Alpha Betas Exclusive Scene - The General Store

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The pilot for my new animated show premieres MARCH 13, 2021 on @VanossGaming’s channel! Follow Alpha Betas below for more info.
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In #AlphaBetas​, video games are powering the world thanks to a massive, top-secret CIA program. The show follows an elite virtual strike force of four top gamers as they drop into the virtual realms of video games to fix potentially world-ending issues. Known as the Alpha Team, these four willfully reckless and dangerously arrogant guys are the tip of a five-hundred billion dollar US Government spear sent to be heroes in high-octane pixelated worlds.
Starring & Executive Producers:
Evan Fong, VanossGaming
Tyler Wine, I AM WILDCAT
Marcel Cunningham, BasicallyIDoWrk
Brian Hanby, Terroriser
Created by Chris Bruno & David Lee
Produced by:
Starburns Industries
Additional Voices by:
Chris Parnell
Paget Brewster
Stephanie Beatriz
John DiMaggio
Brent Morin

grell sutcliff
grell sutcliff 3 kun oldin
My favourite scene hahahahah he walks out with his pp out hahahaha
FrostKing249 5 kun oldin
I love that in the Show I can here mostly Brian LOL
ali whyte
ali whyte 10 kun oldin
Buck is my favourite guy
DAFT Paulie aka OpTic CoBaLT
DAFT Paulie aka OpTic CoBaLT 23 kun oldin
Loophole in the second amendment. Lol.
king puddin
king puddin 24 kun oldin
well that was interesting
Terminator809 24 kun oldin
That is not a Gatling gun That is a mini gun Gatling gun have these long handles you have to spin around to fire the weapon
Firelord 77
Firelord 77 27 kun oldin
Not gonna lie great show so far but its not a loop whole im the second amendment they had machine guns during its creation
timtimtimmaah 27 kun oldin
There are no loopholes in the 2nd Amendment :P
GOLDFORDAYS6033 Oy oldin
I'm just saying this scene should have been added
Awesome player 078
Awesome player 078 Oy oldin
Lol 0:50 his face is awesome 😂
Axel Chaos Jet The Guardian Angel
Axel Chaos Jet The Guardian Angel Oy oldin
ron baer
ron baer Oy oldin
sad that the joke has to include gun control slipped in from people who mostly play games using guns
Michael MacNair
Michael MacNair Oy oldin
Really enjoying the show from what we've seen but I hope they keep the glaring political commentary out of it. IDC what side of the argument you're on, it just stands out so much and kinda takes away from the show.
Nomaid Wander
Nomaid Wander Oy oldin
Canadians and their strange gun laws. Can’t even own takes over their. Weird people.
Thomas Gibbs
Thomas Gibbs Oy oldin
0:53 thats not a loophole, its just as the founders intended.
Dead_Shot X Gaming
Dead_Shot X Gaming Oy oldin
I went to see this again and now only realized that there is baby formula and a ton of drugs who the hell ran this general store before eddie owned for a minute
Anar TURBILEG [08C1]
Anar TURBILEG [08C1] Oy oldin
This was cut out
Earl Huffington
Earl Huffington Oy oldin
Why bring politics into it. Not funny clever or topical, just agenda pushing.
Xpert 2021
Xpert 2021 Oy oldin
This clip was cut out of the pilot
AstroFire Reindeer2
AstroFire Reindeer2 Oy oldin
That pubic hair though
Random Rhombeses
Random Rhombeses Oy oldin
This feels like a normal funny moments video and that makes it amazing
Andrew Meacham
Andrew Meacham Oy oldin
XD its like stepson with Pauley Shore
Guillermo El Nino
Guillermo El Nino Oy oldin
there are no egregious loopholes in the second amendment. only egregious, successful, attempts to nullify it.
Kevin Vu
Kevin Vu Oy oldin
I can't even call this acting is legit feels like the bois being themselves
Leo Riding
Leo Riding Oy oldin
sad that this didn't make it to the pilot
MegaMarvel 3
MegaMarvel 3 Oy oldin
I just wanna know where I can watch the rest of the episodes when they come out
Andres Ochoa
Andres Ochoa Oy oldin
Heroin for kids
Moataz Ashraf
Moataz Ashraf Oy oldin
did this part get removed from the actual pilot episode???
Tough AF
Tough AF Oy oldin
When is the second episode came out
IceColdRyenn_08 Oy oldin
I wish this clip was in the real episode 🤣
Thomas Arreaga
Thomas Arreaga Oy oldin
😂😂😂 bucks is funny aka (terrorizer)
M2FT Oy oldin
It sucks these clips didn’t make it into the actual episode
lighting fire
lighting fire Oy oldin
Its not a loophole its intended
Jowxo Oy oldin
It sucks that this wasn’t in the show
TPX T-Rex Predator Xenomorph
TPX T-Rex Predator Xenomorph Oy oldin
What the f***
acraiders82 Oy oldin
Is this another Rick and north except video games and other stuff because if so how is this not on Netflix or anything on tc I would watch this glorious series
Infamous Wildman
Infamous Wildman Oy oldin
Commenting for the algorithm
TD - 12ZZ 625592 Turner Fenton SS
TD - 12ZZ 625592 Turner Fenton SS Oy oldin
Lost Eye
Lost Eye Oy oldin
This is a Nickelodeon grade show, still super proud of you guys been watching for too long
Kasey Kilgore
Kasey Kilgore Oy oldin
I hope this show blows up :)
KenPenny Penz
KenPenny Penz Oy oldin
Was this removed from the pilot episode?
fodee Oy oldin
The gore is cool af
КГБ Oy oldin
TF2 Heavy- It is so tiny
Khalid Shah Durrani
Khalid Shah Durrani Oy oldin
There are no loopholes in the Second Amendment. It already guarantees unrestricted gun ownership
Guillermo El Nino
Guillermo El Nino Oy oldin
there are no egregious loopholes in the second amendment. only egregious, successful, attempts to nullify it.
Sunrie Oy oldin
That isn't a loop's part of even allowed private ownership of canons and arming ships with them...
Guillermo El Nino
Guillermo El Nino Oy oldin
there are no egregious loopholes in the second amendment. only egregious, successful, attempts to nullify it.
Mina's Gummy Smile
Mina's Gummy Smile Oy oldin
I really love this Adult Swim feel I love this series great work as always guys!!
Isaac Larkin-Kay
Isaac Larkin-Kay Oy oldin
How long till this comes out
skrillex_rdm Oy oldin
Where the hell do i watch this??
Kire Ai
Kire Ai Oy oldin
that's a teeny censor block. haha comedy gold xD
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith Oy oldin
Just watching this while simultaneously waiting for my Navy Blue Energy Division Cap to come in...
Trinity Hydra
Trinity Hydra Oy oldin
Soggy Nuggets
Soggy Nuggets Oy oldin
Redhead Intervention -Coming Never
Naruto Uzi
Naruto Uzi Oy oldin
That explains a couple things 😂
jor dan
jor dan Oy oldin
"ahh these go over the pants" -Brian
RogueGonzo Oy oldin
I like how Brian has always been the guy to do voices in you guys’ videos, but all of you are phenomenal at voice acting!
Wilki— Oy oldin
You guys have to make more !
Choekyi Gyaltsen
Choekyi Gyaltsen Oy oldin
Is this deleted or is this for another episode
Romulas -Cushman project
Romulas -Cushman project Oy oldin
For those who are wondering gatlin guns are Totally legal right now, because it’s technically semi automatic since the fire rate depends on how fast you can rotate the crank, while an automatic weapon will fire at a continuous rate of fire no matter how you pull the trigger
Romulas -Cushman project
Romulas -Cushman project Oy oldin
@Jakey poo hell yeah brother!
Jakey poo
Jakey poo Oy oldin
As it should be.
Zebruh Oy oldin
Loophole? Cause giving citizens muskets to fight against muskets is the same as giving them ARs to fight tanks, drones, etc.
Amen King
Amen King Oy oldin
Even with the censor.. 🤦‍♂️
VileZX Oy oldin
Hey, hold on! This is the Midwest, Buck. That means no Noisy Cricket.
Jim Hoxworth
Jim Hoxworth Oy oldin
Kinda sad all the Exclusive Clips didnt end up in the episode
Noah1444 Oy oldin
Feral_Malitisk Oy oldin
This should be on adult swim or someshit
Bachelor Bored
Bachelor Bored Oy oldin
People: talking about Brian dic joke Me: try to find easter egg on the shelves behind Eddy
Boombastic Cow
Boombastic Cow Oy oldin
Buck: Aaaaaaaaaa these go over the pants Me aaaaaaaa these go away from the pants
luis Oy oldin
Why isn’t Evans character Asian?
Matthew Zuber
Matthew Zuber Oy oldin
Sounds like they're taking shots at the 2nd amendment and anybody who owns a gun...
Burbon_ Lyfe
Burbon_ Lyfe Oy oldin
you paid someone to draw pubes................. sick
Kyle Justiniano
Kyle Justiniano Oy oldin
Matthew Velazquez
Matthew Velazquez Oy oldin
The Second Amendment is AWESOME!!!! I want one!!!
Gone Fishin
Gone Fishin Oy oldin
heroin for kids ;) you guys are ment to make a great adult show for suree
ReaperGod Oy oldin
I guessing this is a different episode
Ender Phantom
Ender Phantom Oy oldin
Red dead
Brandon Algeo
Brandon Algeo Oy oldin
The main use of the second amendment is to protect ourselves from our own government so as the military advances and gains better weapons such as assault rifles we need to arm ourselves with the same to control our governmrnt
Brandon Algeo
Brandon Algeo Oy oldin
@Johnny Behounek well an American cannot buy a machine gun as shown in the clip so I just assumed they were talking about ars
Johnny Behounek
Johnny Behounek Oy oldin
Don't you mean machine gun
Terrence Men the bacon
Terrence Men the bacon Oy oldin
1:15 *A dick oh god a little censor lol*
Donovan Joseph
Donovan Joseph Oy oldin
I find it funny that he goes “pow pow pow pow!” while depicting that he’s shooting using akimbo pistols, but complains when he’s given not one, but two revolvers that would let him do exactly that
Dagger The Deranged
Dagger The Deranged Oy oldin
I love the voice acting and the animation style but I don’t like that comment insinuating that the second amendment has any loopholes.
Geovic Jones
Geovic Jones Oy oldin
Everyone:Dang I expected the voice acting to be a bit better Me:They sound good it is just that they usually don’t role play so it sounds weird.
ShootingJester Oy oldin
2A is for any weapon, no loophole, not blaming you guys, just the writers
Krypto117 Oy oldin
Mason gets the minigun but doesn't use it in the 1st episode lol 😆
Jesse Oy oldin
Yeah, I'm glad I'm not going to see this in my subscription feed....
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore Oy oldin
I love the intro music so much
CeeJay Morales
CeeJay Morales Oy oldin
Buck saying “ahh these go over the pants” is so funny
Pondazyeahboi_offical Oy oldin
It's like rdr 2 but it's more comedic
We eb
We eb Oy oldin
This is what they spent 1 hour and 50 minutes doing in the mission
Cheezy Mondays
Cheezy Mondays Oy oldin
Don't mind me, just hoping through there channels to see these Exclusive Ep's.
Jett Ankermann
Jett Ankermann Oy oldin
All this show needs is better comedy writing so I can enjoy it past the voice actors.
Turtle Tanker
Turtle Tanker Oy oldin
Ok marcel is this a deleted scene because I didn’t see this part in the piolit, or is this I seperate episode
Shaun8632 Oy oldin
It literally says exclusive in the title
Castrik NM
Castrik NM Oy oldin
No it's a deleted scene and you can tell cuz they're gearing up to assault a "fort" in a western game. Could it be another western game? possible but I think its just a deleted scene.
Connor Taft
Connor Taft Oy oldin
am this is my favorite show now
Grant Brown
Grant Brown Oy oldin
The better question is why was Buck going Commando.
PG MultiMaster
PG MultiMaster Oy oldin
This series is going to be epic
Ricardo Oy oldin
Joint Cutter
Joint Cutter Oy oldin
lol terrorizer or excusive me i mean Buck
213AnimeFreak213 Oy oldin
Kinda missing Delicious and Nogla but the show was amazing hope we get new episodes each week not like Hotel Hazbin
213AnimeFreak213 Oy oldin
@Matthew Crawford true
Matthew Crawford
Matthew Crawford Oy oldin
At least we get helleva boss almost ever 2 months
REV3LL Oy oldin
Imagine thinking anything is wrong with the 2nd
Dr. Bubby
Dr. Bubby Oy oldin
Wish this was in the episode
reee Oy oldin
Daniel Tackett Percussion
Daniel Tackett Percussion Oy oldin
These go OVER the pants
Waffle Time
Waffle Time Oy oldin
Y didn’t it make the original pilot or is this a test for a future episode idk
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