Minecraft, but there's a mod that makes us explode randomly...

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bendy 666
bendy 666 6 soat oldin
this is so much like jumangy
Azriel G
Azriel G 11 kun oldin
Marcel-" He has a sword!" Brian- Has a potato and becomes more powerful than any mortal
maruftim 26 kun oldin
Brain lives up to his youtube name and nationality lol
Noble Society Minecraft Team l Recruiting
Noble Society Minecraft Team l Recruiting Oy oldin
Keep up with the content ⚡️⚡️
Charlie McEwen
Charlie McEwen Oy oldin
Can anyone tell me the texture pack the boys use
Jacob Bondurant
Jacob Bondurant Oy oldin
Bees aren't passive, they're neutral.
Baybecam 2 oy oldin
I love this
white nigga
white nigga 2 oy oldin
0:00 0:41 0:46 0:52 0:56 1:29 1:57 2:56 4:20 4:36 4:44 4:52 5:20 5:30 5:38 6:15 7:34 8:09 8:40 9:14 9:23 9:30 9:42 10:07 10:19 10:30 10:40 11:40 11:54
white nigga
white nigga 2 oy oldin
0:41 0:46 0:52 0:56 1:29 1:57 2:56 4:20 4:36 4:44 4:52 5:20 5:30 5:38 6:15 7:34 8:09 8:40 9:14 9:23 9:30 9:42 10:07 10:19 10:30 10:40 11:40 11:54
Potato Luna
Potato Luna 2 oy oldin
I'm wondering what happens when all the other guys get on.
_Venom_ 2 oy oldin
When Brian said Allah Potato I laughed so hard! xD
smokey da lion
smokey da lion 2 oy oldin
I call creepers terrorists
Endless _fox 14
Endless _fox 14 2 oy oldin
I don't understand how the water thing was racist
Gustav Fachmann
Gustav Fachmann 2 oy oldin
what texture pack is it?
SebaThe DarkOne
SebaThe DarkOne 2 oy oldin
Potetoes XD
Kayama Koomori
Kayama Koomori 2 oy oldin
"ALLAH POTATO!!!" I'm dying every time!!!!! XD
Red Ghost
Red Ghost 2 oy oldin
Soooo does anyone realize that everytime they learn new recipes after creating/gathering items they explode?
Endless _fox 14
Endless _fox 14 2 oy oldin
5:40 killer Queen has already touched the book
johnjackcat 2 oy oldin
“Oh I found a book......AAAAAAHHHHH! CAN’T READ BOOKS!!” That moment was simply amazing!😂
Gabe Vang
Gabe Vang 2 oy oldin
Fire force combustion?
David Bruce
David Bruce 2 oy oldin
Marvel after bowling up: "this games racist"
Brayden Rightmyer
Brayden Rightmyer 2 oy oldin
That's why hes so funny😂😂
Brenda Lynn
Brenda Lynn 2 oy oldin
I think a lot of the explosions weren't caused by what he thought. I know he kept exploding every time he got a new recipe.
MannyGaming 2 oy oldin
Brian/Terroriser is the Potato Bomber
SgtWolf 114
SgtWolf 114 2 oy oldin
god i hope packs of wolves are never a thing in MC. like that was legitimately scary
Siana Rose
Siana Rose 3 oy oldin
What is this grey filter that goes over the video? I thought it was my phone messing up.
Balisongsingin98 •
Balisongsingin98 • 3 oy oldin
Does anyone know what this mod is?
merciful_TUNA 3 oy oldin
Ahh potato
MyNameIs Anthony
MyNameIs Anthony 3 oy oldin
CODARC Captain
CODARC Captain 3 oy oldin
you all also exploded when people got achievements too
Chris Gentry
Chris Gentry 3 oy oldin
this was so fuckin funny
Максим Румянцев
Максим Румянцев 3 oy oldin
🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺❤Привет из РОССИИ❤🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
NatureXwars 3 oy oldin
Increase your gamma & brightness Marcel, I could barely see anything when it's nighttime in the video...
Crazy Besserk Sayain God
Crazy Besserk Sayain God 3 oy oldin
When it’s night time I can’t see nothing of what ur doing
Ericka Rueda
Ericka Rueda 3 oy oldin
I want more Minecraft
The King of Moncow
The King of Moncow 3 oy oldin
Hey uh, why is the screen so hard to see when he enters a dark area? It's super bright but at the same time it's hard to see the video
Acejak1234 F22raptorace
Acejak1234 F22raptorace 3 oy oldin
lol thats two racists things that marcel cant do, read a book and eat watermelons
joann maxwell
joann maxwell 3 oy oldin
after beating the bubble trouble 3 on hudgames i can honestly say...... it was better to give up
Jaydon Rodriguez
Jaydon Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
So we just gunna ignore the quality of the vid when it’s dark?
ybntrey !
ybntrey ! 3 oy oldin
I love the og thumbnail 😂 it was my favorite
TheRebelLion96 3 oy oldin
I've never laughed so hard in my life!
XXXFlare 3 oy oldin
I like the part where it explodes
Ghostboy 3 oy oldin
I would have made it where if marcel tried to trade with a villager he would explode because of his villager workshop in the other server
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles 3 oy oldin
Sounds like a dream viseo
Gwen Wood
Gwen Wood 3 oy oldin
What would Nogla's be?
Riley Nelson
Riley Nelson 3 oy oldin
Marcell could be a screamo band singer😂 or a scream rapper like scarlxrd😂
bruhburg3r 3 oy oldin
nah its not random its just killer queen
Natalya Nelson
Natalya Nelson 3 oy oldin
That's one way to social distance.
Katherin Hugo
Katherin Hugo 3 oy oldin
The entire reason they explode was because of Yoshiakage Kira Killer Queen!
eatabrick 3 oy oldin
wow you have the same skin as mine, i been using that skin since 2015.
Zeppeli’s Hat
Zeppeli’s Hat 3 oy oldin
Was Marcel really ready to get angry because chicken made him explode? Like, seriously? Can there be no jokes anymore?
Chris W
Chris W 3 oy oldin
Why in the night time it’s so hard to see?
John Allan Arellano
John Allan Arellano 3 oy oldin
Marcel plays minecraft on moody brightness. You need to up, it up man to dark.
Mike Schirripa
Mike Schirripa 3 oy oldin
Dude 5:42 has made my stomach hurt, he said “Ah CaNt ReAd BoOkS” 😂😂
Endless _fox 14
Endless _fox 14 20 kun oldin
killer queen has already touched the book
ish_ supernova
ish_ supernova 3 oy oldin
My throat hurt at the end of this I can't remember how long it's been since I laughed like that, thank you 🙂
Paweł Skotnica
Paweł Skotnica 3 oy oldin
Marcel killing a pig makes him explode. Heh.
Death Ninja33
Death Ninja33 3 oy oldin
I want this mod
AyyCg 3 oy oldin
U don't need a diamond pic to mine obsidian u just need it for it to drop like how u need a iron for diamond
PaoGogaming 3 oy oldin
NotSpiffy YT
NotSpiffy YT 3 oy oldin
Found out your outfit song Hi Ho
Elliotzar 3 oy oldin
3:20-4:30 in the video is where all the people with low brightness got upset
Josiah Aristizabal
Josiah Aristizabal 3 oy oldin
Thumbnail looks like it's from the Noob Adventures
William Barnett
William Barnett 3 oy oldin
MARCEL you make me laugh so damm hard. Iv been going thought all you're minecraft videos and they are the absolute best!! Keep it up!
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez 3 oy oldin
I can say for all of us that we would like to see more of this
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 3 oy oldin
“Cant read books” lowkey racist?😂😂
No clue what i am
No clue what i am 3 oy oldin
Battlecry: AHHH POTATO!!!!
VSD Dominique
VSD Dominique 3 oy oldin
Play Fortnite please
Braylie Hoover
Braylie Hoover 3 oy oldin
Honestly it did sound like they said weed 😂
Tsm Youngen
Tsm Youngen 3 oy oldin
I luv how it wuz kinda racist when marcel jump n da pool but not when he ate chicken n watermelon Den brian eat a potato n he blows up
TTViL_o_s_t 3 oy oldin
the dogs tho lmao
Lenny Face
Lenny Face 3 oy oldin
I've been waiting your POV! BTW, love ya Marcel!
Micah Arvie
Micah Arvie 3 oy oldin
Does anyone know why Marcel Minecraft at night is so dark
Duby 3 oy oldin
Anybody knows the texture pack he's using?
Icerizer 423
Icerizer 423 3 oy oldin
Plz do more sea of thieves
swagg 3142
swagg 3142 3 oy oldin
Not meaning to come off rude but finally, a video other than warzone. I was getting tired of the grau killing you along with c4s
Dave Gaming
Dave Gaming 3 oy oldin
man Nogla is not in the video, im sad because that would be hilarious 😂🤣
EyeArDum 3 oy oldin
Alright, Brian, Tyler, Scotty and now Marcel have uploaded, just waiting on Anthony now...
Barthalamule Von D’Wark
Barthalamule Von D’Wark 3 oy oldin
The gameplay is so bright
RadicalOne217 3 oy oldin
"AAGH- cant read books!!" I'm still laughing.
Scott Swanton
Scott Swanton 3 oy oldin
Why nogla not doing this mod.
Killen Day
Killen Day 3 oy oldin
how this dude play at night though?
Mina's Gummy Smile
Mina's Gummy Smile 3 oy oldin
Mom: The potato terrorist doesn't exist son Brian: IM THE POTATO TERRORIST!!
Danny Carter
Danny Carter 3 oy oldin
Can we be best friends please I like your videos I'm so laughing at your views so hard I like your funny I like your laugh because it's my favorite laugh basicallyidowrk
Gunny Srgt
Gunny Srgt 3 oy oldin
8:52 enough said....
NightRaven2002Gaming 3 oy oldin
Please make this a series!!!
Yuh Yeet
Yuh Yeet 3 oy oldin
ay man fix yo brightness. When it's dark in game the footage goes 2010 quality
8bitForLife 3 oy oldin
its ok ryans white so its ok to be racist towards him.
Coyote_Blue 3 oy oldin
Did scotty make this mod, or is it available to the public, or both?
A dancing shark
A dancing shark 3 oy oldin
Ofc the irishman is going to be explosive
RadiatedSheep 3 oy oldin
Instead of hulk smash its Brian mash(potatoes) -just woke up don't judge me was better in my head 😂
Kobe Marion
Kobe Marion 3 oy oldin
11:49 Scar's death, Minecraft Edition...
Hajime Komaeda
Hajime Komaeda 3 oy oldin
Parts when the game gets nighttime, the video is so dark
CrazyBeaT 3 oy oldin
New boss in minecraft "ALLAH POTATO"
Zachariah Erwin
Zachariah Erwin 3 oy oldin
We need more of this ASAP!!!
FirstTurtle 3 oy oldin
video: funny Comment section: so not funny ruined the video for me
Daniels Frost
Daniels Frost 3 oy oldin
Anyone else think that Marcel should’ve blown up whenever he tried to trade with/kidnap a villager?
Tajuun 3 oy oldin
Phantom 3 oy oldin
When someone finally gets Trending
Kaleb 3 oy oldin
Amazing series potential right here boys
j.bizzy_ 3 oy oldin
marcel put ur brightness down😭😭
Parzivus Official
Parzivus Official 3 oy oldin
what's with the graphics, or uh brightness?
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