Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - that's it. That's the title

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RedWolF '91
RedWolF '91 25 kun oldin
I “luv” they subs but when 1 says some they act like assholes lol ion get it
Logan Sievek
Logan Sievek Oy oldin
I watched half the video thinking it was a wildcat video
Xstephollowoof Oy oldin
Petition to bring Gary’s Loadout into Coldwar
b1ack0ut Oy oldin
8:42 me lmao
james luke
james luke Oy oldin
There no more finishers😖😖😖
Peter Saval
Peter Saval Oy oldin
Play more pls
Matteo Molina
Matteo Molina Oy oldin
I like how he checked for executions at the start Cause I love them being a former Titian fall two and gears of war player executing campers and idiots
porfirio garcia
porfirio garcia Oy oldin
4.20 put captions
Jared Ramirez
Jared Ramirez Oy oldin
Laughing harder doesn’t make it funnier
fsantora Oy oldin
Cold war is trash.
Shark byte 15
Shark byte 15 Oy oldin
Anyone else wonder why bassically can get hundreds of thousands views on his vids sometimes millions but for some reason only gets a few hundered comments
damb 17
damb 17 Oy oldin
I was waiting for some good body physics & now I can confirm this game is on par with Modern Warfare
Wigberto Sierra
Wigberto Sierra Oy oldin
At this point I start singing the outro song without noticing
dat guy
dat guy Oy oldin
Thoughts on puffer?
Pako 1
Pako 1 Oy oldin
Thoughts on marcel
DM Macaw
DM Macaw Oy oldin
I love the skins and ect will transfer over yet a new cod and it's a cod I enjoy too
Kysicez Oy oldin
Marcel should play zombie royal on MW
Midwestern Ope
Midwestern Ope Oy oldin
Hearing them sing Paramore made my day
Its Pandox
Its Pandox Oy oldin
thoughts on puffer?
Michael Zainey
Michael Zainey Oy oldin
3:49 that cover was dope.
Horizon Oy oldin
This is the last video edited by Puffer, unless I'm wrong :(
Horizon Oy oldin
How does Marcel tolerate the 120 FOV?!
Zach Tidwell
Zach Tidwell Oy oldin
Miss this kind of content! Loved among us but def missed this
Wesley Pires
Wesley Pires Oy oldin
What Marcel, Speedrunner Mario and Samus Aran have in common? BABY!
Jonathan Bohr
Jonathan Bohr Oy oldin
It seems this game looks more memorable than modern warfare
ProLi0nBizzy YT
ProLi0nBizzy YT Oy oldin
Hey can you go back to the Minecraft server you guys have the dragons head and the egg if you put the head on the egg it will hatch into a ender dragon baby and when it grows up you can ride it there’s a lot of videos of it can you try it?
gnquijada Oy oldin
I got excited for Basically there. Pistol for the win!
Snipez4lyf8 '
Snipez4lyf8 ' Oy oldin
The other day I uploaded a cold war video and the title was literally the same title
Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins Oy oldin
"Russia's in Russia." Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.
The Reaper
The Reaper Oy oldin
a triple blackflip
Melanin Frost
Melanin Frost Oy oldin
Hey Marcel, you might not see this but you have been an inspiration for me. I don’t really play video games or even really play games at all. You have brought a smile to my face for a few years now. I don’t really remember when you started youtube but I have been subscribed for a WHILE. You joke around and have fun and I have a lot of praise for you. When I’m sad, mad or even not in the mood to talk to anyone, I watch your vids and they make me smile every time. Thank you for everything you have done for me and your viewers to come. Please continue to make people smile and we will make you smile back with our jokes and comments.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Just a little boi
Just a little boi Oy oldin
Idk but the videos titles are kinda lame
Logan Stewart
Logan Stewart Oy oldin
The most said thing in cold war "This map sucks"
KhannLad XD
KhannLad XD Oy oldin
3:20 😭
mohamad ikram
mohamad ikram Oy oldin
Vip can't pick up the gun people who dead?
KingDallas Oy oldin
One of the rare times i hear Marcel say the nword
Drew Togneri
Drew Togneri Oy oldin
This game looks so bad
Thamir Al Shammari
Thamir Al Shammari Oy oldin
Let puffer your editor again dude these edit man aren’t much from puffers edit
Spam Goose
Spam Goose Oy oldin
Why does cold war look so scuffed compared to the previous installment? Lol
Zero Oy oldin
Why did I just get the notification for this vid lmao
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan Oy oldin
Thoughts on puffer
Adrian Lol
Adrian Lol Oy oldin
Go look at MrBdidThat on UZpost
unknown 1
unknown 1 Oy oldin
Now this is what i call a pack a punch 9:40
Iron Nathan
Iron Nathan Oy oldin
5:50-6:04 My heart was beating fast af for this clutch😭😭😭
Reaper of Things
Reaper of Things Oy oldin
“Russia’s in Russia” I mean, the country’s the size of a fucking continent lmao so technically not wrong. Plus, it’s part of both Europe and Asia
Spydr007 Oy oldin
I can't wait for the Battle Royale of this game to take up to much space, ya'll ready for that too?
a random guy
a random guy Oy oldin
Best title ever
Callum Trahearn
Callum Trahearn Oy oldin
Marcel your a bot lol (JK)
dat boy prim
dat boy prim Oy oldin
This game is just a bo4 reskin
Cythe Playz
Cythe Playz Oy oldin
What is this game mode s and d
Jean Laporte
Jean Laporte Oy oldin
Marcel: Russia's in Russia. Eventually Marcel then soon realized that he had just f***ed up. Russia is a country, not a continent like North America or Europe.
Blake McIver
Blake McIver Oy oldin
This is such a downgrade from mw
Black Heart
Black Heart Oy oldin
I will agree, it was SUPER lazy of Treyarch to reuse the same engine from MW, but then again, Activision has their deadlines.
Christos Margaritis
Christos Margaritis Oy oldin
No way bro I find this beta way more fun than mw
Galaxian21YT Oy oldin
I don't know but in 3:09 Scotty sounded like Morty from Rick and Morty 😆😆😆
Jeremy Hinkle
Jeremy Hinkle Oy oldin
I did NOT appreciate making fun of paramore
RezDaOne Oy oldin
Let me guess I'm last place ಠ_ʖಠ
Alieus Wilson
Alieus Wilson Oy oldin
What are you gonna do for 5 million subs?
TheStromanator Oy oldin
I watched the preview of this vid and was like “yeah basically go crazy”
Timothy Beaston
Timothy Beaston Oy oldin
i have seen Terrorisor's and Wildcat's perspectives. now i know why Marcel said triple back flip. but Wildcat had the best for the corpse launch, it launched to the fucking moon XD
Amber Thompson
Amber Thompson Oy oldin
Yo is it just me or is marcels outro like the best thing ever, love the content bro keep it up❤️
Fuzzy Waffle
Fuzzy Waffle Oy oldin
2:01 I thought I heard the Meta Runner intro
Septic Nerd
Septic Nerd Oy oldin
Marcel are u gonna play the new warzone update
Templar _
Templar _ Oy oldin
Marcel popping off is always great
Draco Rimfaxe
Draco Rimfaxe Oy oldin
call of doodoo: peepee poopoo
Evan Whitley
Evan Whitley Oy oldin
This cod looks more like gears of war
Finall f***ingly a different video other then among us yes
Meelap Patel
Meelap Patel Oy oldin
Anybody else see the bottle of Hennessy on Moscow?
Leon Senpai
Leon Senpai Oy oldin
Can we just talk about Marcel’s runs though 🔥🔥🔥
Joey Massey
Joey Massey Oy oldin
I guys going to do a new modern warfare video again there is a new shotgun
MaMas Boy101
MaMas Boy101 Oy oldin
I'm glad to see you having fun basically me personally I get a whole lot of campers in my Lobby and I don't even camp not once not never camp so yeah hope you have more fun make with more videos videos
Limpy King
Limpy King Oy oldin
Gustavo Callejas
Gustavo Callejas Oy oldin
Today has been a bad day for me because we had a pet cockatiel bird and we took he outside in the morning in here cage. I was opening the cage to give her food and I forgot to close it and she flew to the trees we was calling her to come down but she was scared and flew where there was more trees and just went away😢😢
OfficialGeneral_Soldiernator Oy oldin
Marcel: Russia's in Russia. - Meanwhile in Space - Geuce: Is Norwegian not in Sweden? Moral of the story: *American Education* Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
Carson Heidecker
Carson Heidecker Oy oldin
They need to get rid of play of the game and bring back final killcam
Paidway Julien
Paidway Julien Oy oldin
What happened to him and simone
Jaden Enerson
Jaden Enerson Oy oldin
Am I the only one that thinks Cold War looks like an off brand COD it just doesn’t look good
Dream Oy oldin
Yo but those harmonics when they were singing tho
Dustin Polchin
Dustin Polchin Oy oldin
You should try phasmaphobia
Lady Fire
Lady Fire Oy oldin
Haha always a good laugh Marcel! Love and support too all in need ♡ TRYING TO REACH 50 SUBS ♡
Um C O L E
Um C O L E Oy oldin
So many ttvs:(
Hodor Oy oldin
are they playing the beta?
M4ST3R Os Oy oldin
Part of Russia is in Asia 😂
Darthbobo07 Oy oldin
Cant wait for zombies
Risk 935
Risk 935 Oy oldin
I'm honestly hoping for some zombies content when it comes out
Eeftechel Oy oldin
Finally. Something that isnt Among Us
Jack Sindone
Jack Sindone Oy oldin
Jack Hicks
Jack Hicks Oy oldin
I dont even think I'm going to get this years cod, doesn't look anywhere near as good as mw
Epyonwings Oy oldin
It’s a “ Basic “ Title Marcel lol
Joaquin Oñate
Joaquin Oñate Oy oldin
Finally!! More cod videoos
[EMP] PrimoEmperor
[EMP] PrimoEmperor Oy oldin
That corpse launch though
Joseph Atangane
Joseph Atangane Oy oldin
TimKif9 Oy oldin
I had lots of fun playing the beta, and I’m pretty sure today it closed. Welp, it’s the 20th, so I don’t have long till November 13th.
Scouseleemini1 Oy oldin
"Russia is technically in asia" Marcel: "Russia’s in Russia" *USSR ANTHEM INTENSIFIES*
Scouseleemini1 27 kun oldin
RN Apoc
RN Apoc Oy oldin
nah but really, its like russia isnt apart of asia, russia is a seperate continent. lol
Aubrey Graham
Aubrey Graham Oy oldin
When you’re wrong and right at the same time
Wesley Agramonte
Wesley Agramonte Oy oldin
Anthony Serna
Anthony Serna Oy oldin
Did he get game early
Ayane Haruko
Ayane Haruko Oy oldin
Anyone else notice that harmony on the Paramore song though?? Perfecto mwah
ProLi0nBizzy YT
ProLi0nBizzy YT Oy oldin
The play of the game system is weird in game I got a quad kill with a sniper one after another but the play of the game was a guy getting 2 kills with a mp5 🤨🤨🤨
Mystic TK
Mystic TK Oy oldin
Clever Dragon
Clever Dragon Oy oldin
You can tell that they did not enjoy the Beta because they all have the same footage from the same maps. most likely they just stopped playing after those games once they all got their 10 minutes of footage.
Jaden Jackson
Jaden Jackson Oy oldin
Good video. Keep it up. I might even donate and turn on notifications.
aeham 88
aeham 88 Oy oldin
4:22 he didn’t just say that....
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