3 dumb idiots play Firebase Z for the first time - Black Ops Cold War

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toast k?
toast k? Kun oldin
10:37 macaroni with the chicken strips
Rex_the_senpai 2 kun oldin
About the hair thing Your late
ShadowFN 3 kun oldin
Do yall remember when wildcat said the n word during cars against humanity and Marcel gave him a pass
Hello World
Hello World 5 kun oldin
The fact that people say dogwater means they watch narcoleptic Nugget
Inoahlot257 6 kun oldin
Marcel: you’re dogwater Narcoleptic nugget: 0_0
Le Philliam
Le Philliam 7 kun oldin
Every other streamer/youtubepro: Raid Shadow Legends Basically: Yall loosing your hair yet?
Connor Hurse
Connor Hurse 7 kun oldin
Same glitch happend to me...on round 44
TRUCKLOVER68 8 kun oldin
The mangler is doom guy almost
Thomas Neakok
Thomas Neakok 9 kun oldin
Around 13:12 Jack sounded like spongebob “ahhh ahhh”
Jesus Jaimes
Jesus Jaimes 11 kun oldin
Unpopular opinion:tombstone is nice :D
PUGZ DTR 12 kun oldin
I’ve already lost hair at 14
Themagichoodini 15 kun oldin
I don’t even know why I stoped watching you but I’m back
horndog 27
horndog 27 16 kun oldin
So no one is going to tell them how to activate the Easter egg or the true ending to it 😅😂
james Kimball
james Kimball 16 kun oldin
Pov Basically making you wanna purchase a product cuase his marketing strategy is god tier
Israel Marin
Israel Marin 16 kun oldin
you guys... didn’t beat the easter egg 😭
Adrian Hydock
Adrian Hydock 16 kun oldin
A power nap is 90 min
RudyTheNinja 17 kun oldin
Me: Exfil or Extract? End of the gane: Exfil
Zane VR
Zane VR 17 kun oldin
get The katana it's nut
Zane VR
Zane VR 17 kun oldin
Then pack it
Zane VR
Zane VR 17 kun oldin
I have it kill zombies one tap sill round 18
Potato 17 kun oldin
The Quality of your Videos has only gone up, so happy to see you still kicking ass on UZpost seven years later from when I subbed, man!
ImUsaxe 18 kun oldin
Why haven’t you posted in a while
William Mills
William Mills 18 kun oldin
I wanna use your code is it still available
Hayden Neff
Hayden Neff 18 kun oldin
Wait till they find out thats not the real boss
[wrk] VENXM
[wrk] VENXM 18 kun oldin
Who else uses the gallo
Mixali Tsavidis
Mixali Tsavidis 18 kun oldin
I came to this video again because just two days ago i went and took a power nap and it was a little over 90 minutes so in the ongoing conversation i am now on on the side of 90 minutes is a power nap.
to[ni oj etgpmtimp
to[ni oj etgpmtimp 18 kun oldin
when dat Minecraft vid gon drop
bxpro180 YT
bxpro180 YT 18 kun oldin
Hey Baiscally ive been a fan since bo2 and im turning 21 thank you for making awesome content and now be happy to legally able to drink if u do drinking stream
Carter Taylor
Carter Taylor 18 kun oldin
Did marcel play gorod?
Kenneth Bruen
Kenneth Bruen 18 kun oldin
Your just bad at posting vids...
moofin 19 kun oldin
did anybody else switch to discord when they Hird that sound effect
_LANDEN _ 19 kun oldin
I am confused because when I did the Easter egg it was in the spawn and the second we defeated it a car came in and car took us away
Bradley Jones
Bradley Jones 19 kun oldin
When he said Ronald Regan Don’t you ever tell me about it I was dead bro
elhabanero _
elhabanero _ 19 kun oldin
Just buy monkeys to exfil easy
Ghjjiyeqs G
Ghjjiyeqs G 19 kun oldin
Marcel, I think for one of your videos, you should react to rage compilations about you like Anthony did, I guarantee you that it will be an awesome vid :)
Red Main
Red Main 19 kun oldin
Yall ready for the zack Snyder's justice league?
Joe Walker
Joe Walker 19 kun oldin
What’s the song when they’re fighting the mini boss?
Kitty Anime Girl Plush adventures Cup Mug
Kitty Anime Girl Plush adventures Cup Mug 19 kun oldin
If you are here I wanted to say is Happy Valentine day BasicallyIDoWrk :3here comment❤ just for you :p have good day
Nunnos 19 kun oldin
How is it that leqion plays video games for a living but never knows wtf is happening in any video game he plays😭
Hehe i love you big fan girl
David Hayes
David Hayes 19 kun oldin
Lol that wasn’t the full Easter egg lol
Gand 19 kun oldin
whos gonna tell him that he didn't complete the easter egg but only completed like maybe 60% of it..... good vad tho was very entertaining
BARRICADE !! 19 kun oldin
They built it instead of getting it free on round 6🤮
HighRizerGamin 19 kun oldin
Sooooo. We not telling him about the easter egg thing?
YaGirlMya 20 kun oldin
Marcel goin' through some sh*t with his hair man R.I.P hair, Marcel bout to turn into Samuel Jackson
Julian Montesinos
Julian Montesinos 20 kun oldin
I wish I was good at warzone 😢.
Christopher Biro Jr
Christopher Biro Jr 20 kun oldin
So who’s gonna tell them they didn’t ACTUALLY beat the boss
i am igloo
i am igloo 20 kun oldin
The new tombstone is a mix between who's who's which is the self revive (its updated so like in your case if you down in they other phase you die) feature and the og tombstone which is feeed yourself to zombies get your stuff back
Mk_ 20 kun oldin
we'll let them think they got the final boss battle lol
dick garrison
dick garrison 20 kun oldin
Who is going to tell him that he didn't fight the final boss😬😬😬
King2Times93 20 kun oldin
soooo. keeps does it help hair grow back to or save the little you have left....... asking for a friend defiantly not me
Arron P
Arron P 20 kun oldin
Now you just have to do the ee
Omar Shaan
Omar Shaan 20 kun oldin
U haven't played zombies before if u don't know how tombstone works
Practically Seth
Practically Seth 20 kun oldin
I’m cleep
Omar Shaan
Omar Shaan 20 kun oldin
U guys are stupid dropping rai thinking u are limited, all 4 players can get a rai u don't need to drop gun it's the RNG
Omar Shaan
Omar Shaan 20 kun oldin
Quick tip, mimics die quicker with brain rot so put that on 1 weapon, and for manglers napalm wrecks them
Jose Medina
Jose Medina 20 kun oldin
If you upgrade your perks they have better benefits
Jake Reeves
Jake Reeves 20 kun oldin
I called the big boi ROBOCOP
Tyler Jonas
Tyler Jonas 21 kun oldin
Loved the alpha betas trailer!
Xplasma 21 kun oldin
Who else wants to see them do the Easter egg?
Anthony Mendonca
Anthony Mendonca 21 kun oldin
POV: You're laughing at Basically because he failed miserably to at using the new Tombstone Perk
bost 3331
bost 3331 21 kun oldin
No stream ? If not ok
Blueberry boi
Blueberry boi 21 kun oldin
Fun Fact: If you buy all the perks from the WunderFizz then you have a much higher chance to get the Wonder Weapon
Sol 21 kun oldin
Hey marcel ily
Doragon967 21 kun oldin
Does Marcel not understand you can pack a punch melee weapons?
Jack Shits Alot
Jack Shits Alot 21 kun oldin
A power nap is 90 minutes the editor WACK
Lucas Vincent
Lucas Vincent 21 kun oldin
Keeps, you know what that means ? Keep ya ass here and pay attention >:)
TrueGoldenEagle 21 kun oldin
Editor. you are wrong about the power nap!
Rising Oblivion
Rising Oblivion 21 kun oldin
Make sure you upgrade tome stone, it gets better if you do
QuackOnNySack 0_0
QuackOnNySack 0_0 21 kun oldin
Marcel that happened to my brother he used tombstone and it’s glitched we’re you can’t pick nothin up and if u get hit my zombies in tombstone u die
Tyana Labranch
Tyana Labranch 20 kun oldin
It's not glitched you literally can't pick anything up when you're in spirit form fam
booty shorts4ever
booty shorts4ever 21 kun oldin
I use my m16 on this map got three reactors then got down on this map is impossible on solo
____ 20 kun oldin
It really isn't
I AM 21 kun oldin
Play some more COD especially Warzone!
Billy Clay Sr.
Billy Clay Sr. 21 kun oldin
My man did u just say sum teenagers will have sum baldness are you fuking high😂😂💯💯💯
Mr. Madboomer
Mr. Madboomer 21 kun oldin
Daniel Hardwick
Daniel Hardwick 21 kun oldin
I can't remember who he goes through for the metal plate pictures. Does anyone else remember?
The Toaster
The Toaster 21 kun oldin
Marcel does the best sponsorships change my mind.
Legend 21 kun oldin
3:10 ........
DrOctavius 21 kun oldin
Ah yes the King, Queen, and the Jack
Cesar Escobar
Cesar Escobar 21 kun oldin
Marcel: “we did it boys, we did it!” Everyone else who actually passed the Easter egg: “you didn’t, but ok.”
Deven Rader
Deven Rader 21 kun oldin
They never beat the final boss😂 that Easter egg Boss y’all gotta do it
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez 21 kun oldin
I was balding but decided to use gorilla glue on my hair
CreedTheGod 21 kun oldin
I love when jack thinks he “beat the game” or “killed the finale boss” its so geeked
HYS_Chemix 21 kun oldin
Congrats on the new show marcel it looks funny af
Whiteythereaper 21 kun oldin
Once you kill all zombies in Exfil you don't need to board the chopper.
Deigo Watsitya
Deigo Watsitya 21 kun oldin
Marcels editor a true man...
Matthew Honne
Matthew Honne 21 kun oldin
But you guys only did half of the Easter egg... you didn’t get to the actual boss fight yet
FatBoy_ Nestor
FatBoy_ Nestor 21 kun oldin
Marcel it’s not racist it’s a fucking broken game
Muhammad Haroon
Muhammad Haroon 21 kun oldin
10:33 that sounded so wet.
Fusiion 21 kun oldin
They exfill without completing the Easter egg
Zachary Payne
Zachary Payne 21 kun oldin
Thanks for saying what we all thought about tombstone
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 21 kun oldin
Man you were screwed for the last part amazing video as always 💓
Cmon Bruh
Cmon Bruh 21 kun oldin
Y u upload it so late this vid was on tiktok
Baludo 21 kun oldin
I recommend you starting with the semi auto shotgun, make sure you have the largest magazine for it so when you pack it it will have a larger magazine. If you die you just need to buy your perks instead of buying a full gun AND perks 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
hippity hoppity
hippity hoppity 21 kun oldin
It sucks that they didnt finish the easter egg
turbinalsum 21 kun oldin
I'm guessing this was before the easter egg quest went live as orda is the last boss but not that one specifically. So marcel get the troops together and do quest now
Aboot_1_canadian 1
Aboot_1_canadian 1 21 kun oldin
just thinking if Marcel's game crashed 😂
Fluffysaturn182 21 kun oldin
That’s not the final boss 😂 do the Easter egg that’s the final boss it’s the same thing but harder and in spawn
Logan Hill
Logan Hill 21 kun oldin
It’s about time it’s sum other than Minecraft or among us
Jose Jr
Jose Jr 21 kun oldin
Lequan is here !!!!
William Horner
William Horner 21 kun oldin
what happened between rounds 1-13 lol
Bryan Medina
Bryan Medina 21 kun oldin
Ok I’ll pay attention
Mark Ciccolella
Mark Ciccolella 21 kun oldin
Yo i'm so hyped for Alpha Betas Marcel!
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