Emergency Meeting!!!! I'm the best liar in Among Us.

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Johanna Burger
Johanna Burger 9 kun oldin
I said that was not a good kill on Jericho when you guys went down to specimen I knew they would find out that is you
Copyninja 18 kun oldin
Nice video man
Jazz 21 kun oldin
Droid: "I FUCKING KNEW IT WAS THE BOTH OF THEM" *10 seconds earlier* Droid: "i'm confused, i think it's noah and john"
Callista Holmesly
Callista Holmesly 26 kun oldin
im crying, how do you report your own corpse?? XD
Autumn Minor
Autumn Minor Oy oldin
Nicholas Cisneros
Nicholas Cisneros Oy oldin
The three paperback causally paint because pantry accidentally grin within a jolly yard. relieved, unbiased output
Ghost Coffee
Ghost Coffee Oy oldin
Bro, you got to stop ratting on Nogla. That's just being a sore loser.
Tomas Vrbada
Tomas Vrbada Oy oldin
Is this the same droid from the gta 5 days?
FireScull Oy oldin
12:00 I knew it was Wildcat when he tried to interrupt the guy explaining why it's Noah just so he could say some bs
DJSuSpenceV1 Oy oldin
10:32 that laugh 😂😂
theofa2x !!!!!!
theofa2x !!!!!! Oy oldin
dude this was jus bullying noah who was a new player😭
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Oy oldin
"What are the chances of getting imposter 3 times in a row?" Dude in a whole day I can't even get imposter once
Sasuke Bh1
Sasuke Bh1 2 oy oldin
Nogla is low-key annoying 😂
Judy Huet
Judy Huet 2 oy oldin
1:10 umm what
Judy Huet
Judy Huet 2 oy oldin
The voice squeak
Ian Carr
Ian Carr 2 oy oldin
2:23 background music? I think it’s from the metal gear solid series?
man..that end though........hahahahahahahaha
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 3 oy oldin
4:58 Is that Ben Shapiro?????
Joshh Ponce
Joshh Ponce 3 oy oldin
Sorry had to thumbs down for doin nogla dirty like dat at the end
ShadowAssassin10 3 oy oldin
solid title. simple, but good.
Yansta281 3 oy oldin
Definitely lame what you did to nogla at the end gotta have better sportsmanship
Catatonic_ 3 oy oldin
I fucking love Marcel's videos now. It's been YEARS since I watched and I fucking love the editing. Puffer does well with the editing as well I just love Marcel's humor.
ranchisbad 3 oy oldin
i’m surprised puffer hasn’t quit earlier for marcel after among us
Mohammad Lui Juhari
Mohammad Lui Juhari 3 oy oldin
And I the besttest lier in among us
Mohammad Lui Juhari
Mohammad Lui Juhari 3 oy oldin
Mohammad Lui Juhari
Mohammad Lui Juhari 3 oy oldin
Yo I always win as the impostor
Daniel Brenes
Daniel Brenes 3 oy oldin
I’m catchin 69 energy from that last clip
ZombieFace76 3 oy oldin
3:48 The biggest brain play in history
BDT/Official ಠ_ಠ
BDT/Official ಠ_ಠ 3 oy oldin
Emergency meeting is too funny
Tuxedo Alien
Tuxedo Alien 3 oy oldin
One word to describe americans playing among us: literally
KGSmallMan 3 oy oldin
Please go check out my recent video I posted if not that's fine and I hope you have an amazing day anyway!
Cyphen Rozulus
Cyphen Rozulus 4 oy oldin
8:33, Wildcat as 3rd impostor
thicc palpatine
thicc palpatine 4 oy oldin
people who skip to 4:26 for no reason that person: uhh, i think i’m gonna find a different video
Matty Mac
Matty Mac 4 oy oldin
Can somebody explain the “I faked keys” move?
Ramese Vega
Ramese Vega 4 oy oldin
Nogla literally guess everyone off bs lol
Matthew Bentley
Matthew Bentley 4 oy oldin
Did anyone else notice that marcel sounded like squidward from spongebob when he laughs
Connor Hogan
Connor Hogan 4 oy oldin
Poor Nogla
JD 4 oy oldin
"If The Stablamatic Distuptors are going off"
Matthew Noyes
Matthew Noyes 4 oy oldin
If u and Jericho are friends as I can see in this video TELL HIM TI MAKE MORE CSGO CONTENT
Hugo Solorzano
Hugo Solorzano 4 oy oldin
Why is the metal gear solid sneaking song playing in the background???? Not sure if its the games song or marcel put it
ArtKitt 4 oy oldin
I played Among Us and called out a self report, they also vented,and the persons only defense was they found the body, but I got voted out -_- they lost that game.
TheRealZika 4 oy oldin
why is no one talking about how eli called a meeting even after being killed
Shaggyguy2 4 oy oldin
wildcat complains too much sometimes
Amilkratos Romero
Amilkratos Romero 4 oy oldin
That freaking twist end!!! Had me dying hahahaha
Master Yodo
Master Yodo 4 oy oldin
I feel bad for Nogla lol but he's so bad at being Imposter
Dontworry Aboutit
Dontworry Aboutit 4 oy oldin
Sorry Marcel I can't watch your among us vids. Your editing is killing me. We start in one, then skip to a completely different round. Sorry bro I can't do it. It jumps too much and I can't follow along and figure out who's what because half the time it jumps to the next game
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 4 oy oldin
Case studies could be written on this game
Rexamus Prime
Rexamus Prime 4 oy oldin
At that last part, you were just a dick. That was a douche move.
Njkwolverine K
Njkwolverine K 4 oy oldin
Noah doesn’t play like he’s new👀
꧁Isen꧂ 4 oy oldin
I am as angry as marcel was at the end 😂
Neptunes Fist
Neptunes Fist 4 oy oldin
Yo this msg2 music really do be bumping
ghost O9
ghost O9 4 oy oldin
Y u do that to nogla
- godsspeed -
- godsspeed - 4 oy oldin
I feel like nogla tries to be smart but ends up overthinking something and blaming people
redfear77 4 oy oldin
Noah sounds like ninja
Brandon Poole
Brandon Poole 4 oy oldin
Among us is great, but you give up too easily.
1amirschannel1 4 oy oldin
Christian Gonzolaz
Christian Gonzolaz 4 oy oldin
Will basically ever do "VR AMOUNG US" ? I would love to see these guys play the vr versioin. It would be harder lol
PUNCAKE 4 oy oldin
i really wanna know what happened after that last bit i really wanted to see everyone's reactions to it
Spy CP
Spy CP 4 oy oldin
Bro the last bit in the video was Petty af, you didn't have to just give up like that and throw Nogla under the bus
TGN 4 oy oldin
Me: *sees the name "droid"* Also me: *happiness noise* Also also me: oh eww its some new guy trying to trick me into thinking it's the good droid
Lil Chowder
Lil Chowder 4 oy oldin
I thought it was SilentDroidd 😞
Dr. Phil is my Saviour
Dr. Phil is my Saviour 4 oy oldin
“I was going south left” - Nogla 2020
Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips 4 oy oldin
Stop lying I am
Satan 4 oy oldin
I def respect that last clip where you just said kill us both; I was watching jericho's stream and honestly deserved lmfao it's still funny.
Kevin Alatorre
Kevin Alatorre 4 oy oldin
Half this video is noah getting bullied 😔😂
UpWind Puppy
UpWind Puppy 4 oy oldin
Who knew 10 people in an office meeting would be so entertaining
Elie The Stronk Time
Elie The Stronk Time 4 oy oldin
Nogla: “I’m going south left”
Jake Russell
Jake Russell 4 oy oldin
ou're here for 2:19 probably
moon mist aka sledge disscorded little pip
moon mist aka sledge disscorded little pip 4 oy oldin
Puffer. Dude. Please, stop cutting out content. I'm not laughing enough 😂
FrzngKangaroo Ropka
FrzngKangaroo Ropka 4 oy oldin
I don’t want to be mean, but nogla makes me want to die
The book Of Misogyny
The book Of Misogyny 4 oy oldin
12:14 Nogla goes Ultra Instinct
Leight —
Leight — 4 oy oldin
Enjoying the among us videos bro
nightmrp _
nightmrp _ 4 oy oldin
no need to be that toxic at the end
Heze 28
Heze 28 4 oy oldin
Nice fucking play getting Noah to call twice in a row to turn ppl on him
Brayden Petty
Brayden Petty 4 oy oldin
What does faking keys prove?
Kaki 4 oy oldin
I feel like him being the best liar has something to do with relationships......
Griec 4 oy oldin
Noglas big brain sometimes
TheLaggerRages 4 oy oldin
Ik Jericho's name is Tucker, but my name is Tucker too so it's always weird hearing y'all say it, like y'all talking to me or something
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez 4 oy oldin
Stablamatic disruptors
ft by zy
ft by zy 4 oy oldin
Marcel I love you but your not the best imposter your good at some times bad at other times like your killing time but it doesn’t matter still great content
Stoned Civet
Stoned Civet 4 oy oldin
Nogla is the most anoying among us player
Mr Chaderz
Mr Chaderz 4 oy oldin
Bruh, NoahJ was trying to give so much info that if he dies, he’ll just cry...
DlineJosh 4 oy oldin
Shut up no he doesnt
Tyson Fausett
Tyson Fausett 4 oy oldin
Please stream more!
Brayden Williams
Brayden Williams 4 oy oldin
I wish they didn’t speak until it said victory or loss it kinda ruins the suspense
Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster 4 oy oldin
And quiter
Austin Bailey
Austin Bailey 4 oy oldin
if y’all think nogla and marcel are friends i want you to go check noglas video and see who he has listed as one of his friends in the description. here’s a hint: marcel ain’t there
Michael Kline
Michael Kline 4 oy oldin
I can’t tell what’s going on, 5 min in and it just keeps cutting to different voting scenes. Don’t understand situations
Verati 4 oy oldin
Poor noahj LOLOL
ЯФБФТ 4 oy oldin
Tip: wires is a common task if one has them everyone has them same vice versa
Wavytavy 4 oy oldin
Shoutout to your editor for makin it clear who talkin when someone calls a meeting
Batshadow 4 oy oldin
Disguised Toast is biggest brain 🧠 in among us. No Cap 🧢
MorganAnarchy 4 oy oldin
that end bit calling out nogla was low key so petty tho.
YXNG HIDDEN 4 oy oldin
if you want to lose your friends play among us with them 😹
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson 4 oy oldin
Welp Im tired of among us
Shadow1280 4 oy oldin
I love you airsoft.
SouYungTV 4 oy oldin
Literally 99999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day
SouYungTV 4 oy oldin
Literally 9999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day
SouYungTV 4 oy oldin
Literally 999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day
Braden Becker
Braden Becker 4 oy oldin
nogla is hilariously bad at this game lmaooo
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 4 oy oldin
Can someone please explain how Marcel knew it was Noah after faking keys because Noah could of had the task
Mason Ross
Mason Ross 4 oy oldin
I feel bad for nogla at the end he just wanted to be imposter
I Am The Best & Worst Among Us Player Of All Time.
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