First Duo in The World To Complete the Easter Egg

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This was recorded on Cold War release day
🐦 BasicallyIDoWrk
📷 basicallyidowrk
Friends in the video:
​▶️ @CouRage
My Brother's Twitch!
💜 Pony:
Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

Frosty Chips
Frosty Chips 6 kun oldin
I get to the escape part and keep dying on solo
Douglas Amaya
Douglas Amaya 6 kun oldin
5:40 i recognize that sound anywhere
Mr Gonzalez
Mr Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
This Was Painful To Watch 😖😂🤦‍♂️ So Much Pain! 😭 I Swear At Least One Person Can Show Marcel or Jack or Whomever How Simple It Is, Without Making It So Difficult 😂 🤦‍♂️
Derek Mangas
Derek Mangas 8 kun oldin
I completed it with my friend it’s easy
Pack 8 kun oldin
If you get instakill and theres a megaton the combat bow one shots them
wolfyy 8 kun oldin
The most false title
Oh Lyte
Oh Lyte 8 kun oldin
Twixtor 😎
Jean Laporte
Jean Laporte 9 kun oldin
Jack will get you killed in Zombies. Jack: "Did I do that?"
Leon kumar
Leon kumar 9 kun oldin
No You guys are the last person to do the Easter egg
setx teeter
setx teeter 9 kun oldin
i got this game as an early christmas present and its sooooooo worth it the zombies is amazing
Jeremiah Broussard
Jeremiah Broussard 9 kun oldin
I think this cap my friend did this Easter egg when the game came out
Dusty Controller
Dusty Controller 9 kun oldin
I read the title and i though i already beat the easter egg duo
Andrew Stolfe
Andrew Stolfe 9 kun oldin
This is like destiny
packer nation
packer nation 9 kun oldin
False I know people who have already done it duo days ago
djkilla 1176
djkilla 1176 10 kun oldin
I did a duo Easter egg on this by round 15 are you guys proud of me?
XxGrizlyBearxX 10 kun oldin
Thats actually false go look at my page me and a rando did it
Demolition Gaming
Demolition Gaming 10 kun oldin
Uhhhhhj...... not trying to ruin this vid but me and my friend did it the second day of Cold War 😅 I only have the theater as my proof
Reckless101D 10 kun oldin
yea yea yea yea
Alberto Moya
Alberto Moya 10 kun oldin
It was on Monday
Alberto Moya
Alberto Moya 10 kun oldin
Me and my friend did it before you guys
Green Sniper
Green Sniper 10 kun oldin
Nice to know its not only my internet disconnecting like that everyday
YKM Hugo
YKM Hugo 10 kun oldin
I think it’s safe to say Marcel is the greatest content creator to come out of washington
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 10 kun oldin
JP Silva
JP Silva 10 kun oldin
what was the ar he had pack a pucnhed?
Mayo Plays
Mayo Plays 10 kun oldin
Basically I love the vids but me and my friend were following Noah as he was live so I believe I took that dub
Zachary Pszotka
Zachary Pszotka 10 kun oldin
Marcel really said I can’t past this blue blast of death let me try again
Angel Acevedo
Angel Acevedo 10 kun oldin
Do the coffin dance meme Easter egg next in cold war look up how to do it
Iam Gvd Twitch
Iam Gvd Twitch 10 kun oldin
Anyone know the song playing in the background around 3:22
Little Moon
Little Moon 10 kun oldin
Me n my buddy did it 2 days ago, amazing ending. Wasn’t recorded though 😂
Trenton Gill
Trenton Gill 10 kun oldin
There is a pokemon firered trade and it is a mr.mime and I had a mr.mime named Marcel
Daniel Machuca
Daniel Machuca 10 kun oldin
Can you play more smash bros???
VixenFire 10 kun oldin
I did it duo on saterday
WarHawk TheSav
WarHawk TheSav 10 kun oldin
I did it solo 😳
Second Son354
Second Son354 10 kun oldin
No you’re not. But who’s keeping track?
Murvee 10 kun oldin
Who else dont understand what's happening😛
Jambonio TheGreat
Jambonio TheGreat 11 kun oldin
3:43 made me wheeze. Just the horn. my humor is BROKEN
Cai Russell
Cai Russell 11 kun oldin
Pretty sure I done it duo before you 2
A_Random_Memer 11 kun oldin
Basically try doing it solo, it feels like it's impossible because the boss fight
A_Random_Memer 9 kun oldin
@RustyBlades your thanks I didnt know I could upgrade it since I've only used the wonder weapons a few times
RustyBlades 9 kun oldin
It’s not that hard man, use the electric upgrade for the wonder weapon, and grab the spas and double pack it. Also during the bossfight you can use the blue scrap to upgrade it to epic.
Tsuki The anime Robot
Tsuki The anime Robot 11 kun oldin
Baba booy
Death Slayer5301
Death Slayer5301 11 kun oldin
False my friend and I beat the Easter egg on twitch @deathslayer5301 4 days ago. Follow for the content stay for the laughs. ;)
Jucee Lemon
Jucee Lemon 11 kun oldin
heyy marcell can you make a video using brust fire only guns in warzone
KiReMaXBG 11 kun oldin
I missed these
Shut Up man
Shut Up man 11 kun oldin
Basically has used the same outro for 6 years, I hope he never changes it
Turtly 11 kun oldin
Hmmm do i spend $60 on a game I haven’t enjoyed in almost 6 years just to beat the zombie Easter eggs? Def only reason to buy cod at this point.
doggo doggo
doggo doggo 11 kun oldin
lets get him to 5 mill
Claretsfc 95
Claretsfc 95 11 kun oldin
This was such an effortless Easter egg treyarch definitely didn't care with this one its so easy can do it solo by round 13.
Dahviea Duncan-Samuel
Dahviea Duncan-Samuel 11 kun oldin
When Basically said toes, that sound was so unsettling
Blaze The rowdy ruff boy
Blaze The rowdy ruff boy 11 kun oldin
Come on down To the Olive Garden and get yourself free breadsticks🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖
Darius Boykin
Darius Boykin 11 kun oldin
Need dat Noahj456 collab 😂😈🐐’s
Mauricio Mejia
Mauricio Mejia 11 kun oldin
That’s cap hella people done the Easter eggs before yall
Sparky 11 kun oldin
aCtuAlLy me and my friend did it before you 😒😒 im jp but we did do it before yall 😅
Zip Zop Zoobadee Bop
Zip Zop Zoobadee Bop 11 kun oldin
I’m happy that other people are calling him Megatron too.
H2SO4 11 kun oldin
Why do all of Marcels videos have a massive stutter at some point and then never again. It happens in every video once.
Olver Hernandez
Olver Hernandez 11 kun oldin
SwiFT Peeks
SwiFT Peeks 11 kun oldin
I can’t believe I’ve been watching you since I was little to find out just now you grew up in Tacoma Washington I’m from Bremerton Washington
Sk1pZ_x 11 kun oldin
Anyone know how he got that skin?
Julian’s House
Julian’s House 11 kun oldin
Did you know that knives are a one hit till like round 15
timi coker
timi coker 11 kun oldin
The thumbnail is so beautiful
vaughn 11 kun oldin
if anyone knows someone who did it duo on a lower round than 14 lmk that’s what i got
Tyler Lingle
Tyler Lingle 11 kun oldin
Not rly tho
Fandom Enforcer
Fandom Enforcer 11 kun oldin
Nicely done!
i_am_ _ warrior
i_am_ _ warrior 11 kun oldin
How many Bryan's does it take to compete an Easter egg
Anthony Matthew
Anthony Matthew 11 kun oldin
Haha sorry bud but there’s many who have I’ll ready done it including me but love the vid
Airtime panda
Airtime panda 11 kun oldin
Try doing it by yourself it’s kinda hard I almost did it
Jose Cisneros
Jose Cisneros 11 kun oldin
“Should we do trials?” “It costs 500” “yea were tight on money already” ???????????
Adrian Soto
Adrian Soto 11 kun oldin
I only got 4 crystal? This game trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣
JoshuaxEllis 11 kun oldin
Sorry but the editing is😬Let’s just say some of the sound effects are over-used
Brian Simkins
Brian Simkins 11 kun oldin
8:32 how transformers should have ended...
Bummy Bee
Bummy Bee 11 kun oldin
I lost it bro, " he's got the blue waffle in his hand " as i'm eating waffles
Um C O L E
Um C O L E 11 kun oldin
Congrats my dude
TrackmaniaKid27Gaming 11 kun oldin
That’s good and all, but what the heck was the Easter Egg?
JoshuaxEllis 11 kun oldin
Cloakys probably sad that marcel didn’t include him in the description
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 11 kun oldin
Jake Miller
Jake Miller 11 kun oldin
Cap cap cap cap cap misleading title MARCEL
Philip H
Philip H 11 kun oldin
3:45 one shot = 3 to marcel i guess
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 11 kun oldin
Is this 2013
PanYo 11 kun oldin
I really like the thumbnail. Took a long time to make as it’s really spectacular to look at.
God Usopp
God Usopp 11 kun oldin
It kinda triggers me little bit every time they call the DIE a wonder waff
GigaWaddle 11 kun oldin
Oh how wrong you are. Hehehe
The noob team
The noob team 12 kun oldin
I think i got a one up on them but still a really good video
Lethal Specter
Lethal Specter 12 kun oldin
You should use the Gallo shotgun, it’s the best gun for zombies
Devon Hawkins
Devon Hawkins 12 kun oldin
my account is
Devon Hawkins
Devon Hawkins 12 kun oldin
im on xbox
Devon Hawkins
Devon Hawkins 12 kun oldin
marcel i can do it with u im not a youtuber but i can do all of it with u
XxL0ngSn1p3xX 12 kun oldin
I love it!!
Templar _
Templar _ 12 kun oldin
Yikes man that was epic
Keng Bop
Keng Bop 12 kun oldin
duo but there’s 3 people
Liam Crochet
Liam Crochet 12 kun oldin
idk why but marcel punching a zombie and going "you back the FUCCUP" was so funny
d3fu1t m3m3s
d3fu1t m3m3s 12 kun oldin
Man I wish I could finish the easter egg but every time I capture the megaton splits it wont let me use the computer to fuse them together
L1ab1laty 12 kun oldin
Oh, word?
owen Schoonover
owen Schoonover 12 kun oldin
My friend and I beat it twice opening day....
Shane Playz
Shane Playz 12 kun oldin
It’s easier in solo actually but I had the same reaction that marcel and jack got😂
JuST_TaCo 12 kun oldin
Are you going to accept that as a win!? Marcel you are the greatest player...EVER! it needs to be finished with you still up standing...RUN IT BACK!
ダニーAmbriz 12 kun oldin
Dude I love the zombie stream from yesterday. Please do more streams 💕 made my day at my job watching you guys fail lol
FROST Z3STY 12 kun oldin
You guys for your start load out should use knifes they are an amazing weapon
Jayson Franks
Jayson Franks 12 kun oldin
I like the thumbnail
Jake R
Jake R 12 kun oldin
Yay 42th trending good job Marcel
4D Gaming
4D Gaming 12 kun oldin
sorry but im fairly sure i did this with my duo partner before you XD
jpa 16
jpa 16 12 kun oldin
They did like 10 hours after the game was released
Onyx 12 kun oldin
WAIT? there was a part 1?
cory4023 12 kun oldin
I like how in marcels thumbnail it shows him and courage leaving in the chopper like courage didn't leave marcels dying self behind haha
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