It doesnt matter what JGOD says the AK47 is the best weapon in Warzone

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Luke Pepega
Luke Pepega 12 soat oldin
Bro I love dipping wheat thins in Buffalo dip
nana kozuki
nana kozuki 2 kun oldin
When marcel said hotel I wanted someone to say trivago so bad
Cody Creech
Cody Creech 3 kun oldin
It was a kilo sir not m4
Not from 63
Not from 63 5 kun oldin
When you beamed that kid it was a kilo not a m4 😂😂
i Lazyy
i Lazyy 5 kun oldin
Aye bro wheat thins smack
DemonMask 123
DemonMask 123 5 kun oldin
Hey marcel what ak class is that at the start
Tshusima 5 kun oldin
“The M4 hits hard” *uses Kilo*
LeEnder 5 kun oldin
Never thought i would see "Ak", "best", and "weapon" in the same sentence
Naijeru Sama
Naijeru Sama 5 kun oldin
"Marcel is built Ford tough" 😂😂😂
J S 6 kun oldin
i was born in 2002 I fw with wheatens hard
Arturo Martinez
Arturo Martinez 6 kun oldin
I wish you streamed more 😭
kile433 6 kun oldin
high-key the OG M4 bangs
c q
c q 6 kun oldin
Gotta go to leqiuen to see that kill
oi_richard_io 6 kun oldin
He called a kilo a m4 smh
whortux 6 kun oldin
Nintendo 64 graphics are the best graphics
lifire 72
lifire 72 6 kun oldin
I liked the video just for the beautiful edit of the Taco Bell sound for the kill at 5:32
SaintGoose 6 kun oldin
Ranch Wheat Thins slap tho.
Mattie_ Shocks
Mattie_ Shocks 6 kun oldin
Let’s talk about how at 10:29 Courage called the LC-10 the LC-15.
Owen W
Owen W 6 kun oldin
Y’all will see when everyone usin the Swiss that it’s good
RKLSS Absurrdity
RKLSS Absurrdity 6 kun oldin
“I beamed that kid with the M4”. *using a kilo* 😂
Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood 6 kun oldin
You should do another Minecraft series with terroriser and loved the video where you made your mom mad lol.
Jackson Weed
Jackson Weed 6 kun oldin
Im eating wheat thins and Im 14, there fire.
Lin Suse
Lin Suse 6 kun oldin
Max 6 kun oldin
Marcel: *shoots KILO* Also Marcel: "I think the M4 might be the best gun in the game" 🤣
LiLx Sip
LiLx Sip 6 kun oldin
True stuff marcel i eat wheat thins alot they are very good
LiLx Sip
LiLx Sip 6 kun oldin
Im 18
Richie Federle
Richie Federle 7 kun oldin
Maybe I’m drunk but was Marcel hyping up the m4 while using a kilo?
Goose 7 kun oldin
Yo what happened to the Minecraft Pokémon series
CHAMP24 7 kun oldin
I have watched the pilot episode... multipul times
Fool 7 kun oldin
6:40 wait till he realises it’s the kilo not the m4
hboy thegamer
hboy thegamer 7 kun oldin
Get your Gary out
Get your Gary out 7 kun oldin
Do the joker glitch, aim and lock onto a vehicle before you shoot drop it, this glitches it to shoot like an rpg and dont have to lock to fire
J0nny317 8 kun oldin
Who is jgod
ShadowLink117 8 kun oldin
I don't think Activision really know how guns or cars work.
Koshan Schiffman
Koshan Schiffman 8 kun oldin
whats his loadout
Ultra Link
Ultra Link 8 kun oldin
Well you used a floor drop RPD. But fully upgraded, the thing shreds hard. Max 6 shot kill from close to medium range. Got accused of cheating cuz I killed someone so fast with it.
Twoface 99
Twoface 99 8 kun oldin
I know Marcel will not care to read this but, why are you deleting the stream footage of your past poker sessions? I really enjoyed them, and added those sessions to my liked videos, so I can enjoy them over and over, because there’s no playlist for them anywhere, but now they’re gone.
Cooing Plays
Cooing Plays 8 kun oldin
I remember having a sleep over with the homie when I was 6 and we had a box of wheat thins and would munch on them all night
Dyofrumas 8 kun oldin
I thought they said weed pens
Delta 8 kun oldin
6:30 What?
Andrew Savely
Andrew Savely 8 kun oldin
"They're making me walk the plank they're making me walk the plank. Help, Help, board their ship!!"
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez 8 kun oldin
4:27 he speaks to god
James D Griffin
James D Griffin 8 kun oldin
Why did I used to find u funny ?
Hungry Nebula275
Hungry Nebula275 8 kun oldin
6:48 marcel... I don’t think that was the M4 sir...
Gilberto Marchan
Gilberto Marchan 8 kun oldin
The fact he said M4 when he was using a Kilo 😂😂
roman Hernandez
roman Hernandez 8 kun oldin
Love how marcel said the regular M4 is powerful when its actually the kilo
Moose Trivett
Moose Trivett 8 kun oldin
“I (swear) speak to god”
Crayon Chomper
Crayon Chomper 8 kun oldin
building the AK47 into an RPK runs great IMO
Tepidium 8 kun oldin
The description looks different
Dennis Williams
Dennis Williams 8 kun oldin
I'm literally 16 eating wheat thins
Devin Bourgeois
Devin Bourgeois 8 kun oldin
6:40 not the M4 kilo
Xeidryn Christensen
Xeidryn Christensen 8 kun oldin
we just gonna ignore Daft had 33????
Jiga Jones
Jiga Jones 8 kun oldin
Back at it with the recoil script lmaoooo
Fortress Wolf
Fortress Wolf 8 kun oldin
Cool thing about CoD Mobile, there was a wild west themed season pass and right now, it's Feudal Japan themed. There has been historically themed content.
ADHD Chief
ADHD Chief 8 kun oldin
i feel like their just awful with the k31 cause that thing is god tier
Dalton Choate
Dalton Choate 8 kun oldin
Let’s goooo
Red King
Red King 8 kun oldin
Every weapon is the best weapon in the hands of Marcel
Edward Borthwick
Edward Borthwick 8 kun oldin
The moment they talk about wheat thins when you’re actually eating a whole box of wheat thins
Daryll Brock
Daryll Brock 8 kun oldin
The next game is supposed to be WW2 so they might actually go back in time again.
Brandon McAvoy
Brandon McAvoy 8 kun oldin
Did you hear zombie camos are coming to warzone?
Patty O’s
Patty O’s 8 kun oldin
Bro I love wheat thins
Nicholas Banuelos
Nicholas Banuelos 8 kun oldin
Call of Duty Pirates: "hacking is absolutely in tolerated" Hackers: (wall hacks, no reload, no recoil, aim bot,...) "It's just the aim assist, I was glitching, you can't hack a new game"
The Triscuit
The Triscuit 8 kun oldin
Forget wheat thins, Triscuits is where it’s at
Jack Thorpe
Jack Thorpe 8 kun oldin
4:10 same thing happened to me and my 2 friends, we were 17 and they didn't let us in without a parent. I think they said it was for like the safety of the other kids.
Joseph Caraveo
Joseph Caraveo 8 kun oldin
Marcel with the new Mario party online update you think you guys can play a full Mario party game now?
The_dark_C 8 kun oldin
7:45 “shoot it on him”
The_dark_C 8 kun oldin
Does that mean that beyblade addictions save 50% of marriages since they end the divorce?
Preston Ulrich
Preston Ulrich 8 kun oldin
Marcel:the m4 is good I beamed that kid That's a kilo....
noice man
noice man 8 kun oldin
did you see the loudout name its pretty kool
Mayhem the Destroyer
Mayhem the Destroyer 8 kun oldin
Both ak's mw and cold war AK'Ss are god teir
Evelyn Gonzalez
Evelyn Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
Did anybody notice what Marcel name all of his classes
Dentonator10 8 kun oldin
I get excited every time Marcel uploads
HiitzTanman 8 kun oldin
wheat thins are bussin
bladez runner
bladez runner 8 kun oldin
Love how you say the m4 slaps when your using a kilo
Servers 8 kun oldin
When you call the Kilo the M4
Flymoolah man 27
Flymoolah man 27 8 kun oldin
BasicallyIdowrk and Blarg have the best Warzone videos on youtube
Lu Robs
Lu Robs 8 kun oldin
Is nobody gonna mention Daft's 33 kill game 3:52
Unity4213 8 kun oldin
Basically ima let you finish But triscuits are the best small wheat crackers out there
A Person
A Person 8 kun oldin
so he called a kilo a m4
Mani 200056
Mani 200056 8 kun oldin
I love how marcel keeps his outro its so good and it makes me happy every time
Geegee05 8 kun oldin
But it does matter...
Gta Playa
Gta Playa 8 kun oldin
Says the m4 is good and says he just killed somebody with it even tho it’s the kilo😂
Mike Dennis
Mike Dennis 8 kun oldin
When is part 2 of AlphaBetas!?!?
JOSH 8 kun oldin
The regular M4 except it’s a kilo
A_ColtZz 8 kun oldin
Ayo Marcel, don't you have a creator code or something we can use to support you on warzone?
Dark. 8 kun oldin
who tf is jgod
Nick Renda
Nick Renda 8 kun oldin
At 6:49, he said that the kilo was the m4 and said the m4 is good rn, it’s not.
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith 8 kun oldin
i love wheat thins
Kuzco Mufasa
Kuzco Mufasa 8 kun oldin
Marcel We Love You But Look At The Guns Before Glorifying It... That Was A Kilo Brogod
Jimkelly 8 kun oldin
Love them name of his classes🤣🤣 “have you watched the alpha betas pilot on UZpost?”
Red Raptor
Red Raptor 8 kun oldin
I'm 14 and I'm eating wheat thins trust me a lot of us are eating them
Devin Wherley
Devin Wherley 8 kun oldin
Dude the ranch wheat thins are a certified banger
5h4dow 8 kun oldin
Use the micro flex lex red dot with the ak Or at least try it I think it’s really good.
John Camacho
John Camacho 8 kun oldin
Are we gonna talk about the class names? 🤣
Cj Ambrosia
Cj Ambrosia 8 kun oldin
Marcel: this m4 slaps. The gun: a kilo
Wyatt Webb
Wyatt Webb 8 kun oldin
my mans is 30k off from hitting 5m come on we need to get him there before the end of thr year
Nolan Brown
Nolan Brown 8 kun oldin
r we not gonna talk abt how marcels teammate had 33 kills
Joshua benson
Joshua benson 8 kun oldin
love watching you guys
PlayboyTom 8 kun oldin
6:38 “I beamed that guy with the m4” that was a kilo dawg
Preston Wallace
Preston Wallace 8 kun oldin
My mans really called a kilo a m4
Julius Whisenant
Julius Whisenant 8 kun oldin
Finally, Im not the only one who thinks the AK is the best
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