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🐦 BasicallyIDoWrk
📷 basicallyidowrk
Friends in the video:
@Daithi De Nogla
@Team Summertime
@Typical Gamer
My Brother's Twitch!
💜 Pony: www.twitch.tv/ponymontana
Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

Max Poku-Kankam
Max Poku-Kankam 2 kun oldin
I think Nogla being dumb is just an act, and he's actually a genius and let some of it seep out
Raven Grim
Raven Grim 2 kun oldin
Nogla is in that category of being so fucking stupid he is a gotdamn genius 😂
RiftedShift 2 kun oldin
6:30 that dude nogla SNIPED marcel and hitch 😂
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown 5 kun oldin
I've been watching you for years and just realized I wasnt subbed
Eric Horn
Eric Horn 5 kun oldin
⚠️Anybody whose reading this this is very long so if you're not gonna read long explaining comments go ahead and do not read.(might be over explained.)⚠️ [talking about nogla's brainstorming half of the time.] this Nogla is impracticality his brain acts is like half of the brain is the smart side of the brain where he thinks everything possible like the triple vent play marcel did which he used the admin right for it's purpose the admin has to offer 1 flicking to different rooms then it's unable to be seen (outside) and the total number of people in a room is decreased by 1 and the flickering stops and that is 1 of the purposes it is there ok back to talking about nogla's brain and now the dumb side of the brain where he barely works his brain through the lies and forgets at some point and implies something that is not needed in any sort of way and sometimes if he is stuck on one wrong/falsely given information and it's gameover. this is what i think what his brain is like on one side and the other.
T Crist
T Crist 5 kun oldin
Yo wtf Noglas actually cracked 😂
Inotamira Orani
Inotamira Orani 5 kun oldin
Marcel, what's it like playing against the mentally disabled?
Zort 6 kun oldin
alright so i want everyone to know this ok? so marcels name in basically right and so if u separate basic and ally u can get a basic ally big brain?
Wolfcrew45 Post
Wolfcrew45 Post 6 kun oldin
How could Nogla see the vent play when he was in O2?
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
Nogla is 1000000 IQ change my mind
DareDevil Zakkery
DareDevil Zakkery 8 kun oldin
Hmmmm Nogal u going to jail
Chase Bogard
Chase Bogard 11 kun oldin
If I was in this friend group, I'd just leave the session if Nogla was playing Among Us.
Shan Kay
Shan Kay 11 kun oldin
When will the book be out? 😂
TheBlackoutExplorer 12 kun oldin
Nogla straight up got basically though the power of anger and salt. How lucky do you even have to be. It’s freakin hilarious
Kaleb 12 kun oldin
I swear nogla is either dumb as dirt or the smartest man in the lobby
Stwabery :D
Stwabery :D 12 kun oldin
6:23 wow nogla wow
SoLaRstrix86 13 kun oldin
Nogla's Brain is H U M U N G O U S
Chandler Moore
Chandler Moore 13 kun oldin
Wait nogla was not on admin table tho... he was in O2 when it happened
Shadow Prince
Shadow Prince 13 kun oldin
Yo Marcel had the biggest IQ to make a no kill win happen
Wobniar Sixth
Wobniar Sixth 13 kun oldin
No offense to Marcel but kinda way too tryhard for this game, like take it easy bro, as Brian said:” this game gon be dead in like a week”
Angelo Ferreira
Angelo Ferreira 13 kun oldin
Never thought I'd say this but, Nogla might be hacking.
Mishy Doo
Mishy Doo 13 kun oldin
Who else noticed Nogla is definitely cheating
Victoria Grubb
Victoria Grubb 13 kun oldin
6:15 Nogla had a super big brain moment like how he figure all that out down to the dot
Richard Suggs
Richard Suggs 13 kun oldin
Nogal is fucking op js
nunferyou ps4
nunferyou ps4 14 kun oldin
how in tf did nogla guess all that and marked down who the imposters were? My brain either expanded or it depleted.
James Stanker
James Stanker 14 kun oldin
Nogla and hitch got sniped
Ephraim Bolouvi
Ephraim Bolouvi 14 kun oldin
Mr.dowrk always with the Meta-gaming
Chals 14 kun oldin
john rowland
john rowland 14 kun oldin
What toast video are they taking about
Damien Schmitt
Damien Schmitt 14 kun oldin
I need to play this My nick name is *sans*
Unthought Anomaly
Unthought Anomaly 14 kun oldin
4:26 you know what else isn't fun? Having your teammate throw the game because you're not playing the game the way HE wants to play.
h2o ghost Boi
h2o ghost Boi 14 kun oldin
Nogla is watching ur stream no way hes that smart
Haily Pritchard
Haily Pritchard 15 kun oldin
Nogla had to be cheating, there’s no way he witnessed marcel hopping into the vent at reactor. Especially when nogla went to the right when the round started and marcel was by himself.
Mikizushi 15 kun oldin
Bro the triple vent play was the FUNNIEST thing during WildCats stream bro oh my goodness
Mau5hous E
Mau5hous E 15 kun oldin
Nogla using stream to cheat lol
Carlos Banos
Carlos Banos 15 kun oldin
I think nogla is cheating by watching your video on live
Dylan 123
Dylan 123 15 kun oldin
6:14 Nogla used 100% brain power
doulingo bird
doulingo bird 15 kun oldin
The office reference in the beginning🤣
MayTheFool 15 kun oldin
How tf did Nogla know he vented though?
Bridger Thomas
Bridger Thomas 15 kun oldin
Probably one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in months bro endless laughs
AnyBerlinWall 2
AnyBerlinWall 2 15 kun oldin
Basically I love you bro but saying you were Impostor with Nogla was toxic
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 15 kun oldin
It was also game throwing. If I did that in this game I would be banned for it.
Michael Jolley
Michael Jolley 15 kun oldin
There's no way nogla saw him vent from reactor
Princess 101
Princess 101 15 kun oldin
what if one name yall swtch names
Spencer Niles
Spencer Niles 16 kun oldin
at 7:49 Nogla probably shut off his right brain because that side is crative while the left side is at 100% because that side is analytical
Extinction Gaming
Extinction Gaming 16 kun oldin
You can say anything you want about Nogla. But on penguinz0s tier list he is an S tier imposter if he puts his mind to it
Skyler Davidson
Skyler Davidson 16 kun oldin
Dude why are you so good at crewmate
maruftim 16 kun oldin
Nogla has achieved zen, so he heard every breathing and heartbeat
Tommy Hunter
Tommy Hunter 16 kun oldin
6:30 we gonna ignore the fact how smart nogla is for once
cris trejo
cris trejo 16 kun oldin
Im almost certain Nogla cheats! It’s so annoying! 🙄
Dragonoid Gaming
Dragonoid Gaming 16 kun oldin
This video proves nogla is only annoying on his own terms
Archibal Laxivus V
Archibal Laxivus V 16 kun oldin
Bruh sometimes there's no key task even if your a crew member it maybe common but not for everybody.
Archibal Laxivus V
Archibal Laxivus V 13 kun oldin
@Kiss Kitty it was on it was replaced by scan 3 times in a row I'm the only one who has scan for 3games.
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 15 kun oldin
@Archibal Laxivus V Then the settings in your games have common tasks turned off. That way you ight get the task but others don't.
Archibal Laxivus V
Archibal Laxivus V 15 kun oldin
@Kiss Kitty not really I didn't when others have got reported for being sus 3games in a row.
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 15 kun oldin
If one person has keys everyone has keys.
Daniel Busser
Daniel Busser 16 kun oldin
Watching these clips really makes it look like Nogla got some like hacks in Among Us. I doubt he does but knowing exactly what marcel did and where the body was is Sus as hell
NOMIAZ GALDE 16 kun oldin
nogla being stupid and smart still pisses me off
GoldenKarp Gaming
GoldenKarp Gaming 16 kun oldin
ngl, ratting out nogla AGAIN is really messed up man.
Garan Littleton
Garan Littleton 17 kun oldin
They're adding Steve from Minecraft to smash ultimate will you play it with Dr Lipo Jordan and courage?
Nightmearboy123 17 kun oldin
Nogla was Sherlock Holmes at 5:53
Asianeyes007 17 kun oldin
0:18 Somewhere in the world, somebody stands up from their desk and screams, *MICHEAL!*
Done By Desire
Done By Desire 17 kun oldin
The editing was fucking Amazing🙂
aidan mordy
aidan mordy 17 kun oldin
When Nogla actually tries, he is a god.
Naru 'Sanav
Naru 'Sanav 5 kun oldin
Imagine sweating so hard at _Among Us_ tho...
BLOB PUTTY 16 kun oldin
Fellow aidan I agree
Amaterasu 17 kun oldin
This game is kinda overrated
angelo broyan
angelo broyan 17 kun oldin
Play call of duty
angelo broyan
angelo broyan 17 kun oldin
Play call of duty
richard zhagnay
richard zhagnay 17 kun oldin
Nogla gets bullied a lot
Rampart 17 kun oldin
Why TF is TG here?
Lemon 17 kun oldin
not everyone gets the same tasks
Rampart 17 kun oldin
0:42 "Okay guys listen. Who wants to have a great UZpost Video? Something that will rival Disguised Toast's" HAHAHAHAHA
ivan martinez
ivan martinez 17 kun oldin
Idk what Marcel has against nogla.
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 17 kun oldin
Shaybay 17 kun oldin
Daithi De Nogla
Daithi De Nogla 17 kun oldin
Rhee Akilang
Rhee Akilang 19 soat oldin
@Ian_Rohane facts
nightly ghost
nightly ghost 5 kun oldin
I have a great idea witch both imposter can call each other and make the game more difficult just an idea
The Golden Owl
The Golden Owl 6 kun oldin
Daithi De Nogla I know to
dean mckellar
dean mckellar 9 kun oldin
It's not even fun when Nogla plays
WolfUltimate 18
WolfUltimate 18 9 kun oldin
You got meta gamed so hard! Marcel knows you too well!
Marvin Lemus
Marvin Lemus 17 kun oldin
Marcel lame bro
Jean Laporte
Jean Laporte 17 kun oldin
Nogla intends to cheat by pretending to go AFK. Always vote him out when he does this. Stupid piece of s***.
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 15 kun oldin
How is pretending to go AFK cheating?
AndyTheCat 17 kun oldin
Marcel is such a baby man.
Kaz 17 kun oldin
I don't know if marcel was live streaming in this video but it was kinda sus how nogla saw him vent when nogla wasn't even near him and im beginning to think he was stream sniping but i don't know. Its just an idea.
Simian saiyan
Simian saiyan 15 kun oldin
I would like to say this, there is no way in Hell nogla would stream snipe. Cause if he did he would of said in the end that he was stream sniping. So don’t be jealous this man legit pull an 180 turn and like utterly bodied the imposter.
Loohzah 17 kun oldin
The reason NOGLA knew u were venting is cuz he might of been in admin checking the admin table, checked where everyone was and diid find you then he just lied
Collise Scholes
Collise Scholes 17 kun oldin
When Nogla is crew mate his brain has more wrinkles than a retirement home
Simian saiyan
Simian saiyan 15 kun oldin
You saying retirement home? Why would a house have wrinkles?
Simian saiyan
Simian saiyan 15 kun oldin
Bruh no, what you meant was “When Nogla plays as crew mate his brain has more wrinkles then a Shar Pei.”
Dawn Viper
Dawn Viper 17 kun oldin
Marcel:In the reactor Novak: venting Marcel: No
Shigaraki Tomura
Shigaraki Tomura 17 kun oldin
Let's get for real that Hitch got vote off bc he took purple from Panda
Gr8 Sage
Gr8 Sage 17 kun oldin
Wildcat tries so hard
Александр Петров
Александр Петров 17 kun oldin
Among Us Speedrun any%
James Ocampo
James Ocampo 17 kun oldin
Marcel make a video you guys have each an other name
Knives 17 kun oldin
i dont like how most people will literally sell their soul to the devil to win a fucking 2d kids game
StormCloud1975 17 kun oldin
Nogla is the equivalent of mega mind
Noodle Danger
Noodle Danger 17 kun oldin
can I ask why would you ruined the game?
Ζαβαρα Κατρανέμια
Ζαβαρα Κατρανέμια 17 kun oldin
I don't understand what happened in the second game where Marcel threw the game.. The guy in nav could have been on a game and didn't see him..
SonicPhoenix580 17 kun oldin
7:45 did no one else see that nogla was at tree and not admin?
chillgirld 17 kun oldin
Bruh why did you do that to Nogla he got so sad and left the game lord
Some One
Some One 17 kun oldin
Courage: Basic Knowledge Marcel: Psychoanalysis
Mikey Del Wey
Mikey Del Wey 17 kun oldin
I hope noglas not really sad when you and him were imposters. I know yall are just playing a game and are really good friends but I still love you guys n dont want u to be sad
King Chamonne
King Chamonne 17 kun oldin
How did nogla see Marcel vent!!!! Like bro WHHHAAATTTT!!!!
Rainen Casillan
Rainen Casillan 17 kun oldin
bruh he is so done like i voted for myself he is so done with nogla
Sergio Fernandez
Sergio Fernandez 17 kun oldin
Nogla was 100% cheating or this was scripted
Hiro Daniels
Hiro Daniels 13 kun oldin
@Kiss Kitty He didn't, he was just pissed with marcel and wanted him off.
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 15 kun oldin
@Hiro Daniels At 8:10 he knew Marcel vented so he either lied or he was cheating.
Hiro Daniels
Hiro Daniels 17 kun oldin
I just saw Nogla's stream. There was no cheating. Nogla was just genuinely upset with marcel that he pushed the button on him.
GNranger 17 kun oldin
I'm thinking it's part cheating and part big brain.
Luigibro100 Simco
Luigibro100 Simco 17 kun oldin
Can we see another super smash bros video with Steve from minecraft
That crazy_gamer123 Ree
That crazy_gamer123 Ree 17 kun oldin
Do more cod
Oscar Guzman
Oscar Guzman 17 kun oldin
The streak......... less than 3minutes and already loved the vid... again*
Francis Sullivan
Francis Sullivan 17 kun oldin
@BasicallyIDowrk new warzone challenge no attachment challenge?
Ranimal Gaming
Ranimal Gaming 17 kun oldin
More like 100 IQ
GNranger 17 kun oldin
That would just be average.
NarwhalGalaxy 17 kun oldin
Jesus loves you!
SilverZombie44 17 kun oldin
I have never seen a no kill round in my life, Marcel with the planet brain plays.
A D 17 kun oldin
Liked for the no kill win
Emergency Meeting!!!! I'm the best liar in Among Us.
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