Two Idiots Play Raft!
I'm Arguing For My Life!
Among Us in Minecraft!
Jacob Skelaj
Jacob Skelaj 9 soat oldin
Wow Alicen is such a nice girl
nekokat 9 soat oldin
One of my aunt's is a triplet.
emily jay
emily jay 9 soat oldin
Id never heard of Alpha Betas before but omg Paget fucking Brewster and Stephanie Beatriz as well as all you guys, its literally impossible for this to be bad.
PabloJose624 9 soat oldin
Mason: Loses Also Mason: RUN IT BACK
Skott Plays
Skott Plays 9 soat oldin
Congratulations to you guys on alpha betas I grew up watching it’s cool seeing you guys grow too
LaCroc 9 soat oldin
just came for the teaser🥲
Big fat Yoshi
Big fat Yoshi 9 soat oldin
"Yo, Can I uh... Can I have a cheese puff?" why do i have a feeling i'd ask that too
John Stamos
John Stamos 9 soat oldin
Marcel just wanted his cheese puff
Phoenix gaming
Phoenix gaming 9 soat oldin
I can't wait for thise show it's going to be so dope
Iggy 9 soat oldin
A fellow Mason I see.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 9 soat oldin
No wonder all of you guys have like the same mic model... Besides, I think Allison got annoyed by Marcel in the cartoon cuz both of em were quarreling over cheese puffs.. haha
Kinming Wong
Kinming Wong 9 soat oldin
Excited to see all of you guys’ hard work paid off 😁
Flyman 9 soat oldin
In case anyone is searching for the Brian scream like me it's on 39:17
Jayfonzy24 9 soat oldin
I like how the others have like action packed teaser and marcels is “can I have a cheese puff” 😂
Saucey 9 soat oldin
did I hear chris parnell in the beginning?
MeltedKinderEggs 9 soat oldin
I like how Marcel's teaser was him asking for a cheese puff and the others were in the heat of battle or killing someone, absolutely amazing and funny
Royal Insidious
Royal Insidious 9 soat oldin
can someone explain to me again why “the answer to the question” makes Moo impostor?
MeltedKinderEggs 9 soat oldin
Shawn Gavin
Shawn Gavin 9 soat oldin
Legion is literally a national treasure
Tyler Mock
Tyler Mock 9 soat oldin
Aye super hyped for the show marcel your whole community is proud
takattack 749
takattack 749 9 soat oldin
Marcel's alpha betas teaser - *Marcel eating a cheese puff* Wildcat's alpha betas teaser - *Wildcat brutally murdering a train conductor with a shovel*
Elmo De Luna
Elmo De Luna 9 soat oldin
here some pro tips if when your doing 360s do a shock wave te wll boost you up
Brian Basurto
Brian Basurto 9 soat oldin
is that jerry from rick and morty?
Mammen Star
Mammen Star 9 soat oldin
Heck yeah I’m watching Alpha Betas
Babiewraith 9 soat oldin
I got recruited by the energy division and i got a ID too
Monokuma 9 soat oldin
Stella Argo
Stella Argo 9 soat oldin
Heyy don’t forget to turn on notifications!!!
Stella Argo
Stella Argo 9 soat oldin
Subscribe !!! Like!! And comment!!!!😆
Shivam Mishra
Shivam Mishra 9 soat oldin
Stella Argo
Stella Argo 9 soat oldin
Froozer kinda cute tho😳
Stella Argo
Stella Argo 9 soat oldin
Wait what is this guys name?
Xerz Zilla
Xerz Zilla 9 soat oldin
What you did to brock is just f-up
lamar Raybon
lamar Raybon 9 soat oldin
Nogla is soooo stupid he is smart lmao like he completely guess what happens and guessing what happen step by step off dumb luck !!!
MAXRANIEL 9 soat oldin
is it possible to time travel yet? I wanna watch the pilot now
John Kidder
John Kidder 9 soat oldin
I gotta ask... did someone sign a contract to carry Nogla through every game you guys play? The guy goes Colonel 100 with every game and I have to pause the video to let the sweat drain from my screen because he's such a tryhard.
Rektdly 9 soat oldin
A show with my favorite group of you tubers? I’m in! Just tell me when it comes out and I’ll be watching👍👍
Mason Mellinger
Mason Mellinger 9 soat oldin
sorrry marcel but i didn’t say you could use my name
IDS Cyclops
IDS Cyclops 9 soat oldin
Seeing the different trailers on all the channels is getting me so hype for alpha betas
P4pparazzi 10 soat oldin
nice voice acting. love it
A.T Rodgers
A.T Rodgers 10 soat oldin
The woman in the teaser is Paget Brewster aka Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds
Chris Rosa
Chris Rosa 10 soat oldin
You can tell there’s much more to the cheese puff bit. It’s like two separate parts of the bit mashed together to make the most coherent version.
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 10 soat oldin
\MM/ 😬❤️
Margarita Ortúzar
Margarita Ortúzar 10 soat oldin
Cortanis001 10 soat oldin
Scotty's got some loud keys. XP
NocturnalAspen 10 soat oldin
Basically is really posting videos for insomniacs and I love it
SebySeb80 10 soat oldin
All the other guys’ voice sound higher pitched than their actual voices and marcel just came in all natural. Still can’t wait for the show
Ray Vinson
Ray Vinson 10 soat oldin
1:57 the ultimate nightmare; More than ONE Nogla. May God have mercy upon our souls
Patrick Tan
Patrick Tan 10 soat oldin
0:18 Marcel Like Cheese Puff
Kristian Munn
Kristian Munn 10 soat oldin
I love the fact that he's asking for a cheese puff
Darrennocap 10 soat oldin
Marcel how mad would you be if they made play one of the white characters
Some Two
Some Two 10 soat oldin
everyone in the other teasers: doing something in the game Marcel in his teaser: May I have a cheese puff?
FuneralTortoise 10 soat oldin
Seris Oracle of the Abyss
Seris Oracle of the Abyss 10 soat oldin
Yo I so this in the CouRage and Nadeshot podcast, looks so fkn dope, great job to everyone involved. I hope it’ll be on Netflix in the future
Good Vibes
Good Vibes 10 soat oldin
Teaser sounds cool hope it gets on netfilx
RamenChance 10 soat oldin
dallas_ldld_ 10 soat oldin
this show is gonna be a absolute bop and i know it
Jessiface42087 10 soat oldin
Is that Paget Brewster?
RedemptX 10 soat oldin
thats sick bro
ImSyncan 10 soat oldin
To whoever reads this I hope you have a great morning/day/night and I hope you accomplished everything you set as goals.<3
Gavin Harrill
Gavin Harrill 10 soat oldin
Omg, I'm so excited for alpha betas
Casey 10 soat oldin
“I wouldn’t go down there” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Lyons
Chris Lyons 10 soat oldin
I couldn’t be more excited for Alpha betas!! I can’t wait, it’s gonna be amazing
We Always Eat Cashews
We Always Eat Cashews 10 soat oldin
thanks for giving us this video marcel!
ProLi0nBizzy YT
ProLi0nBizzy YT 10 soat oldin
Basically’s trailer is the best right nexts to vanosses for alpha betas
christian 10 soat oldin
8:27 sweat dripping down the hacker
Donovan Alicea
Donovan Alicea 10 soat oldin
i super stoked for the show!!!!
Carrabean Artist
Carrabean Artist 10 soat oldin
Who thought after 7 years they would have a show they grow up so fast
cartel leader
cartel leader 10 soat oldin
Hola amigos good video man
X7M 10 soat oldin
alpha betas is gonna be fire my guy (:
MobCh 10 soat oldin
His voice isn't different like the others..
Tyshawnosaurus Rex
Tyshawnosaurus Rex 10 soat oldin
1:56 that is terrifying
Killer_ piranha 99x
Killer_ piranha 99x 10 soat oldin
Nogla can either be the dumbest crewmate or the biggest brain crewmate.
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky 10 soat oldin
Trident 95
Trident 95 10 soat oldin
Sooo.... why does “the answer to the question” work?
John Stark
John Stark 9 soat oldin
They would hit the key that causes them too vent
ItsYaBoiSaul 10 soat oldin
Bro that teaser was so basically😂😂
Matthew J. Rogers
Matthew J. Rogers 10 soat oldin
1:51 Marcel, seriously, if you read this, try to get this mod done: Nogla Mod: a single person becomes Nogla, so they use his skin, and go around trying to turn other people into Nogla. You must do Nogla's voice, and if get someone, they must also do Nogla's voice and try to get other people. It's like the zombie mod.
Pain Wrld999
Pain Wrld999 10 soat oldin
a cheese puff
Eyobed Ayele
Eyobed Ayele 10 soat oldin
I am hyped for this show bro
JohnIs_Trash 10 soat oldin
Is Elise (Paget Brewster) from Dan VS gonna be in this show?
Vincent_Flores12 10 soat oldin
Love that Cody is back playing! More racingcatz!