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🐦 BasicallyIDoWrk
📷 basicallyidowrk
Friends in the video:
@Disguised Toast
My Brother's Twitch!
💜 Pony: www.twitch.tv/ponymontana
Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

Streamer 9365
Streamer 9365 5 kun oldin
Marcel, how tf. Did you not vote toast out when he Clearly vented. Theres no way it was D-Sync because HE WALKING AWAY OUT OF LAB
Ronan Iksiktaaryuk
Ronan Iksiktaaryuk 13 kun oldin
Ok so when toast came OUT OF THE BATHROOM u say it's d syinc? How is it from that? He CAME OUT?
Emma Thumann
Emma Thumann 27 kun oldin
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 Oy oldin
*slams desk* SON OF A BI-
Casa Nova
Casa Nova Oy oldin
Casa Nova
Casa Nova Oy oldin
Cornelia Chukes
Cornelia Chukes Oy oldin
The selective hockey conjecturally bubble because pancreas finally rot minus a dizzy verse. swanky, nutty energy
Afterlyte Oy oldin
The last part "WAIT I FUCKED UP.... ITS RAE.... AND ITS TOAST" that absolutely killed me 😂😂
Creepster 443
Creepster 443 Oy oldin
Guys we have to vert terst ferst
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Oy oldin
If anyone says "oh it's just lag" they're fucking lying, Marcel you're kind of stupid for taking the bait. He didn't play you you just played yourself dumbass. you should have asked him more questions you clearly didn't see him desync would not last that long!!
D1llPickle19 Oy oldin
Aul T O R Q
Aul T O R Q 2 oy oldin
11:17 I love how weird you are, Marcel
Darius Boykin
Darius Boykin 2 oy oldin
Rip 😂😭
Christopher Acain
Christopher Acain 2 oy oldin
Gotta Love JACK😂😂😂
Jesse Hayes
Jesse Hayes 2 oy oldin
Plz do more intros like this
WowItsFrosty Games
WowItsFrosty Games 3 oy oldin
not trying to be that guy but is courage supposed to be funny or something? he ruins like every video hes in lol.
Alex1212771 2 oy oldin
Well you ruin every comment section you’re in
Jazz 3 oy oldin
As soon as Toast used the "DC" excuse straight away as he was accused, i knew for a fact he was imposter
Ezilla Killa
Ezilla Killa 3 oy oldin
What was so funny about white catching Valkyrie I heard basically say something about Reddit or something so can someone tell me what happened
El Psy Congroo
El Psy Congroo 3 oy oldin
Courage annoying He's not letting others talk
Scott Becker
Scott Becker 3 oy oldin
I came back for Courage's "mistake" at the end 😂
Jay Daichi
Jay Daichi 3 oy oldin
I'm not a fan of female gamers because their voices are to pitchy and they're always doing the same laugh.
scott shankland
scott shankland 3 oy oldin
My eardrums thank me when I watch videos that don’t involve Valkyrae
Dark Shadow2677
Dark Shadow2677 3 oy oldin
How do u record discord audio and game at the same time?
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 3 oy oldin
If dan has a video of this I wonder if he will censor you or just cut you out...
Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee 3 oy oldin
I met Marcel on my birthday while I was drunk
STRK_KNG 3 oy oldin
Why does Sykkuno sound just like Tom Cruise? It's honestly insane.
Snareline 3 oy oldin
that td jakes at the beginning tho
Black Eagle
Black Eagle 3 oy oldin
The start though :)
bluebro27 3 oy oldin
What's the song in the beginning of the vid?
X Void
X Void 3 oy oldin
Ngl i would have just left everything
Kickstand284 Gaming
Kickstand284 Gaming 3 oy oldin
I feel bad for marcel because he gets mad every video
Mu'izz Siddique
Mu'izz Siddique 3 oy oldin
Editor was looking at Rae when Poki was speaking...
SneakyToast 3 oy oldin
11:18 and on is the most hilarious part!
Adam Chvala
Adam Chvala 3 oy oldin
Bruh the way he screamed. "LISTEN. It's TOAST. And it's RAE." Fucking DYING bro
Max 3 oy oldin
Ew wtf is Pokimane in this
Chile V Rises
Chile V Rises 3 oy oldin
TF??!! DAN TDM??? im loveen these crossovers
LGravezL 3 oy oldin
Stop playing with the girls, bro, not too be sexist but pokie and rae are annoying
Kaleb Glaze
Kaleb Glaze 3 oy oldin
The way courage was saying it was toast and Rae you could tell he wasn't lying. He has a very obvious tell if you just learn jack it's not hard. To me I honestly think basically voted for him after toast was for content? It was obvious he knew it was Rae and was telling everyone. Basically even said he was in his room dancing he does that when he's confident he's about to win which in that situation it made sense to vote Rae
Ephraim 3 oy oldin
Rip mr.dowrk
Zombieboss 1531
Zombieboss 1531 3 oy oldin
👁 👄 👁
Glen Ellison
Glen Ellison 3 oy oldin
Poki is such a horrendous liar it makes my head hurt that she has won as imposter before.
Blake Emery
Blake Emery 3 oy oldin
I have never in my life expected someone like Dan and someone like marcel to play together.
Jason Arauz
Jason Arauz 3 oy oldin
Toast killing Marcel right after Marcel called him out is the slimiest thing I’ve seen in a while 💀
Lowen Craft
Lowen Craft 3 oy oldin
I watched this because he said LET ME FINISH MY DOWNLOADDDD
Dao Nguyen
Dao Nguyen 3 oy oldin
Sykkuno simps for Toast, Pokki and Ray. His voice makes it seem like he's lying, and he is blind. If you are imposter you want to keep him alive
Zevosity 3 oy oldin
Among gas made the most in suspected collabs ever, DanTDM said laying with basically and everyone else. 2020 is something else man
Delta Misfit
Delta Misfit 3 oy oldin
The music at the end is super catchy!
Kleine Bakroe
Kleine Bakroe 3 oy oldin
Really didnt know that i needed this combo of creators.
Verati 3 oy oldin
Yea, toast is VERY good at BSing LMAOOO
Irfan Ali
Irfan Ali 3 oy oldin
Actually im enjoy watching clip like this
Christian C
Christian C 3 oy oldin
Why did he zoom in on Rae’s name when Poki was talking? 😂
Ericc Russell
Ericc Russell 3 oy oldin
Who is that narrating the begining
Nightmearboy123 3 oy oldin
“If my download gets interrupted one more time I’m gonna kill my self”
Stars On The Roof
Stars On The Roof 3 oy oldin
Why is poki still here
RNG Saiyan
RNG Saiyan 3 oy oldin
I find this video even funnier cuz ive seen the stream how could I forget "ITS TOAST AND RAE" "ITS TOAST AND RAE"
Toren Barnes
Toren Barnes 3 oy oldin
Courage had me dead the whole time
boom nuke
boom nuke 3 oy oldin
Sense when were you friends with Dan?
Janelle Brown
Janelle Brown 3 oy oldin
14:20 needs to be in the 2020 funny moments
chance.2k_ 3 oy oldin
DanTDM I haven’t heard that name in years
Ryan Sunchild
Ryan Sunchild 3 oy oldin
Is that DanTDM
Luke Oliphant
Luke Oliphant 3 oy oldin
Cloakzy's protection play was amazing
Channel4FUN 3 oy oldin
How is this fun when courage is literally yelling during vote time, no one could talk or defend themselves
Shoretrooper74 3 oy oldin
Dude I fucking loved that intro 😂😂 I too have the luck of never being able to finish a task because someone reports a body or someone calls an emergency
whiteghost -98
whiteghost -98 3 oy oldin
play call of duty warzone
imranbinman 123
imranbinman 123 3 oy oldin
Bro watching dan grow is a legendary I’m a proper OG
Lost__Loki 3 oy oldin
Poki always seems to pick the impostors randomly even before there is enough evidence.
Fury_ BLITZ 3 oy oldin
I say toast u say rae toast........
Bridger Thomas
Bridger Thomas 3 oy oldin
I need a Marcel and Wildcat collab with Captainsparklez on Among Us
Smidge Pigeon
Smidge Pigeon 3 oy oldin
Courage had me dying at the end 😂😂
Braydensavage 21
Braydensavage 21 3 oy oldin
It’s amazing the amount of youtubers that are coming together because of this game
Knives 3 oy oldin
i dont like how most people will literally sell their soul to the devil to win a fucking 2d kids game
Max Ryan
Max Ryan 3 oy oldin
Lmao it took me an hour to watch this
Edward Muro
Edward Muro 3 oy oldin
8:49 “Normally sykunno is my biggest simp, he’ll never question me” - toast Best quote ever
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen 3 oy oldin
My favorite video
maruftim 3 oy oldin
Jack really did so well to make his content so good lol
GAMING THEIF 3 oy oldin
Please marcel were tf is modern warfare its season 6 do a video on It please or even fall guys just one of the 2 please
Geek Guild
Geek Guild 3 oy oldin
Courage going super saiyan over here. "IT'S TOAST AND RAE!"
Andre Ware
Andre Ware 3 oy oldin
She played that very good 🤣
RayDay 3 oy oldin
also watching this and hearing "ray has to die" is fucking me up
RayDay 3 oy oldin
The RAGEEEEE, I am crying.
Commander_Ray 05
Commander_Ray 05 3 oy oldin
I cant believe DanTDM is here
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller 3 oy oldin
Can u do another Minecraft dungeons stream.They added new levels.
DJgamer 55
DJgamer 55 3 oy oldin
I love how this game is bringing many different people together that wouldn’t normally play together
Brennan __
Brennan __ 3 oy oldin
Why’d you stop streaming this ?
Yoshi Waffles
Yoshi Waffles 3 oy oldin
This is a repost
Lorenzo F.
Lorenzo F. 3 oy oldin
You've been played Marcel, played like a cheap harpsichord
Ryan DeLeon
Ryan DeLeon 3 oy oldin
I love how every time pooki talks it zooms in on valkyrae
cedersmuh 3 oy oldin
RC In Motion
RC In Motion 3 oy oldin
Rae is always sus when she laughs & accuses people lol that’s how you know she’s the imposter....
CrazyNinja Sam
CrazyNinja Sam 3 oy oldin
wait y’all playing with dan
Austin Frye
Austin Frye 3 oy oldin
Does basically do streams anymore? If so how do I watch
Eddie VanMalsen
Eddie VanMalsen 3 oy oldin
Hex L
Hex L 3 oy oldin
Marcel should play smash bro’s again when Minecraft Steve is out
TwoFacedBot - 173
TwoFacedBot - 173 3 oy oldin
The one and only DanTDM playing among us with Marcel. I'm dead
slypika101 3 oy oldin
i dont like rae cause she started saying courage was voting her off because hes mad that hes single
Ultra 3 oy oldin
this game will ruin freindships
Falcon 69
Falcon 69 3 oy oldin
Screw pokimane
Branden Wheeler
Branden Wheeler 3 oy oldin
Anyone else recognize T.D jakes
Divan Marx
Divan Marx 3 oy oldin
I never expected to see Dantdm in basically's video
kingant100 3 oy oldin
5:53 "can we take off medway scans" "can we take off animations" god rae just finds anything to complain about when she loses.
Zach Cate
Zach Cate 3 oy oldin
Calm down bro
I stabbed JackSepticEye & LazarBeam but CourageJD threw the game
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