat oldin
Honestly that was pretty dope
_chachaslide_ 15 soat oldin
my name is Mason
Josh weeks
Josh weeks 15 soat oldin
Please do more of it
Venom *
Venom * 15 soat oldin
I think it would be better if they just used theyโ€™re real names for the character names
Jonryan Barreto
Jonryan Barreto 15 soat oldin
Bro make a Playlist for your streams
Jay dude
Jay dude 15 soat oldin
Let's hope it makes Netflix or Hulu
DuhChoZen0ne 15 soat oldin
ArtVampire Dragoness
ArtVampire Dragoness 15 soat oldin
Ladies and gentlemen Red Vs Blue minecraft edition!
jordan 32
jordan 32 15 soat oldin
Peat finally died
Julien Lopez
Julien Lopez 15 soat oldin
Fuckin Eddie XD
Dietro DiTe
Dietro DiTe 16 soat oldin
Im actually excited for this
Minx 16 soat oldin
Fucking evans personality is spot on
Yeetus The Fetus
Yeetus The Fetus 16 soat oldin
Country Greg and Jordon Fisher collab???
unusually Cheesy
unusually Cheesy 16 soat oldin
4 20 gamers ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Zoe Moonlight
Zoe Moonlight 16 soat oldin
Loop hole in the second amendment? Someone doesn't understand that things like the puckle gun existed and was known about and invested in by the men who litterly wrote the second amendment. When you don't know anything about history or just general basic understanding of guns but try to form opinions on them.
Alexon jeicob
Alexon jeicob 16 soat oldin
It's not even March 13 yet
Jose Morales
Jose Morales 17 soat oldin
"Youre not worth my metal then the spit" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
ChocoBlob 17 soat oldin
I accidently spat on my PC after understanding what was happening 3 second after seeing the guy saying "Ah, this go over the pants." Terroriser XD
Peter JT Diaz
Peter JT Diaz 17 soat oldin
All that uno and among us paid off right guys.
Colts 45
Colts 45 17 soat oldin
Terroriser has no pants! I honest to god thought that was gonna be Panda before I heard Brian talk!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Afonso Boavida
Afonso Boavida 17 soat oldin
Ahahah very cool
Travis Brown
Travis Brown 17 soat oldin
is this a movie but i really want to see it now
kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv
kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv 10 soat oldin
Its a show
Emily _Does_Anamation
Emily _Does_Anamation 17 soat oldin
OH MY AAHAH can't wait for more
SteamPunk 17 soat oldin
ok thats it i cant wait much longer, please release it.
Mr G
Mr G 17 soat oldin
0:46 this show being developed by Liberals?
Cam S
Cam S 18 soat oldin
Moo literally got picked last and then was a coward the whole game.
Mu'izz Siddique
Mu'izz Siddique 18 soat oldin
Yo, Eli's skin is fucking cursed.
default error
default error 18 soat oldin
Mikey 18 soat oldin
I canโ€™t wait
Ethan Carlisle
Ethan Carlisle 18 soat oldin
The main villain will be nogla letโ€™s be honest
Dentz_Logic 18 soat oldin
Brandon Chapman
Brandon Chapman 19 soat oldin
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, one-day we'll cruise down Blood Gulch Avenue. It's Red vs Red, and Blue vs Blue, It's I against I and Me against You.
Lucy Fryatt
Lucy Fryatt 19 soat oldin
The Pants had me ๐Ÿ˜‚
Juiceberns98 19 soat oldin
Gaah milton sounds so much like Frieza
Nico Uwu
Nico Uwu 19 soat oldin
Ones release cant wait for season 2