Call of Duty Warzone with Jericho, Smii7y, & Noahj456 but we argue the entire time.

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MegaGengar 11
MegaGengar 11 Oy oldin
6:09 As an asian i can say that this is hilariously accurate 😂
sad boy hours '-'
sad boy hours '-' Oy oldin
Little did Marcel know he single handedly started the origin meta
fruitylive Oy oldin
Due to personal reasons, I’m scared of Smii7y now.
Craig Weathers
Craig Weathers 2 oy oldin
I had a quad team wipe w a shield turret months ago 😐
d.ronzo17 2 oy oldin
Don't worry, they just missed MW2 toxic lobbies
rain cloud
rain cloud 2 oy oldin
I love how passive aggressive they are with each other. 10/10.
Alex Meiners
Alex Meiners 2 oy oldin
I dont think I've seen smit7y this toxic lol
Ricardo Oliveira
Ricardo Oliveira 3 oy oldin
act up
Crasher 397
Crasher 397 3 oy oldin
He yelled Kobe when the helicopter crashes
Mr Filayyy
Mr Filayyy 3 oy oldin
anyone realise he said kobe after the helicopter blew up
No Cow
No Cow 3 oy oldin
Gotta say all this freedom is nuts man
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens 3 oy oldin
0:52 Ed, Edd n Eddy sound
Christopher Hines
Christopher Hines 3 oy oldin
Am I the only one who heard someone say “Kobe” as the helicopter blew up?? 😭😭 y’all going straight to hell 🤣
Victor Sanchez
Victor Sanchez 3 oy oldin
All I'm gonna say is The Irishman is a great movie. I said what I said.
jbayardo77 3 oy oldin
Marcel: your all going to die Everyone: noooo you’re wrong Marcel: Execute order 66
Stretch Jaramillo
Stretch Jaramillo 3 oy oldin
Marcel can you please play sea of thieves
Jakarie ;-;
Jakarie ;-; 3 oy oldin
Lmfaoo when Smii7y said Kobe And then I looked at the situation he was in 😂😂😂🤧🤧🤧too sooon
PsyCheDelic_B1GF00T 3 oy oldin
This is the most chaotic energy I have ever experienced but I am here for it all the way
Trey 3 oy oldin
I got a challenge, after every time y’all kill someone you have to pick up there loadout and use it until you kill another person
Zurich Hentley
Zurich Hentley 3 oy oldin
the movie was the gentleman, top tier
NelsonBlvd 3 oy oldin
that Cleveland brown laugh had me dead asf xD 6:25
Macho Tre
Macho Tre 3 oy oldin
So we not funna skip pass that Smitty said “Kobe “ when the helicopter blew up 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ @8:27
Kizaru Kizaru
Kizaru Kizaru 3 oy oldin
I dont normally watch your videos but since wildcat and the others dont play warzone i thought i would give this a try. Im not hating but christ sake. Can you stop subtitling almost everything and have the subtitles in the middle of the screen? Like sure this video isnt gameplay just you guys talking but no one likes to keep reading non stop. Especially when we can all hear you clearly. When i see the others subtitling its usually for something that stand out once in a while not every single thing.
Tony the macaroni
Tony the macaroni 3 oy oldin
Is it me or am I having deja vu 5:59
Kiwa Bishop
Kiwa Bishop 3 oy oldin
marcel for a challenge make a enemy not kill you
KHIXAR 3 oy oldin
11:47 For those of you who want to know he's talking about The Gentleman. It's actually pretty good and i enjoyed it but that's just me.
Ciaonow Ciaodown
Ciaonow Ciaodown 2 oy oldin
It was a sick movie, but so are pretty much all guy Ritchie movies
Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers 3 oy oldin
It was really well done
Angelo Cavazos
Angelo Cavazos 3 oy oldin
Uh, hello Mr. Wrk, I recently got someone that maybe is you as a friend on fortnite. I am wandering if it you so here is the name, Twitch. IDooWrk, please read this comment, it would really make me happy! (≡^∇^≡)
GFriday13th 3 oy oldin
What AR/skin pack is he using ??
Isaiah Hunt
Isaiah Hunt 3 oy oldin
Don’t you guys argue every game😂😂
LegitRavven 3 oy oldin
I mean I’m balding at 18 so
Asianeyes007 3 oy oldin
Marcel telling the Canadian to stop being racist and doing impressions...HAH! If only he realized the irony 😂 I’m crying brooo
Aiden 3 oy oldin
5:25 Suck it up my grandad went bald at 16
Asianeyes007 3 oy oldin
SMII7Y was kinda wilin in this video 🤣✊💯 He don’t usually act up like dat lmao
Asianeyes007 3 oy oldin
Alright, now I really gotta hop on the dairy truck stream and witness the end of this beef. Istg Smii7y you better have the clip when I hop on lmao I can’t believe Marcel cut out the CONTENT of the video XD
Amanda Hammersley
Amanda Hammersley 3 oy oldin
This is honestly the best.
PHoeNiX 3 oy oldin
Dude I love the ark work!!!!! I noticed it a couple days ago lol. Keep it up baby!!!
Brandon Garcia
Brandon Garcia 3 oy oldin
Stay up all night force yourself awake till 5 pm and their sleeping schedule fixed and eating schedule fucked
zElChapoJr 3 oy oldin
I haven’t heard of Jericho since Mianite😭
dave squalls
dave squalls 3 oy oldin
11:48 - The Gentlemen is the movie
Artyom Solvinsky
Artyom Solvinsky 3 oy oldin
Bruh, you're out here cheating on your thumbnail artist??????
Gboii ii10
Gboii ii10 3 oy oldin
I’m unsubbing from Noah jk was never subscribed
Talaya Wustman
Talaya Wustman 3 oy oldin
O:17 are you sure about that?
big oke
big oke 3 oy oldin
Marcel do another series for breath of the wild and try to beat the game as fast as possible or do all the side quests that you didnt do, it's such a good ass game and it would get alot more peopel to play it
Sindicate31 3 oy oldin
Stick to your own color what Basically?
TheGameWarrior 3 oy oldin
Whoop whoop! Play more with Jericho. He da bomb.
Michael Bruns
Michael Bruns 3 oy oldin
200 IQ from smii7y at 6:28 "Very weird grey area but I'll give it to you."
Agent of the nine
Agent of the nine 3 oy oldin
Balding at the age of 26😂😂 poor noah
Boomken76 3 oy oldin
id say it will all be ok 👌 but cod patched out ok 👌 so nothing will be ok 👌
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia 3 oy oldin
No one gonna talk about how Smii7y said Kobe when he crashed the helicopter 8:28
Zac Wilk
Zac Wilk 3 oy oldin
Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft
Matt West
Matt West 3 oy oldin
Smitty crashes helicopter and yells kobe...... 🤣 I see what you did there
Deathtoo Dragons
Deathtoo Dragons 3 oy oldin
So why does at 2:42 the "wha" sound like a sonic the hedgehog jump pad???
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 3 oy oldin
Ima9ineBreak3r 3 oy oldin
"You would be mad, too, if you were balding at 26, okay?" That hit too close to home. Way too close. ... I'm going to go whimper into a pillow now.
Lord Tiller
Lord Tiller 2 oy oldin
I'm only 22 and balding and 😭😭
mRnIsOffline 3 oy oldin
You're not 26
Asianly Communist
Asianly Communist 3 oy oldin
You’re one punch man?
Tyrese cobra
Tyrese cobra 3 oy oldin
Everytime they say i never lose a gulag they always lose the match 😂😂
antonio juarez
antonio juarez 3 oy oldin
He said he never loses a gulag I look at it idiot Odyssey he just lost one
antonio juarez
antonio juarez 3 oy oldin
Hey don't forget that he did a live stream yesterday and shut down the stream because he lost like a sore loser
Elliot Hough
Elliot Hough 3 oy oldin
He dies everytime he gets cocky that's hes better
Joel Travis
Joel Travis 3 oy oldin
Smii7y is lowkey insane at warzone. He has that kar98 down to a science
Lil_Uzumaki 3 oy oldin
1:46 marcel in his head "so I just started blasting"
Birdman Jimmy
Birdman Jimmy 3 oy oldin
Hey, I love you Marcel, bye.
Alpha Sweezey
Alpha Sweezey 3 oy oldin
i legit got 700 to 1000 ping yesterday in warzone lol
Maximus Pavlosky
Maximus Pavlosky 3 oy oldin
The shield turret only challenge
Nate Moss
Nate Moss 3 oy oldin
Thought this was a SMii7Y video👀
Handsome Duck
Handsome Duck 3 oy oldin
You should do a do a challenge where you can only kill people who are your bounty’s
trapxmeilo 3 oy oldin
Play plunder
NIGHTMARE 3246 3 oy oldin
You counter an assassination?! WHAT?
Andres 3 oy oldin
8:25 that was a poorly timed Kobe
Jarred Stewart
Jarred Stewart 3 oy oldin
They shouldn't let Noah host anymore, even though he has the lowest KDR meaning easier lobbies I don't think it is worth it.
Garen Kijolfo
Garen Kijolfo 3 oy oldin
KDR does nothing for me. I got a low one, and still am getting thrown into sweaty lobbies.
Gaven Hills
Gaven Hills 3 oy oldin
united rooster
united rooster 3 oy oldin
the voice actor for cleveland brown is now azerrz 👀👀👀😌
Rashad Chacha
Rashad Chacha 3 oy oldin
Should upload the stream
you should do a challenge where you only get kills in a vehicle
Dob-DexOn 3 oy oldin
Can you Play some fortnite
united rooster
united rooster 3 oy oldin
“MY MAIN GOAL IS TO BLOW UP.. and i act like I AINT KNOW NOBODY” 😆🥶 i caught that marcel you ain’t slick 😂
Benedict Gigante
Benedict Gigante 3 oy oldin
hey um at 11:43 they're talking about The Gentleman, a good Guy Ritchie film that's basically like a whodunit kind of film, but i think Knives Out was better, and Bad Times at The El Royale was also great. I like movies. Thank you.
BackstageOdin8 3 oy oldin
Is anyone else loving this new content with Noah?!
atlas 45
atlas 45 3 oy oldin
i cant be happy because i made a deal with the devil i cant be happy if ppl are evil
andre Dayton
andre Dayton 3 oy oldin
Had me, when they said something about Noah’s hair
Devin Gonzalez
Devin Gonzalez 3 oy oldin
Video: a few therapy sessions later. My mind: Marcel definitely yelled and cussed them out
FOE_ JJ 3 oy oldin
At 8:25 smii7y said Kobe cause he threw something not cause of the helicopter.
Gabe Sanford
Gabe Sanford 3 oy oldin
so we not gonna talk ab how Smitty said “Kobe” when he blew up a helicopter at 8:27?
Garen Kijolfo
Garen Kijolfo 3 oy oldin
Tachyon SG I don’t even think Marcel knew about it (until they were editing the video I guess), since he was focused on shooting the enemy.
Tachyon SG
Tachyon SG 3 oy oldin
Ummmm he could’ve threw something like a grenade or some type of weapon. The dude has dark humor but come on i don’t think he would’ve went that far without marcel saying anything
Macho Tre
Macho Tre 3 oy oldin
Gabe Sanford I said the same thing 🤦🏾‍♂️ smh
Mr Kingu
Mr Kingu 3 oy oldin
this is literally the session right after the previous video
FBI ._.
FBI ._. 3 oy oldin
Good thing irl violence didnt happen.
Magic6534 3 oy oldin
Its funny that SMII7Y said Kobe as soon as the helicopter exploded.
taco 194
taco 194 3 oy oldin
He was talking about the gentleman it's a great movie
Evan Cowdrey
Evan Cowdrey 3 oy oldin
Thought of the wrong Jericho lol
Julia Nelson
Julia Nelson 3 oy oldin
I wish your vids were like 20 mins...
mad maty
mad maty 3 oy oldin
am i the only one that heard simmy said "kobe"when the helicopter blew up
Asianly Communist
Asianly Communist 3 oy oldin
Who this simmy guy?
Jay 3 oy oldin
Yeah bro love simmy
valdemar santibanez
valdemar santibanez 3 oy oldin
GetHiggy WithIt
GetHiggy WithIt 3 oy oldin
Tucker be nice, I’m balding at 23
Jonas BTW
Jonas BTW 3 oy oldin
8:18 that was a bad situation to say Kobe in smi77y
David Hewison
David Hewison 3 oy oldin
8:30 n-no that was THE WRONG TIME FOR A KOBE
LazyTitan396 3 oy oldin
5:48 Jericho sounding a lot like Matt Pat from game theory
Terran Gell
Terran Gell 3 oy oldin
Good to see you playing with Tucker. You should more often.
Caden Edwards
Caden Edwards 3 oy oldin
Smiity: Says Kobe as he jumps out of an exploding helicopter 🧐🧐
Leo B
Leo B 3 oy oldin
Did he say Kobe cuz he tossed a grenade or cuz he crashed the helo
Big Kountry
Big Kountry 3 oy oldin
Marcel is the bubba wallace of this team. Mr. Dramatic
Ghostea 3 oy oldin
im say smii7y and noah are like a married couple
Ryder 3 oy oldin
The title just describes every warzone session with the four of them
Thomas Teggin
Thomas Teggin 3 oy oldin
that movie was "the gentlemen"
Chris Smythe
Chris Smythe 3 oy oldin
HAHAHAHAHA!!! Didn’t realise Cleveland Browns voice actor was white 😂😂😂. “Keep to your colour” 😂😂😂
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