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🐦 BasicallyIDoWrk
📷 basicallyidowrk
Friends in the video:
​▶️ @fourzer0seven
▶️ @Moo

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Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

Rick Booth
Rick Booth 3 kun oldin
yo how the hell did people already have elytras if they didnt finish the enderdragon before this point?
poopy cat
poopy cat 12 kun oldin
we need dream
RYDER Blake 15 kun oldin
Does anybody know where the livestream of this is?? Or the name if it's already created??
LORD_ ORiGiNALz 18 kun oldin
Anyone know whos on the server I got a few but not all of them
NickMortuus 20 kun oldin
Diamonds are forever
Nyx Plasma
Nyx Plasma 20 kun oldin
So jealous I wish I can fight
Adam Stilber
Adam Stilber 21 kun oldin
Someone really made a Factions base on the server?
Callaway 01
Callaway 01 22 kun oldin
2:19 dayum boy what's wrong with yo sack
Phantom P4yt0n
Phantom P4yt0n 23 kun oldin
If you wanna kill the crew use a power 5 flame infinity with harming arrows it one shots
Bizarre Cult
Bizarre Cult 23 kun oldin
So pete is this servers Jhon Wick got it
Jorge C
Jorge C 23 kun oldin
Marcel calls Pete & the Crew unkillable while also never dying. Ironic
Red Hood
Red Hood 24 kun oldin
You should make a sport out of shooting chickens off the air
LupoLopez 24 kun oldin
Best part -HITCH HEEEEELP! -who are you running from -WHO DO YOU THINK!!!!!!
No Way
No Way 24 kun oldin
@BasicallyIdoWrk Is your name marcel and you want to take down the crew? Well I have a solution for you! Step 1: create a multi shot crossbow with a large amount of arrows of harming Step 2: brew potion of strength and invisibility Step 3: execute your diabolical plan on the day by drinking your potions and sneaking up on them, once close enough(1-2 blocks) whip out your crossbow and bam. Insta-kill Step 4: take his loot Step 5: brag about it after the purge and take your crown Side note: you can use a skin that doesn’t show armour like the yoda skin for full armour whilst invisible or just normal Have a good one and keep up the good uploads
Syafiq games
Syafiq games 24 kun oldin
how do you have 4.96Mil subscibers and only have 300k viewers in 4days
Let me Sleep
Let me Sleep 25 kun oldin
I know a bow recipe that takes of half a persons health even if he's wedding protection 4 nether rite
Kasey Perez
Kasey Perez 25 kun oldin
The Crews enchantments must be the top ones
Esteban Gazga
Esteban Gazga 25 kun oldin
Did shadow do the chicken farms sounds like a Shadow thing to so
Stefan Leber
Stefan Leber 25 kun oldin
@basicallyidowrk you should play call of duty Cold war and see how broken the magnums are
Aegislash Excalibur
Aegislash Excalibur 26 kun oldin
So both teams (Team Marcel, Brock, Scotty and Team Brian, Tyler, Nogla) used invisibility potions. Dunno if they knew about each other's plans or it was pure coincidence
shanamaniac 26 kun oldin
Marcel always makes me smile. 😏❤
swift dinosaur
swift dinosaur 26 kun oldin
Plot twist marcel is the weekend
L00pZ Kat
L00pZ Kat 26 kun oldin
Marcel really thought he could be the weekend and hide it for that long. That is Marcel performing the Super Bowl 55 half time show and you can't change my mind.
SimpinMachine 26 kun oldin
Here’s how you become god! (Funny mention: I got all this from technoblade’s doomsday) 1: Get every single potion, make sure their splash and drop it on your head. 2: get full protection 4 netherite, get thorns on it too. 3: get a ton of apples (recommended is 16) 4: (un-mandatory) get a army of some sort, dogs recommended. 5: get at least a single god apple 6: get a trident with riptide (the best way to get away from people in water) 7: get a firework launcher. (Pretty much a rocket launcher with particle cloaking) That’s how you destroy :) Editors note: This stuff will take at the very least, 2 weeks. So you’ll be preparing for a while.
Jermaine Amituanai
Jermaine Amituanai 26 kun oldin
That snow bamboo goatee🤑💯
Amon __
Amon __ 27 kun oldin
Was there a purge the 3rd week? 2/5/21
Heavy Piano Gaming
Heavy Piano Gaming 27 kun oldin
Marcel what mods are on the server? i want them for mine
Heavy Piano Gaming
Heavy Piano Gaming 27 kun oldin
Ps love ur vids man well both have castles one day
Julian 27 kun oldin
I wish I had a lot of friends to do this with,it looks like so much fun
Pizza Rolls
Pizza Rolls 27 kun oldin
Do not worry about your past. Let go and let God lead. God does not condemn. Repent and ask for forgiveness wholeheartedly and sincerely. God does not look at your sins. God love sinners but hates the sin Look to your future. It might be a long list of things you may have done. Don't feel guilty you are loved by the most High God. am a living testimony You are special, unique, flawless, beautiful on the inside and out, wonderfully made. We got to remember as Christians before we turned a Christian we were living ungodly lives, some filthy than others. God can come and use anyone for his Kingdom of Glory. We are all the same and one. We shouldn't act as if we are better then someone else. We have emotions the same, we bleed the same. So before we judge someone think about how we were before we had got saved. Be a blessing so that we can be a blessing to someone else. Let us start encouraging one another, uplifting encouraging and love one another in these trying times. I love you and so does God.
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez 27 kun oldin
If you could try to invite dream on your team and let him wear netherite everyone else wears diamond and attack the crew
Levi McDaniel
Levi McDaniel 27 kun oldin
Lol I love how salty everyone is at the crew but they literally put in the most work and the best content on any Minecraft server they join
AgoraHades 27 kun oldin
Honestly it's so amazing to see the whole crew grow. I've been here I was young. Now im 20 and I'm still watching all you guys. Keep up the amazing work and I hope you guys are doing great and are staying safe. You all are amazing entertainers and amazing people keep it up. 💜 - A Happy Fan
Mario Sonic
Mario Sonic 27 kun oldin
I’m surprised no one expected Pete to be this good, I mean come on
Fenix Emperor
Fenix Emperor 27 kun oldin
Marcel hurry up and get to 5mil
Anisha G
Anisha G 27 kun oldin
Well done combining Minecraft with the purge guys! Well done! Love every moment of it. I've never laughed so hard. Best Minecraft server period! 👏👏👏
ChaoticNSG 27 kun oldin
F*** i lost the game
Nathaniel Clyde
Nathaniel Clyde 27 kun oldin
1 human a human in a dinosaur 🦕 costume and 2 birds on a team
CrystalSkyDrops175 27 kun oldin
Jfc they look like some wanna be Spartans traveling in a gd pack in full netherite armor like gd
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin 27 kun oldin
Another quick tip make a axe they hit like a truck
MRT Sique
MRT Sique 28 kun oldin
You all just have to get set up with potions. Slowness, Weakness, and Poison for Pete. Go for duration for poisons, potency for potions.
Nick Macainsh
Nick Macainsh 28 kun oldin
Let's get this man 5 million subs
kira64 28 kun oldin
I love how Pete is this server's version of Technoblade. Everyone trembles at his name and tries in vain to keep destiny from arriving, only to get snapped.
Reel living2020 With Leviethen
Reel living2020 With Leviethen 28 kun oldin
Wow you got jabaited lol with some mincrack or mincrack hackers lol in you’re massive lobby server for ransoms and multiple streaming even if their hackers or lol “moders “
Morgan Boyer
Morgan Boyer 28 kun oldin
Netherite weapons and armor shouldn't be allowed in The Purge movies higher up weapons are not allowed
xx ARES xx
xx ARES xx 28 kun oldin
A super good way to damage people with netherite or diamond armor is high damage fireworks in a crossbow. Get a entire inventory full of them and just unload you can kill an entire crowd with ease.
Alex Lopex
Alex Lopex 28 kun oldin
Basically play the new zombie map in COD cold war
Collin Wilcox
Collin Wilcox 28 kun oldin
What version of Minecraft are you playing?
Jake 28 kun oldin
Was this purge live streamed?
waffles Slayer
waffles Slayer 28 kun oldin
Hey basically what happen to your merch store
ประเทศไทย ฉลามแดง
ประเทศไทย ฉลามแดง 28 kun oldin
Supernova Gaming
Supernova Gaming 28 kun oldin
Marcel get a row of instant damage 2 splash potions to can kill anyone even if they we full netherite that way also instant damage 2 arrows act as armor piercing arrows please like so he can see I know it’s scumy asking for likes but I really want him to see
JumboGaming YT
JumboGaming YT 28 kun oldin
Is purge over with?
eoin wyse
eoin wyse 28 kun oldin
Bro I'd love to see how Technoblade would fare on this server, Techno v Pete would be such a sick fight.
RulerOfGaming1 28 kun oldin
if you get crossbows the shoot fireworks it is like a 2 shot to diamond armor
Titus Zapata
Titus Zapata 28 kun oldin
Bro, i told marcel to use instant damage potions and he did. I feel special.
IMain doc
IMain doc 28 kun oldin
Can I just say marcel is a GOD at staying alive
Noah Szabo
Noah Szabo 28 kun oldin
Yo I got you notified and this vid didn’t pop up on my subscribed menu
Kirsty Macdonald
Kirsty Macdonald 28 kun oldin
Was that a smii7y yeet I heard?
Austin Simon
Austin Simon 28 kun oldin
Hasn't Pete been playing Minecraft for like 10 years now on UZpost. I wouldn't be surprised if he just knows every trick in the book by now
Radiical 28 kun oldin
Tiger Popp
Tiger Popp 28 kun oldin
I lost the game @2:00
Akagi 28 kun oldin
I suggest you get technoblade if you want the crew dead
Cecy Aguila
Cecy Aguila 28 kun oldin
You should do Pete against Technoblade to see who will win
Copyninja 28 kun oldin
This was great
Holistic_Vids 28 kun oldin
I haven’t got a notification in 7 months.... that’s so sad but aye at least I can binge
Will Allenspach
Will Allenspach 28 kun oldin
How do you get snow not to melt in your house like that
TTV xMonkeyPR
TTV xMonkeyPR 28 kun oldin
You need Riptide enchantment to zoom out of there!!! recommended lol i feel like aqua man
Evan Shook
Evan Shook 28 kun oldin
If you wanna kill people in netherite east use fireworks and a crossbow with the 3 shot enchantment it stupid op
Misterfister 693
Misterfister 693 28 kun oldin
Make everyone invisible except Pete and kill him
Mushromboe Invading
Mushromboe Invading 28 kun oldin
I think netherite is a bit too OP for the server. Only netherite can fight netherite
Nick Zakrath
Nick Zakrath 28 kun oldin
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom N-word.
Brayden McClellan
Brayden McClellan 28 kun oldin
1:51 welp we all lost.
Epic 1
Epic 1 28 kun oldin
You gotta use instant damage potions, kill anyone in 3 splashes
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo 28 kun oldin
funny video marcel
loganb33 28 kun oldin
Idk why people complain about this being boring, personally I love it. I hope it continues for a while.
GrandTourGaming 28 kun oldin
Next time try instant damage potions not poison. Damage potion goes through armor and can kill.
beto roy
beto roy 28 kun oldin
Marcel use the Anvil😈😈
happyplaceman vibe
happyplaceman vibe 28 kun oldin
if marcel survives week 3. Week 4 is everyone trying to kill marcel
Jassly Jane Delos Santos
Jassly Jane Delos Santos 28 kun oldin
The chicken spawned was 100% Shadowbeatz. He did the same thing to Sidearms in Crewcraft.
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity 28 kun oldin
It was 😂
Raging Evo
Raging Evo 28 kun oldin
Lmaoo terrorizer did you fight anyone he really would say that I'm weak off that xD
ERic Ramirez
ERic Ramirez 28 kun oldin
Hey get a crossbow and multishot and damage 2 arrows
DragonXPRO 28 kun oldin
Does anyone know what texture pack Marcel uses? And where to download it?
Keith _152
Keith _152 28 kun oldin
Post all of your livestreams so I can catch up please
Viziion 28 kun oldin
Marcel you have to get riptide on your trident and just zoom in the water
Rico Jensen
Rico Jensen 28 kun oldin
best running away for five mins everrrr lmfao
A Person
A Person 28 kun oldin
I'm so glad the title wasn't "Minecraft but we turn invisible and steal from the whole purge server"
Iternal RuinYT
Iternal RuinYT 28 kun oldin
Hmmmm i forgot that harming 2,1 or both ignores armore or sheild hahaha
Brandon Amador
Brandon Amador 28 kun oldin
Tell me why in that server based on everyone's Minecraft knowledge Pete sits in S tier dude is OP
Brandon Amador
Brandon Amador 27 kun oldin
@TheBlackoutExplorer then who tf invited him lmao
TheBlackoutExplorer 27 kun oldin
Because he’s been playing for years. guys freaking Minecraft Jesus compared to them he lives in a Minecraft base MADE FOR FACTIONS SERVERS. I bet he could do more but doesn’t wanna just absolutely kill everything. Like say a tnt cannon or something
Michael Hollings
Michael Hollings 28 kun oldin
"I fought these two f**kers for 5 minutes!" ok.... if you call running around screaming help me! help me! why are you so fast? for 4 and a half of those minutes actual fighting.
BlueFH 28 kun oldin
I’m convinced Pete hasn’t seen the light of day since the purge server began
H Fushimi
H Fushimi 28 kun oldin
Marcel do you know how to use your shield?!
Hollow_Knight 28 kun oldin
Marcel, put potions in a cauldron and dip your arrows in it. Instant Dmg II arrows does 7 to 6 hearts of dmg to full netherite without an upgrade to the bow or crossbow. Use invisibility potions and just snipe people as you go, use an ender pearl in case you're compromised.
dementionalpotato 10 kun oldin
Harming 2 arrows do 2 hearts to prot 4 in java.
Chase Carter
Chase Carter 28 kun oldin
Ashmit .m
Ashmit .m 28 kun oldin
Archive 7802
Archive 7802 28 kun oldin
Marcel’s videos are basically good late-night shows.
Ricardo Treto
Ricardo Treto 28 kun oldin
Literally my favorite ghost team!
Hitman 121
Hitman 121 28 kun oldin
You guys could do a heist during purge day, the idea I came up with is to place a bed secretly in one of the teams base place down a chest next to it for what you need for the heist (invisible potions to hide the tags) then have an ender chest in it to get all the stuff from the teams base. By the time purge is on one of your teammates be on the look out of the base and one of the your teammates kill themselves and respawn on the base quickly put invisible potion, grab the ender chest go to the chests they have and steal everything to the ender chest while one of the teammates is the receiving end and by the time is all cleared just break it and get out. ( not sure it’s legal to do anything of this but it’s an idea I like to call Operation Ender)
Thomas voete
Thomas voete 28 kun oldin
Kinda lame bc wildcat did it before you 🤣
Bubzarty 28 kun oldin
I was watching Wildcats team go invisible and didn’t know y’all were too!
Luke Wallace
Luke Wallace 28 kun oldin
So whats the point of trying to fight pete and them, seems kinda unfair but I guess thats the point
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