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Cephalon Simaris
Cephalon Simaris 11 kun oldin
All I want to say is that hacker is a man of culture her used the oden
theboyz1983 yes im 5
theboyz1983 yes im 5 18 kun oldin
im happy the hacker died so many times free content
Fallen Wolf
Fallen Wolf 19 kun oldin
marcel you should join 100t
Lets gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Victor Hedin
Victor Hedin Oy oldin
Symfunny - has been confirmed as a hacker. He cheats.
Andre Seymer
Andre Seymer Oy oldin
Dr.Disco Oy oldin
Now I see why they say Symphuny hacks.
Tyler Green
Tyler Green Oy oldin
The one time you uninstall the game is when your cheater............... AND YOU DIED TO THE STORM
Rettrro Ok
Rettrro Ok Oy oldin
I'm supposed to be doing a assignment for Marshmallows Happier
Chase The Chosen One
Chase The Chosen One Oy oldin
I’m pretty sure their best play was to shoot them in a car or heli or leave a teammate as bait and snipe from far away
maruftim 2 oy oldin
imagine being such a loser that you need to use hacks, which makes you twice the loser, and still lost, which makes you three times loser lmaoo
Tikaai 2 oy oldin
10:07 kid got jumped by Ezio Auditore
DØMINIC !! 2 oy oldin
They don’t know what a neck is ? 😐
Kampos G
Kampos G 2 oy oldin
Lmaooo it’s called a gil not a neck brought back middle school memories lol
Sajid Ali
Sajid Ali 2 oy oldin
can you stream on twich plz
jobby lopez
jobby lopez 2 oy oldin
This is when the aimbot came.
Paxton Strine
Paxton Strine 3 oy oldin
Mate look at that aim assist it’s so strong lmao
Craig Kandell
Craig Kandell 3 oy oldin
No one: Marcel: N E C K
XO_ Rade
XO_ Rade 3 oy oldin
if i had a penny for every time courage says “OH MY GODDDDD” i’d be rich
The official 78 gaming
The official 78 gaming 4 oy oldin
I’ve did the neck thing before this video
Jimmyb0526 4 oy oldin
Bruh who else was hyped af when the hacker got clapped to the storm?
ranchisbad 4 oy oldin
i don’t think they’re hacking i mean he got a nuke i think he’s just good
ranchisbad 4 oy oldin
he used the burst single fire lmaoo
Kensizo 4 oy oldin
Marshmello all video: 😐
Gyinxye 4 oy oldin
if i counted right 13 kill clutch?
Fatty Fat Daddy 420
Fatty Fat Daddy 420 4 oy oldin
If u haven't necked your friends u guys aren't real friends
V3nom Dre
V3nom Dre 4 oy oldin
Necking sometimes goes to far😂
Aleexis Phelps
Aleexis Phelps 5 oy oldin
I did the neck thing
B4CN_ Killz
B4CN_ Killz 5 oy oldin
Yo neck symf
lord_lightskin nigga
lord_lightskin nigga 5 oy oldin
Little does marcel know that they don’t know what a neck is cuz....white people dont do that 😭😂😂
حسام سعيد
حسام سعيد 5 oy oldin
Why you gay
Lenny John
Lenny John 5 oy oldin
I wanna know her mant kills they got each game
Awwscrewit 5 oy oldin
Love how people realized they were cheating and baited them into getting kills. You just know that guy had been sitting on his airstrike for the final zone just to frag him.
Wyatt Ohara
Wyatt Ohara 5 oy oldin
Ayy did you every calf slap someone though?
lionxs 5 oy oldin
just noticed at 2:21 symfuhny parachute opens
Gabriel Herrera
Gabriel Herrera 5 oy oldin
Bro we would get suspended if we necked each other cuz every body did it and some people eventually got like bruises and stuff
Jaybird9876 6 oy oldin
Sym is just ridiculous man.
Astromxtic 6 oy oldin
2:19 Basically going off at Stadium 3:17 Sym being the best player alive 9:13 Hacker proving he trash 9:52 Other hacker proving he's trash 10:00 Another hacker proving he trash 10:43 Hacker being braindead 11:01 Hacker again proving he's trash 12:57 Hacker again proving he's trash The number of times in total the hackers proved they were garbage idiots in total was 6 times
Thepoondoctor Oy oldin
this guy really just made a time stamp section for a 14 minute video
WILD_TOXIC Aids 6 oy oldin
I e neck people
SquidgyLord 6 oy oldin
Never forget that [VHack]codhh01 died to the zone before losing the game for his entire hacker team.
Harrison Garewal
Harrison Garewal 6 oy oldin
Let’s go baby 559 we get em boys
Jorlan Playz
Jorlan Playz 6 oy oldin
I used to neck people I know what you’re talking bout Marcel. Then again I was in like 6th grade so what do I know.
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 6 oy oldin
Any word on if he got moved with the other cheaters?
イタチPaper痛 6 oy oldin
Bro I’ve been bodied by a warzone hacker only once but he was able to win his game
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson 7 oy oldin
Them not knowing what a neck is... that’s a neck!
Brayton Robertson
Brayton Robertson 7 oy oldin
8:16. What is that music? Title? Cause it's awesome.
AriesReign 14
AriesReign 14 7 oy oldin
Necking people was so fun
Ray Gallardo
Ray Gallardo 7 oy oldin
Greatest video tbh f*k hacking cheaters
Stephen Jutte
Stephen Jutte 7 oy oldin
I can't respect the rocket launcher 🤣
LEO SHOWS 7 oy oldin
I didn’t realize hacking is that big of a problem cause I’m on ps4 but honestly these hackers are disgusting get some skills and play normal u hacking c*nts
Daniel Kane
Daniel Kane 7 oy oldin
Activision gotta start IP banning people with mod menus
Painted Trash
Painted Trash 7 oy oldin
1:13 it was "you're crusty" here
I See Sixx
I See Sixx 7 oy oldin
Courage "I Ride My Homies" Me....Weird Flex, But ok
Darius Torres
Darius Torres 7 oy oldin
I remember necking people
RenaldoSeguin 7 oy oldin
I remember yellin NECK and slapping the boys
Erik Lazo
Erik Lazo 7 oy oldin
who else is looking in the comment section to see if the hackers watched this video and made some shitty comment
SUS Edward
SUS Edward 7 oy oldin
faze symfuhny
Charles Haynes
Charles Haynes 7 oy oldin
Awesome game's keep the good work🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly 7 oy oldin
Jack is a shill
Scott Becker
Scott Becker 7 oy oldin
Well we can see why they would ever need hacks. They'd be dead on drop without them.
tyree mccray
tyree mccray 7 oy oldin
I still neck my friends to this day
Capt lazzy559
Capt lazzy559 7 oy oldin
The winners is in the 559
Capt lazzy559
Capt lazzy559 7 oy oldin
Fresno ca
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony 7 oy oldin
I’m just chilling doing my EMT Hw and listening to your videos; Honestly kills me and makes me laugh. So thank you
Goat3dTJ 7 oy oldin
I've neck a friend of mine who was sweaty with pop rocks
Saj 7
Saj 7 7 oy oldin
This stream was one of the best I’ve ever seen
thegamingdesk 7 oy oldin
For neck we would say bacon
Tyler Robillard
Tyler Robillard 7 oy oldin
Not a big fan of CouRage but he's right, if all the COD dev companies sue the hacker then they will stop trying. But the amount of people that have been banned for hacks is insane and its probably not an IP ban either
Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter 7 oy oldin
8:40 that sounds like the bird from up
G0RUJU 7 oy oldin
Gamers Who like to play a fair game, they should United to take gamers hackers cheaters scum out just like that!! In the game it’s self
Digital King
Digital King 7 oy oldin
We slap their neck then run away as fast as you can
Prophet of Fett
Prophet of Fett 7 oy oldin
Death, Taxes and Marcel with an RPG.
Mr HighRin
Mr HighRin 7 oy oldin
That double jump shot with the eagles, a satisfying moment.
Fabulous Burrito
Fabulous Burrito 7 oy oldin
I say crunchy all the time lol
Micah Brown
Micah Brown 7 oy oldin
How these dudes aint heard of neck 😂😂
Milk Bandit
Milk Bandit 7 oy oldin
How is it possible that a full squad of hackers loses in the final circle. I have many questions... but no answers
Eric Torres
Eric Torres 7 oy oldin
Can you play ground war
GeneralGeo 7 oy oldin
marcel u neck people my school still do
JPH_PunkDoll 7 oy oldin
I think they took the name Wanheada from The 100 - technically spelled Wanheda. It means Commander of Death. Cool name.
khamal matthews
khamal matthews 7 oy oldin
horses cam be unicorns :3
horses cam be unicorns :3 7 oy oldin
1:34 I thought it was credit or debit o.0
Second purpose
Second purpose 7 oy oldin
Hell yeah I still that the neck
Alejandra Martinez
Alejandra Martinez 7 oy oldin
mfs never necked no one.. smh
Daniel Sokolovic
Daniel Sokolovic 7 oy oldin
These fools have never necked somebody
Swagmum420 7 oy oldin
This is basically csgo overwatch on modern warfare... and I loved it
Jmiah 7 oy oldin
everyone: screaming and calling out people Marshmello: wth is happening
Fóranzó 7 oy oldin
1:23 a gal from Poland here, I used to do that lol
Jorj! 7 oy oldin
Melvin Shaw
Melvin Shaw 7 oy oldin
I necked kids in middle school
Jordan 7 oy oldin
Imagine your life sucking as is. Then you buy a game, get some hacks and STILL suck at that game. Your life is pathetic by a thousand at that point. Glad my life isn’t that sad😂
Kristopher Sy
Kristopher Sy 7 oy oldin
I remember neck partying someone. Where a group of people gang up on one guy who made a dum dum statement trying to say something like saying a word wrong. then we all slap the back of his neck
Ben Phair
Ben Phair 7 oy oldin
I can't believe the day has come Marcel is not eating chicken I'm sorry I forgot melons
Chris Bubar
Chris Bubar 7 oy oldin
TODAYS MY BIRTHDAY and I still watch you it’s been like 4 years or sum.
your worst nightmare
your worst nightmare 7 oy oldin
Some people don't deserve the essence of life.
Will Ashton
Will Ashton 7 oy oldin
Marcels a zoomer confirmed
Drouzie 7 oy oldin
The necking thing is still a thing
Kalibur Awy
Kalibur Awy 7 oy oldin
I just played search and destroy against you 🤣🤣
Adolf Thiccler1
Adolf Thiccler1 7 oy oldin
We still neck.
Adolf Thiccler1
Adolf Thiccler1 7 oy oldin
We still neck.
Furby Dragneel
Furby Dragneel 7 oy oldin
We do necks in our school 😂😂
Neoplayz Games
Neoplayz Games 7 oy oldin
The neck thing is so true. RUN THAT NECK BOY!!!
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