I have the WORST crew mates EVER in Among Us

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🐦 BasicallyIDoWrk
📷 basicallyidowrk
Friends in the video:
▶️ @Lachlan
▶️ @Valkyrae
▶️ @jacksepticeye
▶️ @CouRage
▶️ @LazarBeam
​▶️ @NoahJ456
▶️ @Vikkstar123
▶️ @Daithi De Nogla
▶️ @Muselk
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💜 Pony: www.twitch.tv/ponymontana
Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

CruelZ 12 kun oldin
Can we all pay respect for our boy Vik like omg that’s so unfortunate 💀
Boi Sines
Boi Sines 20 kun oldin
I feel like nogla did not go to school at all
Jazz 22 kun oldin
Lachy and muselk were found out after 1 kill and i have no idea how they lasted that long 😂 everyone smooth brained 100% that game
Methayus Hebert
Methayus Hebert 23 kun oldin
Lachlan and Lanan Nogla: There're the same thing
Rabdom Dud
Rabdom Dud 27 kun oldin
When thinking about it. Both Muselk and Basically threw lol
Zak M.
Zak M. 28 kun oldin
valkyrae is so fucking annoying jesus
Berry Oy oldin
3:59 The suspense, oml
YaGirlMya Oy oldin
i be like marcel just pull the racist card i also be like oh wait there Australian they literally are never racist :( (but that is a good thing)
Vxper _ yixsa
Vxper _ yixsa Oy oldin
What happened to the 50/50 with wildcat....
An Account
An Account Oy oldin
Found the perspective. This was just sad.
Akilah Gable
Akilah Gable Oy oldin
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Akilah Gable
Akilah Gable Oy oldin
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Aaron Galzote
Aaron Galzote 2 oy oldin
If that happened to me I would just throw the next game as crewmate and say it was them HAHAHA
Sasuke Bh1
Sasuke Bh1 2 oy oldin
Muselk is hella funny 😂😂
Just_ Taiga
Just_ Taiga 2 oy oldin
Muselk pissed me off so much in this video
codkrusher 2 oy oldin
why is your audio 4x louder than other people. to keep the audio at a reasonable level, I cant hear anyone else but you. disappointing
Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere 2 oy oldin
I’m so tired of watching among us
Gangsta Grundy, the first
Gangsta Grundy, the first 2 oy oldin
Stop watchin it then. No one is forcin ya, man. Game is just fun to play
Justin Quinet
Justin Quinet 3 oy oldin
Muselk always third imposters man
SyNc TG 3 oy oldin
I ve seen wildcat playing this game he is good as impostor then crewmate while he as crewmate he throw the game.....i love the way of his gameplay he is cool guy not just impostor some of his gamevideo i watch all of them
SmoothOx Gamer
SmoothOx Gamer 3 oy oldin
Muselk is so stupid
Mikooki 3 oy oldin
“It’s Lachlan” “so it’s gotta be Lannan”
Jobani Bahena
Jobani Bahena 3 oy oldin
Is it just me or is it so triggering to watch muselk play
KillerHeadache 134
KillerHeadache 134 3 oy oldin
Muselk is so dumb that I can’t bring myself to watch any of his videos
el_creator 3 oy oldin
Shadow Force
Shadow Force 3 oy oldin
F to pay respects for Vik. Let the dude play, jeez
Eli Schrader
Eli Schrader 3 oy oldin
I like how you're wearing smii7y merch
Savage Shotz
Savage Shotz 3 oy oldin
10:47 Basically: I'm voting Lachlan Lachlan: *WHAT!?!?!?!*
Cameron Holmes
Cameron Holmes 2 oy oldin
It’s a shame we couldn’t see Lachlan’s perspective
Just_ Taiga
Just_ Taiga 3 oy oldin
Low-key I was so mad at noah for voting himself when it was muselk and wildcat
Blac Dragon
Blac Dragon 3 oy oldin
spazman12342 3 oy oldin
My crew ejected me when there were no victims. Twice.
Sora Lockhart
Sora Lockhart 3 oy oldin
this is why i always kill the annoying players 1st
Buck Edenfield
Buck Edenfield 3 oy oldin
Nogla reminds me of that cousin no one likes
Rosheed Gammer
Rosheed Gammer 3 oy oldin
OMG THISGUY LOOKS LIKE CICCORZ, everytime i thought he was ciccorz
Toonickz 3 oy oldin
i love him repping the smii7y merch
Maen Mallah
Maen Mallah 3 oy oldin
Question from someone who didn't play it once. If you win when finishing the tasks and there are 4 left with the killer. Why not don't report the body when he stack kills and take the time to finish the task then he is forced to report it himself and then people know who it is?
DevinsTrash •_•
DevinsTrash •_• 3 oy oldin
I feel so bad for Marcel
Lord Honor
Lord Honor 3 oy oldin
i’m sorry marcel that ur friends don’t ever listen to you. it’s annoying cuz i feel like they don’t listen to you.
Graham Cracker Gaming
Graham Cracker Gaming 3 oy oldin
I love how every time they play nogla puts his brain in the dryer on wrinkle care setting😂 Lannon:*doesnt exist in this recording* “It’s gotta be lannon then”
Inserta Nameheer
Inserta Nameheer 3 oy oldin
Once more comment for 667
Katherine Hawkthorne
Katherine Hawkthorne 3 oy oldin
Poor Marcel
Dr.Gonzo 3 oy oldin
I like how when Marcel is the imposter he plays the thing music. Respecc
the_ fatdoggy
the_ fatdoggy 3 oy oldin
Howdy doody
Beviwa Phillips
Beviwa Phillips 4 oy oldin
Watching Marcel get so frustrated makes me so frustrated 😂😂
emmar gue
emmar gue 4 oy oldin
just putting it out there that you hopped off that scanner sooo fast.. ofc he wasn't able to vouch for you.. slow down my guy. great vid as always tho hope your throat/head doesn't hurt too bad from playing this game haha
_ DragonSlayer _
_ DragonSlayer _ 4 oy oldin
3:02 Best moment
Helghast Soldier
Helghast Soldier 4 oy oldin
11:06, Noah: who likes kitkatz, it nogla 100% Me: as I eat a kitkat, and wondering, what's wrong with eating kitkatz
Yeti Snowballs
Yeti Snowballs 3 oy oldin
Ong who doesn't like kitkats
SweetHeart Rose
SweetHeart Rose 4 oy oldin
5:41 I remember watching this from Wildcat and Valkyrae's perspective and I enjoyed every single moment of it! Now watching it from Marcel's point of view I was like 'That's not fair!'
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier 4 oy oldin
4:55 this was so good tyler. And it would he funnier in real life too "alright. Were all here. Someone died an inch in an half away from us"
Forgotten Star
Forgotten Star 4 oy oldin
When they accuse Marcel of the kill, I was hoping he would say "ahh yes, i alone kill both people there"
Widword 4 oy oldin
anyone else notice he was wearing Smii7y's merch? that's on friends supporting friends!
ZodiacMobb 4 oy oldin
In that spot, I would’ve quit asap lmao. Voting marcel after he says it’s wildcat and he has proof to protect himself. I would’ve been off the rest of the night.
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 4 oy oldin
Real talk tho why the f did Marcel keep cancelling the medical scan?
Tobias Schiøtt
Tobias Schiøtt 4 oy oldin
Trash teammates
That Furry Tas
That Furry Tas 4 oy oldin
Basically being that cat at the start of his video
Tyler White
Tyler White 4 oy oldin
Missy in the house lol
Moose Daddy
Moose Daddy 4 oy oldin
Muselk? Gross
RaZi_R1ZZ1 4 oy oldin
Hey man great work, I have a question though...how do you get your videos out there? I’ve posted on social media and I’ve had friends post it and each match I play I tell people to check my yt out but they say I’m trash and tell me to kms
Luis Esteban
Luis Esteban 4 oy oldin
What upsets me is how basically didn’t call out wildcat for chasing him..like cmon you should’ve known
Yeema Wheaver
Yeema Wheaver 4 oy oldin
I like how people say 50/50, but then say don't do the 50/50 it makes no sense.
caitlinjane92 4 oy oldin
That close win in the round you showed at the beginning of the video was insane. I watched it happen live on your stream and I remember almost having a heart attack from how intense those last seconds were.
Higheddie 14_-_-
Higheddie 14_-_- 4 oy oldin
You need to make these videos longer 🥺
Kizaru Kizaru
Kizaru Kizaru 4 oy oldin
Marcel can you fix your audio please? Everyone is way too low compared to your voice and i cant keep increasing the volume when you dont speak and decrease it when you do
lll_Vipex_lll 4 oy oldin
Michael Scotts
Michael Scotts 4 oy oldin
50/50 yet they dont vote wildcat. So he was right. They threw.
Issa Croissant
Issa Croissant 4 oy oldin
9:02 bruh Valkyrae is actually stupid
KEVIN R. PAULINO 4 oy oldin
ITS “Valkyrae” not “Valkrae”😑😑😑
Monique Davis
Monique Davis 4 oy oldin
Marcel:makes good point everyone: IT MARCEL
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 4 oy oldin
Noah with the shotclock cheese.
buboom 123
buboom 123 4 oy oldin
Poor laz when basically was imposter
Reaper of Things
Reaper of Things 4 oy oldin
Tyler literally said to 50/50 when they voted Marcel lmao, he must have felt so bad about it
Max Flores
Max Flores 4 oy oldin
Basically is so petty 😂 Im exactly like that when I play video games
VanClyde 4 oy oldin
I don't know who edits your videos but audio normalization would help so much, i keep fucking with my sound level because you're loud, and then not.. especially compared to them.
Solemon Bester
Solemon Bester 4 oy oldin
Basically is so toxic 🤦‍♂️🙄
CT-5597 4 oy oldin
Among us, the game that makes you question one's logical and rational thinking
NoSoundMobile Gaming
NoSoundMobile Gaming 4 oy oldin
Marcel's Rage is amazing
Tom Pappas
Tom Pappas 4 oy oldin
Marcel straight up I’m not doing my tasks lol
Gumi DeYapp
Gumi DeYapp 4 oy oldin
Streme spoats
Unmasked Joker
Unmasked Joker 4 oy oldin
I just have to say they are all idiots for voting Marcel you just don't fake med bay plus can't fake
FearMePhoenix 4 oy oldin
Khaleeva Fauzi
Khaleeva Fauzi 4 oy oldin
I would have exit the lobby if I were marcel
Jesse Salazar
Jesse Salazar 4 oy oldin
Wildcat chases Marcel Marcel jukes him Wildcat chases Marcel again Marcel doesn't say a word about his suspicions Dies next by Wildcat.
ZEROGHOST Bruh 4 oy oldin
Who killed VIK tho
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
Ok Marcel, I see that hairline starting to make a come back
PeePee PooPoo
PeePee PooPoo 2 oy oldin
Don’t disrespect him he’s dope the way he is😜
Poker Squirrel
Poker Squirrel 3 oy oldin
You focused on his hairline and not his video??
Quarantine Hero
Quarantine Hero 3 oy oldin
He used keeps
Cole Baucom
Cole Baucom 4 oy oldin
Do not disrespect the king like that 😤😤😤
Aaron Ledesma
Aaron Ledesma 4 oy oldin
Plz play cod again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DoubleH19 4 oy oldin
8:36 There's my favorite clip that i was waiting on from the last few streams
Donny Boy
Donny Boy 4 oy oldin
Nice SMii7Y hoodie marcel
ResolvedFate 4 oy oldin
You can't fake medbay btw. There is legit a GREEEN SCANNER THAT SCANS YOUR CHARACTER LMAO. BiG BrAin deduction.
Hussnain Mohammad
Hussnain Mohammad 4 oy oldin
Tyler Thomas
Tyler Thomas 4 oy oldin
Yo Marcel do you still got that purple raven fortnite chair
Delirious Gaming
Delirious Gaming 4 oy oldin
0:03 reminded me of a screaming cat lmao
Michael Lenihan
Michael Lenihan 4 oy oldin
Nogla is a idiot dude
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 4 oy oldin
Marcel: I was aiming for Tyler Rae: so it’s Tyler Bruuuuhhh
Alyssa T
Alyssa T 6 kun oldin
@Qwueso no Rae is just incredibly smooth brained
Qwueso 7 kun oldin
I know I’m late but *woman moment*
Emily 25 kun oldin
It could have been a big brain play tho u never know
Bubba Oy oldin
she was thinking it was a big brain play
Alyssa T
Alyssa T Oy oldin
Yeah Rae is definitely smooth brain
Lord Jeebus III
Lord Jeebus III 4 oy oldin
whats the name of the song at 3:23
Ivan Marquez
Ivan Marquez 4 oy oldin
I really felt Marcel's pain and anger.
Tanner Swift
Tanner Swift 4 oy oldin
Lmao. Who ended up being the one that killed Vik at the end?
Isaiah Gonzalez
Isaiah Gonzalez 4 oy oldin
Are you going to play the new Zelda game
littlepandakate 4 oy oldin
this just shows how these people don't think correctly ngl
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace 4 oy oldin
Why didn't Marcel suspect Wildcat at the beginning. Who in the world hounds someone like that for almost ten seconds. If a body wasn't reported he was going to be killed. He should have been adamant that Wildcat was one of the imposters.
Bernardo Quezada
Bernardo Quezada 4 oy oldin
Hey Basically did you know if you enchant e your trident with riptide you can fly but for it to fully work you have to be in water
Braxtyn Devault
Braxtyn Devault 4 oy oldin
600 comment
I stabbed JackSepticEye & LazarBeam but CourageJD threw the game
Emergency Meeting!!!! I'm the best liar in Among Us.
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