Among Us but the mods barely work and make me hate my life

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RIO_REX_ SHARK 4 kun oldin
I love Brian's singing
David Hodges
David Hodges 11 kun oldin
I remember this idk how
J Jones
J Jones 11 kun oldin
I cant wait for this game to die out
Kamie Vaughan
Kamie Vaughan 12 kun oldin
Where tf are all the comments wtf dimension am I in like wat
Pit Rat T.V
Pit Rat T.V 12 kun oldin
Are you loosing your hair
Oneil Basdeo
Oneil Basdeo 12 kun oldin
Fast and the furious getting roasted
nasir McGill
nasir McGill 12 kun oldin
Lol xD
PIXEEEL ! 12 kun oldin
Ngl I'm Not Surprised Nogla's Playing
Yan Terahn
Yan Terahn 12 kun oldin
Just so you know, hair growth pills etc destroy your hormonal balance. Mainly, your dick won't work after lol. Testosterone makes you go bald. It inhibits FSH so you go bald. Just shave your head if you're losing your hair.
Tempered Bow
Tempered Bow 12 kun oldin
I think seeing your friends turn into red light and get absorbed into a tiny red ball is much more terrifying than seeing them getting killed
Joshua Manglallan
Joshua Manglallan 12 kun oldin
YO 5MIL ??
Eric M
Eric M 12 kun oldin
Charmandler, Wildcat's favorite Pokeman!!
sajad alibrahimi
sajad alibrahimi 12 kun oldin
Basically can u play warzone with me? Big fann
Emmy 12 kun oldin
the music that marcel plays when he's making a burger made me flashback to my time binge watch cooking videos from 小豆島の漁師はまゆう
K P 12 kun oldin
Shadow Mutt
Shadow Mutt 12 kun oldin
Excuse me, but there already are Fast and the Furious in space movies. JJ Abrams made them and called them Star Trek
Tofu MW
Tofu MW 12 kun oldin
That Roleplay doe xD
crabby panda
crabby panda 12 kun oldin
Ash Ketchup
-An Actual Doggo -
-An Actual Doggo - 12 kun oldin
5:26 Just gonna cross pokemon off the list of childhood things ruined
Ryan Beal
Ryan Beal 12 kun oldin
Saul Arias
Saul Arias 12 kun oldin
Just stop playing the game, Marcel. Easy
Richard Eubanks
Richard Eubanks 12 kun oldin
4/20 whatcha smokin’? Weed... le.
hope evernesting
hope evernesting 12 kun oldin
Does Nogla not know how soundwaves work? Reverberate around the room from behind the mic then gets captured by the front end where the sound is drawn in the most
Lu Robs
Lu Robs 12 kun oldin
It wasn't a cheeseburger
Ross Reyes
Ross Reyes 12 kun oldin
Balding Mutha- Yes, my mother is balding. Might buy her this.
Its Birdy
Its Birdy 12 kun oldin
Should i bend that thumbnail like nogla
Tyler Trembath
Tyler Trembath 12 kun oldin
Wildcats Pokémon puns are amazing 🤣
Sleep 12 kun oldin
Pokeamong Us.
Corey Nickel
Corey Nickel 12 kun oldin
Mmm chezburber
Diamond King
Diamond King 12 kun oldin
I Love basicallys videos his wildcats and smittys are the reason I still watch these guys
Kev the weirdo
Kev the weirdo 12 kun oldin
I thought this was nogla
Josue Fuentes
Josue Fuentes 12 kun oldin
Bruh.. I’m getting a receding hairline and I’m 18
A Jewish Kebab
A Jewish Kebab 12 kun oldin
This mod genuinely looks like a part of among us lmao, but it is a bit broke
Alien 12 kun oldin
At least the map looks cool.
SoraFan23 12 kun oldin
Think modding in this game is a lot harder since a lot of times the coding is not programed right and its not double checked by like a certain number of people to make sure that it works.
Lowen Estrella
Lowen Estrella 12 kun oldin
Is no one going to talk about how BASICALLY mentioned Fast and the Furious? btw check out the F9 trailer- it's good
Ea Claudio
Ea Claudio 12 kun oldin
Hyprid 12 kun oldin
Charizard is the most overrated pokemon
NeonLD2 12 kun oldin
Nogla: oooh my days. He is so sad he cannot upload this video because it's too r rated for him. I say he uploads it though.
ZXmochi 12 kun oldin
The mod remind me of cooking mama
helpfulreaper 768
helpfulreaper 768 12 kun oldin
So.... What happened to the pixelmon streams? Is it dead now?
poop 212
poop 212 12 kun oldin
Im very sure the pokemon map is based off of pokemon emerald,ruby,and sapphire
DatShadowWolf 12 kun oldin
amogus owo
Foobin Lera
Foobin Lera 13 kun oldin
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 13 kun oldin
"I don't need Keeps, I got Family"
timothy stander
timothy stander 13 kun oldin
Sellout moment ends at 1:53
Kado Harp
Kado Harp 13 kun oldin
This video feels like a fever dream
Jocelyn T.
Jocelyn T. 13 kun oldin
No one told me Kai (Kyle) would be here, someone else confirm they heard the norweigian come out
Chandler Torres
Chandler Torres 13 kun oldin
Wtf u dropping vids at 10 pm I fucks with it
Takuya 13 kun oldin
Also, why the hell did "rest in pees" show up when Brock was ejected. Idk if that was intentional or a mistake lmao
joe carey
joe carey 13 kun oldin
Have you actually noticed a regrowth of your hair from keeps? I’ve been contemplating it but want a genuine review.
Logan Stewart
Logan Stewart 13 kun oldin
0:20 faf producers "Noted"
HoursFly 13 kun oldin
Pokémon in space would be drop low key. Battles in space and you can travel to different plants and stuff for Pokémon. Gather up resources and stuff idk lol, but keep up the good work.
Hungry for Apples?
Hungry for Apples? 13 kun oldin
This game is boring now please let it die
sam robertson
sam robertson 13 kun oldin
Is keeps safe to us on your face?
According to Christie
According to Christie 13 kun oldin
bruh...late night video of course I'm gonna watch also....this mod is broken😂😂
Blaze's Channel FlashFire
Blaze's Channel FlashFire 13 kun oldin
Im only upset that the editor used gen 4 bike music and not the gen 3 bike music or even slateport city or route 109 (the city and beach) music from R/S/E\ORAS.
Trevor Ghalt
Trevor Ghalt 13 kun oldin
5:27 Yay my favorite anime as a kid Pokemonhub
Emil 13 kun oldin
Rayyan20_06 13 kun oldin
Another alternate title until I get noticed, I forgot what day it is already: Alternate title: Among is but the mods are STUPID
ImSenju 13 kun oldin
I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EVERYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ
Nihilus 13 kun oldin
No way they didn’t know about hitting the cog wheel at the end to get movement back
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill 13 kun oldin
I don't need keeps I got family
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose 13 kun oldin
Logan Hildreth
Logan Hildreth 13 kun oldin
Your lucky I have nothing better to do with my life... Yet.
Logan Hildreth
Logan Hildreth 13 kun oldin
Posts a vid at 1 am EST
Jason Elliott
Jason Elliott 13 kun oldin
always good to watch marcel at 12am
MannyGaming 13 kun oldin
The thumbnail is dope Charizard vs Thor
Dhruv Yadwadkar
Dhruv Yadwadkar 13 kun oldin
shout out kyle fungi 3:44
Jake The Viking
Jake The Viking 13 kun oldin
I clicked this because I saw charizard
George Christaki
George Christaki 10 kun oldin
@Pirate Goku Luxray
Desolate 12 kun oldin
Everyone did
ChaChaSteak 12 kun oldin
@Pirate Goku ditto
Joseph Guerra
Joseph Guerra 12 kun oldin
@Pirate Goku urmom
Improvedstar34 12 kun oldin
Tyler Cadelina
Tyler Cadelina 13 kun oldin
best surprise to see while im on the toilet
mixstamike 13 kun oldin
0:46 to 1:55 is just advertising so if you don't wanna see it just wait until it pops up and then fast forward to 1:55 lol
Noodle Danger
Noodle Danger 13 kun oldin
Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores 13 kun oldin
This mod actually has potential but its broken lol
SunWukong1984 13 kun oldin
Your Wiggler is no match for my Steelix!!! Chicks dig Steelix.
rhys fuller
rhys fuller 13 kun oldin
Subtle Simpsons Hit and Run music from the Kang and Kodos Strikes Back mission right there 5:39
Rare Dorito
Rare Dorito 13 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣 the pokémon trainer rp was amazing
BowlCutGuy 13 kun oldin
The sinnoh cycle music. It's my childhood
Rachel Tharp
Rachel Tharp 13 kun oldin
I work at a salon, and had someone ask ab keeps😂
Sandman996 13 kun oldin
Man if only nogla could get mods that actually work
huzzman 13 kun oldin
Not surprising its broken, it looks like you made an entirely new game. You've done more to this mode than the among us people have done to the game ever
Centurion Quincy
Centurion Quincy 13 kun oldin
Nogla is addicted. He goes through 80 packs a day. “I didn’t know he even smoked! How could he go through that much?” “No, not cigarettes. Pokémon cards.”
Mickey Bernal
Mickey Bernal 12 kun oldin
This deserves wayyy more likes!! 🤣
Blaze's Channel FlashFire
Blaze's Channel FlashFire 13 kun oldin
Nogla voice: "No no. Its not an addiction." Marcel: "then for a week, dont open amy more packs." Nogla: fine. Alright ye bastards. · ·· ··· Noglas mic: *foil* Everyone: god damB it nogla
G卄ㄖ丂ㄒ YT
G卄ㄖ丂ㄒ YT 13 kun oldin
Оооо, Эван)
Ben Calloway
Ben Calloway 13 kun oldin
When is more alpha betas ? :(
Luckqe 13 kun oldin
I just turned 18 no balding over here
Kyle Suico
Kyle Suico 13 kun oldin
10:55 Just accepted defeat
Leo Rio
Leo Rio 13 kun oldin
I'm 18!!!!! I don't wanna be bald🥺🥺
disgustdxp 13 kun oldin
Man I’m so glad you upload late, makes my night coming home from work and watching your videos :D
RockOwlGamer 13 kun oldin
yeesh the pokemon cards are getting as annoying as Raid Shadow Legends with Nogla, seriously
JustTiger 13 kun oldin
what did i just watch
Adrian Williamspena
Adrian Williamspena 13 kun oldin
Finally Marcel posted, I can eat my food now
YAH MF YEET 13 kun oldin
me when i see among us: 🥳 me when i realize its pokemon: 🤮
Martavius Hood
Martavius Hood 13 kun oldin
Can somebody tell NOGLA to stop opening cards like seriously
kamikage86 13 kun oldin
What is with the sudden wanting of pokemon cards, when did they become so popular again?
Devon 13 kun oldin
The impostors just capturing people with pokeballs and CRUSHING them under their feet is brutal.
SwesomegamerX 13 kun oldin
the beginning is a BasicallyICantExplainIt if i’ve ever seen one
Stew Art
Stew Art 13 kun oldin
So normal nogla picking mods
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 13 kun oldin
Lmao the moment you realize why you went through all this.
Entity Randy
Entity Randy 13 kun oldin
I love the fast and furious puns
MilkyBread 13 kun oldin
I love the editing in this one
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