5 HEAD BIG BRAIN 500 IQ Among Us Plays

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Giraffe Lord
Giraffe Lord Kun oldin
I believe Tyler is the biggest third imposter out of everybody on here...
elmouchh Kun oldin
3:36 Marcel admits killing puffer???
Rated-R SuperStar
Rated-R SuperStar 8 kun oldin
Never doubt cartoonz
Lani Bellamy
Lani Bellamy 17 kun oldin
I love how since a lot of people are playing among us, the phrase “big brain” is slowly becoming apart of my everyday vocabulary 😂
Ephraim Bolouvi
Ephraim Bolouvi 17 kun oldin
Mr.dowrk and the cat the best meta gamers in the world
Pikahetti 23 kun oldin
0:35 ... hmm an interesting typo
irfan flash
irfan flash 28 kun oldin
6:56 when terroriser was talking he sounded exactly like jacksepticeye
Sameer bari
Sameer bari 28 kun oldin
The title change tho
shqna lol
shqna lol Oy oldin
bro ninja is so annoying
AKB47 Oy oldin
Ninja in the video Friends in video: no mention of ninja I see this as an absolute win
Crow Woods
Crow Woods Oy oldin
0:35 "I believe Delerious!" nice spelling lol
AceofSpades-6 Oy oldin
5:52 ya know, Marcel has a point.
PandaisBad Oy oldin
What is that confidence from ninja, like what??? He wasn’t even being that suspicious
Josh Klicka
Josh Klicka Oy oldin
Tyler is actually a douche sometimes
Hurst Industries
Hurst Industries Oy oldin
I like how Tyler is wrong literally every game and he still tries to control every game and “teach” everyone how to play.
mcmuffinmidget Oy oldin
Marcel is oddly good at lying and pinning. It makes me wonder if he is trustworthy in reality....hmmmm 😑
shio rahmen
shio rahmen Oy oldin
the third imposter is always a tyler smh
ItzYaBoiToast™ Oy oldin
Don’t mean to be that guy, but as Wildcat has become more “famous” he’s become more of a dick... and tries to be really controlling of everything, especially when he’s live. Like who calls fans who don’t buy membership “poor.”
Rewrs Oy oldin
out of this group marcel and tyler are the ones with the highest iq in this group. thats scary
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker Oy oldin
Absolutely fucking hilarious but i dony understand what the term "third imposter" means can somebody explain please?
Peter Anguiano
Peter Anguiano Oy oldin
Ninja blames marcel for everything he breathes ninja be like that’s sus
Kate Myers
Kate Myers Oy oldin
Ok im just starting to understand this game... but the third imposter thing is throwing me off. What is the third imposter cause i only see two imposters....
Coral Biscuit
Coral Biscuit Oy oldin
this game is just who can yell louder
Kate Myers
Kate Myers Oy oldin
Downloading pron...
Gemma Kirkby
Gemma Kirkby Oy oldin
Marcel getting mad with Wildcat for talking over people but okay with Ninja doing EVERY single time!!.
KiDD PaTT Oy oldin
The intro thou 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️
NiftyPandaChick1 Gaming
NiftyPandaChick1 Gaming Oy oldin
I’m confused🤣 I’ve watched so many people play this game and they say “third imposter” what does that mean??
NiftyPandaChick1 Gaming
NiftyPandaChick1 Gaming Oy oldin
Nicholas Marsh ahhhh gotcha thank you!!!!
Nicholas Marsh
Nicholas Marsh Oy oldin
NiftyPandaChick1 Gaming: its when a crewmate either heavily defends the impostor or accuses a crewmate, unknowingly helping the impostors win
April Oy oldin
LMAO I remember this from the stream
Jayon Culpepper
Jayon Culpepper Oy oldin
This group is the closest we will get to the OG gmod days
Jayon Culpepper
Jayon Culpepper Oy oldin
One person is missing
Loki hounder
Loki hounder Oy oldin
What is a 3rd imposter and 4th imposter im very confused
Tristan E
Tristan E Oy oldin
The deceiving is so funny
Wrightcore Oy oldin
So I noticed across the various videos that they throw out a term called "Third Imposter," but there are only two Imposters. What does that even mean?
Jay sole
Jay sole Oy oldin
Green is always sus
Verati Oy oldin
when you almost throw cause you say "EEZZZZZ" LOLOL
Oliver Raynor
Oliver Raynor Oy oldin
Im a simple man- I see Marcel I click on video I see Ninja- I click off video
Jack Olimb
Jack Olimb Oy oldin
Basically trying to convince people that he's innocent: "Grizzy literally watched me kill Puffer. Grizzy literally watched me kill Puffer."
Jarred Biedertstaedt
Jarred Biedertstaedt Oy oldin
This opening to the video might be my favorite opening to any video ever. Absolutely brilliant sfx usage
Xander O'Connell
Xander O'Connell Oy oldin
What’s third imposter?
_-Omegast4r 9517-_
_-Omegast4r 9517-_ Oy oldin
Ninja being annoying seems to be consistent
Gambet 28
Gambet 28 Oy oldin
Anyone else think ninja is just super annoying when he plays this game
Unkn0wn Pixel
Unkn0wn Pixel Oy oldin
What does third imposter mean?
Babcock Rollins
Babcock Rollins Oy oldin
On this episode of "buy me a castle" Marcel plays among us with 90 different people. Wish I had that many friends.
MEOW69 Oy oldin
Face cam is alpha
random fun
random fun Oy oldin
Does marcel stream?
Franklin Berry
Franklin Berry Oy oldin
Dang Marcel you beat Toast to 500 IQ. I'm proud of you Big Wrinkly Brain Basically.
Obi Adelyar
Obi Adelyar Oy oldin
Play more warzone
okAyDaniiella Oy oldin
Love how this game is bringing so many communities together
Jay Ice bear
Jay Ice bear Oy oldin
Hopefully airsoft man is ok
Angel Michelle
Angel Michelle Oy oldin
These late night uploads be making my job 100% better😂😂 I work 12hr shifts and these be makin it go by faster! Thank you Marcel!♥️
Kamdon Nunez
Kamdon Nunez Oy oldin
Marcel should play some sea of thieves
DockedCoffee Oy oldin
Ninja is so annoying bruh, I literally cannot stand the man!
Morgan Boyer
Morgan Boyer Oy oldin
Wildcats such a thrower at this game whenever he's a crewmate 5:19 grizzy literally saw delirious kill him and wildcat is trying to say there's not enough information
jcvse Oy oldin
Wildcat low key kills the game because he complains too much and sets too many rules that are sometimes pointless.
Charles Cowley
Charles Cowley Oy oldin
Wildcat is always obvious when he's imposters he doesn't talk as much. When he is crewmate is runs the whole discord in figuring who was where and who was with who.
Foxgamer Oy oldin
dam marcel was imposter and said he swore to god even tho he lied my mans going to hell :P
Jok3r_Tr1ckster Oy oldin
in the one game cartoonz was throwing so hard
yunG Eric
yunG Eric Oy oldin
Wildcat great 3rd imposter tho
Autotune Oy oldin
Playing this game with randoms is awful, they believe anything that is said and instantly vote with no context or proof but a Name is all they need to be convinced
ALFA #1 Oy oldin
EVERYONE HAS TO STOP LISTENING TO WILDCAT!!! AND UNDERSTAND THAT HES NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!!! Listen to Nogla he’s actually pretty smart at finding who people are
Alove Kok
Alove Kok Oy oldin
Tyler "3rd Imposter" Wine
ALFA #1 Oy oldin
It’s bc they keep taking Nogla out lmao they always take him out when he’s right
offplay Oy oldin
it makes me smile how good of a person Marcel is
just a normal guy! :D
just a normal guy! :D Oy oldin
The sad part is that puffer has to edit every time he dies :( F for puffer
Dhweep Shah
Dhweep Shah Oy oldin
how does 3rd imposter work ? shouldnt he be red too ?
Anthony Griffin
Anthony Griffin Oy oldin
What is third imposter
The Godlike
The Godlike Oy oldin
I really liked your content and personality bro really but ratin out nogla like that is such a bitxh move grow up dude
STYKQ Oy oldin
3:38 uh hmm 🤔
David Castellanos
David Castellanos Oy oldin
Honestly I think everyone gets smooth brain during this game
Yancie Flores
Yancie Flores Oy oldin
1:16 did wildcat say the n word?
KnuckleMyBuckle Oy oldin
If your name is Tyler, you’re a good third imposter
PoliteAirplane Oy oldin
The faint "Third imposter btw" got me dead bro 🤣
TMarkkyz Oy oldin
Please keep making a lot more Amongst Us videos
Joshua Minnis
Joshua Minnis Oy oldin
Is it just me or is everyone who is named tyler such a good third imposter
Axiom Oy oldin
Nogla at the beginning 😂
Luminescent_Lya 33
Luminescent_Lya 33 Oy oldin
I didnt think Toonz was actually friends with them
takattack 749
takattack 749 Oy oldin
“When all you do is scream we get no information” Wildcat that’s literally you
takattack 749
takattack 749 Oy oldin
M-youtube ! Yeah I do, he blocks out the parts in his stream where he calls people out on a whim
M-youtube !
M-youtube ! Oy oldin
Hmmm no watch his videos he usually goes into depth if anyone does that its ninja or nogla
Carter Vallejo
Carter Vallejo Oy oldin
Ending to death note at 1:33
Matt Nemsick
Matt Nemsick Oy oldin
Grizzy’s character be lookin like a singed Glizzy
Dirty Reference
Dirty Reference Oy oldin
yo my bro did the same when the reactor went off and went gg ez
Damian Loran
Damian Loran Oy oldin
Toonz+Basically =Impostor dream team. Change my mind
Mystic TK
Mystic TK Oy oldin
Dylan Tracy
Dylan Tracy Oy oldin
Why is nogla lowkey raw at this game
Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu Oy oldin
the vid was amazing then ninja came in
noah! Oy oldin
Kevin Riddell
Kevin Riddell Oy oldin
5:53 me during every single among us video
AJ Pardy
AJ Pardy Oy oldin
Anyone else notice wildcat doesn’t wanna vote based on someone seeing someone kill or vent but the moment he does they have to vote 🤣
Travis Williams
Travis Williams Oy oldin
No one: Not a single soul: I swear, not one person: Marcel when hes trying to shift blame: "your SUCH a good liar" "your getting SO good at being a traitor"
SBNRGlacier-TheMetaGamer Oy oldin
LeTian Oy oldin
it says his name on the screen but you still spelled it wrong xD
Kaleb Gambill
Kaleb Gambill Oy oldin
Anyone else realize fall guys died fast😂
winterblade 12345
winterblade 12345 Oy oldin
How does your brain fit its just to big
I hate This game MAN
I hate This game MAN Oy oldin
Why did you say frizzy watched me kill puffer
Ghetto Savageking
Ghetto Savageking Oy oldin
Ninja is the biggest rat in among us
ElMucho DingDong
ElMucho DingDong Oy oldin
Marcel and Tyler both imposter are terrifying
Robby Delp
Robby Delp Oy oldin
It’s my birthday today let’s goooo
Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy Oy oldin
0:25 doingpron thhanks 0:50 sync kil , brock learned how to rreport 1:32 EZ- 2:02 3rd impostor btw 3:26 "grizzy saw me kill puffer" x2 .... 5:15 3rd impRoster 5:22 face palm - HE SAW IT 9:02 im addiccted its a problem
Vivek Vaswani
Vivek Vaswani Oy oldin
Marcel-"I swear to god" *Lies*
Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy Oy oldin
does anyone have the link/timestamp to the full stream with the round at 5:22? i need to see marcels reaction to tylers diversion and the round aftermath in full SSSOOOOO bad
AmoonMonkey Oy oldin
Seeing marcels perspective I can kinda see why he gets mad at Tyler 😂😂
The Jedi Of Us Part II
The Jedi Of Us Part II Oy oldin
I would be mad at a moron like him too.
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