300 IQ plays and 0 IQ plays
dat guy
dat guy 6 soat oldin
Thoughts on puffer?
Pako 1
Pako 1 6 soat oldin
Thoughts on marcel
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner 6 soat oldin
4:25 your welcome
fire gameing 108
fire gameing 108 6 soat oldin
This game is just logan Paul simulater you just look for dead bodies
Alyssa Dennis
Alyssa Dennis 7 soat oldin
I came from tiktok
David Coste
David Coste 7 soat oldin
Among us videos have made me notice a phenomena: if it's from someone's pov, everyone else looks bad. The comments "loosely" support this because they all scream at someone else, but it could just be that they don't like a certain personality. I've seen the same games played on multiple povs where one person acts like a dumbass, but when you see what they saw, they had to act on it. I guess what I'm trying to say is if people comment on how bad or annoying other people play when it's view from a different angle, don't try to go too hard. Either, they saw something sus and had to act on that info (it could've been wrong info, but the player doesn't know until after), they are impostor and trying to win, or that's just their normal personality. And let's remember this; since they've played a lot of this game, everyon (Marcel, Tyler, Jack, Rae) has had big brain moments, and small brain moments.
DM Macaw
DM Macaw 7 soat oldin
I love the skins and ect will transfer over yet a new cod and it's a cod I enjoy too
Kysicez 7 soat oldin
Marcel should play zombie royal on MW
Ryan Willis
Ryan Willis 7 soat oldin
How did I miss this when it was uploaded lmfao please make more vids with this squad
Evan Byrd
Evan Byrd 8 soat oldin
SMii7Y asking Noah about the fire now tutorial lmaoooo
Z_r0ugh 8 soat oldin
So this is what the weeknd do on saturdays
SmoothOx Gamer
SmoothOx Gamer 8 soat oldin
Muselk is so stupid
Binker221 8 soat oldin
There needs to be a rematch 😹
The_Fox 8 soat oldin
Not even 2 seconds in and marcel already at it
Midwestern Ope
Midwestern Ope 9 soat oldin
Hearing them sing Paramore made my day
PopKid 9 soat oldin
8:54 JOKER
Eric Grabowski
Eric Grabowski 9 soat oldin
I can’t stop smiling
Its Pandox
Its Pandox 9 soat oldin
thoughts on puffer?
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head 9 soat oldin
just play the vid at 0.25 at the very start and you will laugh
Ivan Andreev
Ivan Andreev 9 soat oldin
I love the spelling part!!!
Jacobthemanjdq 9 soat oldin
You know he’s mad me what starts saying he’s richer then u
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson 10 soat oldin
Only these guys could make me laugh this hard for real 😂😂
Masked Musician
Masked Musician 10 soat oldin
i just watched a fortnite video of marcel from like 4 years ago or something and then seeing this one is just crazy to see the growth
Dabeastslayer Slayer
Dabeastslayer Slayer 10 soat oldin
4:20 I’m dead 😂😂🤣😂🤣
The Gaming Morons 101
The Gaming Morons 101 10 soat oldin
19:00 Would Crinja be saying that if Marcel did freak out about being falsely accused
LiT FREEK 10 soat oldin
Russia is in Russia
Actually dude, that would be salt.
Actually dude, that would be salt. 10 soat oldin
“Vote him” -Marcel
Shark byte 15
Shark byte 15 11 soat oldin
I'm just wondering why this vid has over a million views but only 500 comments
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright 11 soat oldin
The King Return
BluefacedQuack 11 soat oldin
I wish they would try Sea of Thieves together again. There is so much more to do now.
STEEZY MEDIA 12 soat oldin
I love how genuine marcel and wildcats relationship is and well everyone but that text message 😂 thats how you know your real friends if you can act gay af
courtesy _ trpz
courtesy _ trpz 12 soat oldin
The growl at 5:58 killed me
Michael Zainey
Michael Zainey 13 soat oldin
3:49 that cover was dope.
thomas ellsbury
thomas ellsbury 14 soat oldin
Jasom sounds like sokka from avatar lol
Rampart 14 soat oldin
This is the last video edited by Puffer, unless I'm wrong :(
xImCaden 15 soat oldin
POV: you’re here from the TikTok clip
Rampart 16 soat oldin
How does Marcel tolerate the 120 FOV?!
xVaporSmokePussyLord4001 16 soat oldin
7:36 if only mini was there to learn Wildcat's lesson
Haydn Waterman
Haydn Waterman 17 soat oldin
Took me a while to actually *find* this map, since there's at least one other that already uses this name, but for those curious, it's Too Many Buttons by House Of How and it's a paid map you have to spend _real money_ on. In other words, not for me.
Alexander Wanko
Alexander Wanko 17 soat oldin
His video has been all over tiktok and people have not been giving him credit or putting the name of the video
ゴゴゴゴ 17 soat oldin
Dam that 3rd imposter my dude
Gigi Carelli
Gigi Carelli 18 soat oldin
Brody Lee Sargent
Brody Lee Sargent 18 soat oldin
36:40 deathrun
Seth Harlan
Seth Harlan 18 soat oldin
12:23 to 12:30 had me dying
ThePancakeRenegade 18 soat oldin
8:41 is that a brother bear reference
Zach Tidwell
Zach Tidwell 19 soat oldin
Miss this kind of content! Loved among us but def missed this
Alex Avendano
Alex Avendano 20 soat oldin
Little did we know he did make a statue
Wesley Pires
Wesley Pires 20 soat oldin
What Marcel, Speedrunner Mario and Samus Aran have in common? BABY!
Jonathan Bohr
Jonathan Bohr 21 soat oldin
It seems this game looks more memorable than modern warfare
CliptomaniaK 21 soat oldin
“Who’s watching this in 2020 getting bored in quarantine🤚” 🤣
erica 2
erica 2 22 soat oldin
miss them
dalton 23 soat oldin
lando is only 3 years older than me and has already made more money than i will in my lifetime
ProLi0nBizzy YT
ProLi0nBizzy YT 23 soat oldin
Hey can you go back to the Minecraft server you guys have the dragons head and the egg if you put the head on the egg it will hatch into a ender dragon baby and when it grows up you can ride it there’s a lot of videos of it can you try it?
Joesiphs Kun oldin
Don't care how bored I get I swear I will never play raid shadow legends or afk arena.
teddy Doumenis
teddy Doumenis Kun oldin
Where tf does he stream if he does !
gnquijada Kun oldin
I got excited for Basically there. Pistol for the win!
Snipez4lyf8 '
Snipez4lyf8 ' Kun oldin
The other day I uploaded a cold war video and the title was literally the same title
Im here because of tiktok like if you too
Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins Kun oldin
"Russia's in Russia." Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.
The Reaper
The Reaper Kun oldin
a triple blackflip
Melanin Frost
Melanin Frost Kun oldin
Hey Marcel, you might not see this but you have been an inspiration for me. I don’t really play video games or even really play games at all. You have brought a smile to my face for a few years now. I don’t really remember when you started youtube but I have been subscribed for a WHILE. You joke around and have fun and I have a lot of praise for you. When I’m sad, mad or even not in the mood to talk to anyone, I watch your vids and they make me smile every time. Thank you for everything you have done for me and your viewers to come. Please continue to make people smile and we will make you smile back with our jokes and comments.❤️❤️❤️❤️
KarmaKnowsAll Kun oldin
At 13:22 nigla says bambs is close to bambi and doesnt get it
CrispyBacon 1738
CrispyBacon 1738 Kun oldin
My ringtone is Obi Wan saying “ Hello There “, every time I get bamboozled
Just a little boi
Just a little boi Kun oldin
Idk but the videos titles are kinda lame
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Kun oldin
Scotty: What’s wrong with hentai Me: :/
Logan Stewart
Logan Stewart Kun oldin
The most said thing in cold war "This map sucks"
DragonSpear570 Kun oldin
Last Lap boi with the UZpost childhood icons, my life is complete!
KhannLad XD
KhannLad XD Kun oldin
3:20 😭
The TaxMan
The TaxMan Kun oldin
The TaxMan
The TaxMan 18 soat oldin
mohamad ikram
mohamad ikram Kun oldin
Vip can't pick up the gun people who dead?
EzRider123 Kun oldin
I was eating pizza during this video. And I made this pizza.
KingDallas Kun oldin
One of the rare times i hear Marcel say the nword
Rhee Akilang
Rhee Akilang Kun oldin
Pain 5...
Drew Togneri
Drew Togneri Kun oldin
This game looks so bad
Thamir Al Shammari
Thamir Al Shammari Kun oldin
Let puffer your editor again dude these edit man aren’t much from puffers edit
Grand Theft Theater
Grand Theft Theater Kun oldin
Great ending
Dudes Who Explore
Dudes Who Explore Kun oldin
Bro this is the weirdest mix of you tubers I’ve ever seen
Spam Goose
Spam Goose Kun oldin
Why does cold war look so scuffed compared to the previous installment? Lol
Marcela Esparza
Marcela Esparza Kun oldin
Haha that intro tho!! 🤣
Zero Kun oldin
Why did I just get the notification for this vid lmao