Among Us, but XQC, Ninja, Cloakzy, & Nogla yell the entire time.

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Ackronixz 7 kun oldin
love the content bro
Mr. Striker
Mr. Striker 19 kun oldin
LOL not even one minute into the video and Marcel has had enough of it 🤣
Trent Fitzpatrick
Trent Fitzpatrick 26 kun oldin
Nogla is the best person in the title
Gavin Thompson
Gavin Thompson 28 kun oldin
Who tf tryhard’s among us
Gavin Thompson
Gavin Thompson 28 kun oldin
The amount of meetings called with 1 taskbar left infuriated me😂
Cornelia Chukes
Cornelia Chukes Oy oldin
The meek tower inversely pass because cuticle concordantly murder amongst a modern regret. enchanting, frightened frightening full fumbling functional energy
MrBall414 Oy oldin
i want to see this group with proximity chat
Slothzzz OwO
Slothzzz OwO Oy oldin
✨ T o x i c ✨ 🌧 L o b b i e s 🌧
Ian Putnam
Ian Putnam Oy oldin
all the videos popping into recommended after that podcast
JunoFTW Oy oldin
That’s such a weird spot to put the discord call icons
Eric Real
Eric Real 2 oy oldin
[Lags] Nutulous
[Lags] Nutulous 2 oy oldin
Please stop playing with X. All he does is argue and doesn't actually think. I honestly don't know who likes that aggresive behavior. It's just annoying.
Alex1212771 2 oy oldin
@[Lags] Nutulous yeah but every among video has them arguing
[Lags] Nutulous
[Lags] Nutulous 2 oy oldin
@Alex1212771 It's not just Among Us. He has a very distinct way of playing where he attacks who he's accusing. Believe it or not, there is a way to play the game without arguing.
Alex1212771 2 oy oldin
Welcome to among us
Hamza Ridouane
Hamza Ridouane 2 oy oldin
Hamza Ridouane
Hamza Ridouane 2 oy oldin
Henman 123
Henman 123 2 oy oldin
Katium 2 oy oldin
11:20 *That scream is incredible oml*
Katium 2 oy oldin
What a wonderfully unique title, Marcel.
Xmanc 72
Xmanc 72 2 oy oldin
700th comment lmao
M Var
M Var 2 oy oldin
I got sweaty just watching this lobby.
Jazz 3 oy oldin
The lobby gets so sweaty whenever XQC enters the game
Horizon 6 kun oldin
@Teddeeb Major cap
Teddeeb Oy oldin
I'm so sorry to break it down but you're just blaming that lobby was already sweaty you're just hating on one person when their is like 10 players their who are sweaty
Ianna Tyus
Ianna Tyus 3 oy oldin
1:52 that nogla impression 🤣
Knife Time!
Knife Time! 3 oy oldin
When marcel was mocking nogla i thought nogla was unmuted and i was just saying "nogla mute" then i saw marcel talking and i felt dumb...
Cody Pollard
Cody Pollard 3 oy oldin
I was annoyed for you just watching it i can’t imagine actually being apart of the game 😂
Anthony Halsey
Anthony Halsey 3 oy oldin
This art for this video is spot on
Soldier333 3 oy oldin
Man this video was just constant screamin holy moly
A. Dafkat
A. Dafkat 3 oy oldin
This is just boring.
Nicole Komenda
Nicole Komenda 3 oy oldin
Nice yelling Friemdship--is no longer among us lol. Great vid!
Wuss Brakkin
Wuss Brakkin 3 oy oldin
BRUHH WHEN I WATCH THE OTHERS MARCEL IS NOT THIS FUNNY🤣🤣 I'm starting to watch marcel now🙌🔥🤣🤣
Jaryd Gatt
Jaryd Gatt 3 oy oldin
Nice wrk Marcel,, ahahah changing t9 lyrics from ima playa to ima die lmfao
SeraphimTear 3 oy oldin
I say the next time everyone is screaming over each other just pull out a whistle or an air horn and blow it right into the mic
dd dd
dd dd 3 oy oldin
bruh I am trying to buy merch but everything's sold out
John-michael Davidson
John-michael Davidson 3 oy oldin
Ninjas ruining soooo many videos
Quavo Huncho
Quavo Huncho 3 oy oldin
I know they friends n all but I think marcel hates Nogla 🤣
True_Legends 3 oy oldin
*All three 3rd imposters in one lobby.*
IVI4I_IR0 4 oy oldin
Udumfucc 4 oy oldin
xQC + Nogla = Louder than the THS theme
X_Rick•Morty_X 4 oy oldin
6:23 Love it 😂👌🏾😂👌🏾
Notbatman374 4 oy oldin
Every time I see ninja in another persons video, I'm reminded why I'm not subbed to him.
Its Velvet
Its Velvet 4 oy oldin
6:22 Marcel make best song lol :)
Furkan Çevik
Furkan Çevik 4 oy oldin
Djtoozfunny 4 oy oldin
i hope marcel do more face cams . 😂
—D—E—A—T—H —A—W—A—Y—S
—D—E—A—T—H —A—W—A—Y—S 4 oy oldin
6:21 AB- is a very good blood type
ImKreev 4 oy oldin
Ninja and x have to be the most insufferable human beings on any platform.
David Bell
David Bell 4 oy oldin
This is just how politics works. Be the loudest.
Mohammadali0912 Yt
Mohammadali0912 Yt 4 oy oldin
Hi it now on 667
Billiam 4 oy oldin
Marcel Marcel Mark
DL2 4 oy oldin
I love these Among Us videos everyone's putting out. It's pure CHAOS every time! XD
Tacobell1384 4 oy oldin
I watched this session when Wildcat streamed it and it was headache inducing because of all the shouting. Also xQc is such a toxic person.
Renee Miller
Renee Miller 4 oy oldin
How does anyone like courage?
RVM3 4 oy oldin
I swear Noglas voting gets so annoying
Jonathan Fore
Jonathan Fore 4 oy oldin
Kinda disappointed that everyone is getting sweaty with this game. Always leads to a decline in people playing.
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin 4 oy oldin
3:24 I felt attacked for a bit because I didn’t know that was his name 😂😂😂
Todo 4 oy oldin
Ninja sucks and is annoying
E D 4 oy oldin
Any reason why marcel is so much more toxic in this game?
Puffy Man
Puffy Man 4 oy oldin
How I make my discord like his
Edgar Louis de Gracia
Edgar Louis de Gracia 4 oy oldin
Not gonna lie, the livestream was just unbearable. Till this day I never finished and will probably never finish watching that
Jaydon Rodriguez
Jaydon Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
This is the only game where arguing occurs and it’s silent after a minute
Ben Lacy
Ben Lacy 4 oy oldin
Anyone else think Ninja is super fuckin annoying?
ThenamesCactus 4 oy oldin
So how bads your migraine? Because your probably had one during this. No worries i did to
matt anzolletti
matt anzolletti 4 oy oldin
Marcel recording his face with a carpet smh
bananaman 4
bananaman 4 4 oy oldin
Please stop playing with ninja, he frick tries to control the game every time and fails every time unless someone carries him, I've seen this in EVERYONE'S videos
Pix 4 oy oldin
Jesus tits the chaos that is the start of this video
IEqualirrelevant Playstation
IEqualirrelevant Playstation 4 oy oldin
Justluka56 4 oy oldin
Love the intro!😂
Brucester 4 oy oldin
This is chaos lol, I can’t wait until they play some gmod or something else again.
TypicalGenra 4 oy oldin
JandalzNZ 4 oy oldin
Wow. There's as many likes on this video as there was emergency meetings called
Marie N
Marie N 4 oy oldin
Tyler was wrong, card swipe is a common task 🤦‍♀️
Ironklad Gaming
Ironklad Gaming 4 oy oldin
Xqc and ninja are the most annoying and loud people ever but they made good content so I won’t complain
Iron gaming
Iron gaming 4 oy oldin
Anyone hear that fall guys sound at 0:54
Nickalaj 4 oy oldin
Do the uncut hour versions more please
Matthew Tovar
Matthew Tovar 4 oy oldin
Nogla is actually GOATed at this game. He always guesses right off the bat. But no one believes him. Because. Well. He’s Nogla.
Uneek Ninja
Uneek Ninja 4 oy oldin
I felt the same pain Marcel..... I felt it.
King_eddie _Yt
King_eddie _Yt 4 oy oldin
You gotta love the loyalty using the same song for over 9 years maybe even more
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 4 oy oldin
I wonder how many subs ninja got from this collab
L U N E 4 oy oldin
This game destroys friendship far better than uno
Comp Sad
Comp Sad 4 oy oldin
Marcel what happened with simone I haven't seen her since you went to dave and buster's
Thunderbird227 4 oy oldin
This was the most sweaty and annoying Among Us stream yet
Exo 4 oy oldin
For a good second I thought Nogla wasn’t muted
Chloe Rodrigues
Chloe Rodrigues 4 oy oldin
ya'll remember when Nogla and Jordan Fisher started arguing and Jordan got all mad because Nogla was right.
Yo its Kakarot
Yo its Kakarot 4 oy oldin
Jajaj mr cow left them
Yo its Kakarot
Yo its Kakarot 4 oy oldin
Among us clash of the pepegas
Chris Harris
Chris Harris 4 oy oldin
Just a little tip when someone is doing asteroids the gun to the right in the ship will start shooting so when somebody is faking it those guns dont shoot
Daniel Nazario
Daniel Nazario 4 oy oldin
I love how he just ends the video with everyone yelling😂😂😂these vids man i swear
chumpalumps1 4 oy oldin
Yo Marcel with the Tech N9ne reference I see you
Ryad Odeh
Ryad Odeh 4 oy oldin
Good title...I dont want to watch now
Humberto Flores
Humberto Flores 4 oy oldin
Ninjas voice is annoying
Rrezarta Meti
Rrezarta Meti 4 oy oldin
Marcel at the end was like: *My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined*
Twisted 4 oy oldin
I think that was the quietest Ninja has been the entire video when Nogla and Nadeshot called him out
Taylor Burns
Taylor Burns 4 oy oldin
I was watching XQC’s stream and my lord cloak and nogla tilted tf out of me
A black muthafucka
A black muthafucka 4 oy oldin
its a game to have fun, theyre getting content... they dont have to be sweaty on a party game.
KenshinL 4 oy oldin
Tell me about it! 😂 It was insufferable.
TCK NoteFrame
TCK NoteFrame 4 oy oldin
The difference between Among Us sessions like this one compared to one’s like Mr. Fruit is jarring
Tuxedo Alien
Tuxedo Alien 4 oy oldin
I would like to watch an Among Us video with my favorite youtubers in it.... But you always have fucking ninja who squeezes in and ruins the joy of the video, great.😡
Jaylon Mitchell
Jaylon Mitchell 4 oy oldin
Ninja annoying
Bean3rBoy 4 oy oldin
am i the only one who thinks ninja is kinda of an ass?
TheGamingKid 4 oy oldin
I don't understand how this is a rated E game if you can shoot people and snap people's neck
Dankest Mangoo
Dankest Mangoo 4 oy oldin
your editor needs to go back to school lol spells nonstop as nonestop for the nonstop arguing ahahah
Larry Paez
Larry Paez 4 oy oldin
Honestly I don’t see ninja getting along with anyone. Idk
Dynamic Samurai
Dynamic Samurai 4 oy oldin
I can’t follow anything
LordJaric 4 oy oldin
right at the start. Loud noises
Champ 26
Champ 26 4 oy oldin
This session was sweaty af
I stabbed JackSepticEye & LazarBeam but CourageJD threw the game
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