I got to play Immortals Fenyx Rising early!

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Scored Raccoon
Scored Raccoon Oy oldin
i just got the notification now when it was 3 days ago
Jake Nelson
Jake Nelson Oy oldin
7:00 I wish every game opened chests like that
CheatonKetty Oy oldin
I'm honestly just so keen for this game. LOVE greek mythology😍
Molten Firebullet
Molten Firebullet Oy oldin
I did it
Trey Best
Trey Best Oy oldin
The arrow going through the eyes of the axe handles is a challenge from ‘the Odyssey’ that only Odysseus was strong enough to do. No one else could even string his bow and no one could make the shot. (If anyone was interested)
kory rigby
kory rigby Oy oldin
I liked thay game 🎮
hustlinjustin Oy oldin
I would've kept the original name of the game
Mr BreadMan
Mr BreadMan Oy oldin
January Dumbo
January Dumbo Oy oldin
It’s a mobile game attempt at being a console game😵
savage Gaming4828
savage Gaming4828 Oy oldin
Use this as the we want this as a series button👍👍
Sergio Hernandez
Sergio Hernandez Oy oldin
So god of war?
Ari Craghill
Ari Craghill Oy oldin
this is literally just ac odyssey and botw
MisterExoticzHD Oy oldin
So assassin‘s creed odyssey but MMO lookin. Cool? Ain’t wasting my time/money
Ossifyn Oy oldin
As soon as you said Greek mythology every Percy Jackson fan in a 3,950 mile radius perked up and cleared their throat
Ranger79 we
Ranger79 we Oy oldin
This is little just AC Odyssey, such little effort
SemeAutoSniper Oy oldin
Assassin's creed odyssey looks a little different
Enmanuel Ozuna
Enmanuel Ozuna Oy oldin
This is a total rip off of breath of the wild
Jimmys mom
Jimmys mom Oy oldin
Breath of the wild wants to know your location
Aurora Passenger #00FU
Aurora Passenger #00FU Oy oldin
This game honestly doesn't look very fun. It looks like it'd get real repetitive, real quick...
Marc Rodríguez
Marc Rodríguez Oy oldin
I really don’t care about this game but Marcel needs that castle so let’s go boys
Darkwolfgod Gaming8219
Darkwolfgod Gaming8219 Oy oldin
3:53 me and my dad bond was like that 😂
Lyonheart501st Oy oldin
this just looks like a shitty breath of the wild :/
AkwardDino293 Oy oldin
So I'm guessing we can expect a full play through when the game is fully released
JP Padilla
JP Padilla Oy oldin
Reskinned odyssey
Chief Scrapper
Chief Scrapper Oy oldin
Game looks so bad lmao
Bryan Usrey
Bryan Usrey Oy oldin
Marcel, all I saw was the patriot arrow from robin hood men in tights.
Jaxsen Taylor
Jaxsen Taylor Oy oldin
Play more
Outcast Gaming
Outcast Gaming Oy oldin
God of war : breath of the wild
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Oy oldin
Reminded me of zelda and assassin creed odyssey
Anthony Maltez
Anthony Maltez Oy oldin
I wonder if he’s ready for the new breath of the wild coming out. Playing the story 100 years ago, before the great calamity
Nick Zakrath
Nick Zakrath Oy oldin
*Phoenix Wrising* ...I'll leave....
Av Oy oldin
Did no one hear about this game months ago, when it was called “Gods and Monsters”? I keep seeing people comment “this is ac odyssey x botw” or “this is a botw ripoff” we knew that ages ago, and it’s not a ripoff, it was meant to be like that
Av Oy oldin
Abe Friesen it’s all good 😂
Abe Friesen
Abe Friesen Oy oldin
@Av i did read the whole comment just missunderstood it, my bad
Av Oy oldin
Abe Friesen yes I know that marcel knows, if you read the whole comment you’d see I was talking about the other comments
Abe Friesen
Abe Friesen Oy oldin
Liam Oy oldin
I love that this looks like all the best parts of assassins creed odyssey mixed with the best parts of breath of the wild
Maxu Specia
Maxu Specia Oy oldin
So this is basically legend of zelda with assasins creed odyssey
Chaplin Grimuldis
Chaplin Grimuldis Oy oldin
Assassin creed ÷ God of War ÷ breath of the wild
Preston Thompson
Preston Thompson Oy oldin
People are saying it looks like breath of the wild but honestly it's more assassin's creed orgins
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson Oy oldin
Mobile game on PC PepeLaugh OH NO NO NO
kstarkey06 Oy oldin
Is no one going to mention how he said “Gods & Monsters” at the end 👀
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Oy oldin
a sponsored video of a game I will actually buy
Alex Crenshaw
Alex Crenshaw Oy oldin
This game isn’t even out yet and it’s already got stans who will jump on anyone who even mentions breath of the wild. It’s so obvious this game at the very least took heavy inspiration from breath of the wild just get over it.
Just Cidia
Just Cidia Oy oldin
If anyone is interested and feels this is vaguely familiar to another game, well Ubisoft teased “Gods and Monsters” at e3, they’ve renamed the title to Immortal Fenyx which is the game Marcel is playing, glad you got sponsored to play it, i was interested in this game when they teased it originally
Jacob Chepulis
Jacob Chepulis Oy oldin
So basically assassins creed odyssey but zeldafied
Loco Dragon
Loco Dragon Oy oldin
Any one else remind them of skylanders
CrazYNaI017 Oy oldin
Ok, am I the only one that see resemblance with the animations of AC Origins/Odyssey? Like, the animation of some melee attacks, the way she uses her bow, the dodge and parry, they are all taken from the recents AC
Daryl Fonacier
Daryl Fonacier Oy oldin
This is like the PG13 version of God of War but instead of destroying the Gods, you're trying to save them
Robbie Quarters
Robbie Quarters Oy oldin
For the castle
Srijan Mishra
Srijan Mishra Oy oldin
This is a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild rip off
M-youtube !
M-youtube ! Oy oldin
Why because theres a magnetic ability? Then every game ever is a rip off in some way an dont say graphics cause thats a stupid ass reason
Xweebx 123
Xweebx 123 Oy oldin
Hey can anyone tell me where he streams I looked everywhere
Reed 17
Reed 17 Oy oldin
He streams at UZpost
Srgnt Cereal
Srgnt Cereal Oy oldin
But like... Was it coming right at him?
NutInErButt 710
NutInErButt 710 Oy oldin
You would probably like spellbreak
Black Light
Black Light Oy oldin
oof this vid is not doing well
Chief Fridge
Chief Fridge Oy oldin
Jeremy Hinkle
Jeremy Hinkle Oy oldin
It's a knock off of BOTW
SebastianCJ Oy oldin
Castle Season
Kevin Daugherty
Kevin Daugherty Oy oldin
Sgt Sco
Sgt Sco Oy oldin
Marcel: “This is too much. I bit off more than I can chew!” ZEUS HELP! Zeus: ...........
Mr _Gayz
Mr _Gayz Oy oldin
God's and Monsters?
OlyOxynFree Oy oldin
Gods and monsters was the original name for this game but they changed it to Immortals Fenyx Rising
Darkshadow Oy oldin
Breath of the wild do be hittin different this year
Ryan Erikkson
Ryan Erikkson Oy oldin
Why does this game have SO MANY aspects of breath of the wild?
Idyllsend Oy oldin
I'm so disappointed! I thought it was gonna be like Dauntless, also that game title sucks balls!
GP The Artist
GP The Artist Oy oldin
So God of War, but for kids.
butterfly fay
butterfly fay Oy oldin
Kid icarus
butterfly fay
butterfly fay Oy oldin
Why does the thumbnail look like kif icarus
Templar _
Templar _ Oy oldin
Looks pretty good honestly.
Digital Warrior
Digital Warrior Oy oldin
Never heard of this game but It looks awesome. When is the release date?
kevinetjonathan Oy oldin
December 3rd 2020
Seth Spears
Seth Spears Oy oldin
God of war and legend of zelda had a baby
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez Oy oldin
It looks like Zelda breath of the wild but remixed
asef nirumand
asef nirumand Oy oldin
I was happy to see that this is way different and not like breath of the wild
Spooks Oy oldin
this is a lot like Breath of the wild lmao
Szmmry YT
Szmmry YT Oy oldin
I got school tomorrow 😀👍🎶🎶🎶
Destinychan281 Oy oldin
3:14 oof that hurts Im a cyclops
Connor W
Connor W Oy oldin
Assassins creed but ok
Jordan Short
Jordan Short Oy oldin
this is literally wannabe Zelda
CJ Bailey
CJ Bailey Oy oldin
Honestly looks cool!
Zipinater Oy oldin
I literally thought this was Zelda bruh
Danny Stearns
Danny Stearns Oy oldin
Anyone getting an Assassin’s Creed/Breath of the Wild vibe? Oh wait....it’s every third comment.
Chris Delagarza
Chris Delagarza Oy oldin
KRATOS & ZELDA Fell in love Married, fucked 9 months later This is what we get...
cameron 49parrish
cameron 49parrish Oy oldin
I'm buying dis the second is comes out
Missu McFadden
Missu McFadden Oy oldin
Looks like a really good botw clone
The King of Moncow
The King of Moncow Oy oldin
Breath of the wild, ubisoft edition
Quad Gilmore
Quad Gilmore Oy oldin
Looks cool
imhecking nino
imhecking nino Oy oldin
What Breath of the wild shouldve been
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming Oy oldin
Esrly gang
IUI_ Orion
IUI_ Orion Oy oldin
Getting a breath of the wild mixed with assassins creed odyssey vibe
I'mthedudeplayingthedude disguisedasanotherdude
I'mthedudeplayingthedude disguisedasanotherdude Oy oldin
Looks nice
Breadsan Oy oldin
i was gonna search gameplay for this but then marcel uploaded
Atharva Oy oldin
Breath of the Wild: Odyssey
BurntNoodle6938 Oy oldin
So true
Takuya Oy oldin
That moment when your name is Prometheus and you get to hear Marcel say it lol
KSRSeasparow Oy oldin
I feel like there is no color contrast at all in this game
Cee Jay Malacas
Cee Jay Malacas Oy oldin
Does anyone know where he streams???
D.M.G 6
D.M.G 6 Oy oldin
But Prometheus was chained to a rock by Zues and had an eagle eat his liver everyday for his punishment...
Grimm Percival
Grimm Percival Oy oldin
Assassins Creed Origins be looking weird
Chief Shady
Chief Shady Oy oldin
This is literally Breath of the Wild meets God of War
Domenic Lombardi
Domenic Lombardi Oy oldin
This is like legend in f Zelda breath of the wild
Young soul Reaper
Young soul Reaper Oy oldin
Breath of the wild meets kid icarus but pits not stupid
Trapmaster Oy oldin
Holy hell, youre so right about kid icarus XD
Aioxs Oy oldin
Marcel why are you sooooo toxic to Nogla
Johnny Sol
Johnny Sol Oy oldin
I'm definitely getting this game. Thanks marcel. Still gonna say it Greatest Content Creator !!!!!
Jack Sindone
Jack Sindone Oy oldin
ItsWinkyPinky Oy oldin
Papa chicken
Ning3n Oy oldin
F Ubisoft. Ruined Trackmania.
I already miss the broken Famas shotgun in Warzone :(
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