NO GRAU CHALLENGE! Symfuhny's aimbot couldn't even help us - Call of Duty Warzone!

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Angel Coloñ
Angel Coloñ 5 soat oldin
I still don't get what's the enjoyment of cheating in a Battle Royale game or any game that's multiplayer
Idly Idiot
Idly Idiot 9 kun oldin
Honestly the M4 is my personal favorite gun. Don't hurt me please. Because I don't think you'll like 4 Shots of 5.56 to the chest.
Cool Gamer the gun maker
Cool Gamer the gun maker 11 kun oldin
I never really used Grua and mp5 and I don't know why there so mad
jay rhymes with gay lol
jay rhymes with gay lol 12 kun oldin
what a burden
steventhebossg 16 kun oldin
Them no grau me no problem
Pablo Ornelas
Pablo Ornelas 17 kun oldin
Elons kids name is X Æ A-12
Stolen Zenpaku
Stolen Zenpaku 20 kun oldin
iack? 😂
spezx y
spezx y 21 kun oldin
is it just me or did marcel use a mp5 in the scooby doo house
Bullycole Walkster
Bullycole Walkster 25 kun oldin
1:50 I love the bleeps
Briony Harrisb
Briony Harrisb 29 kun oldin
9:38 well that’s what ever race he is cuz evrey cheater I’ve seen has had that type of name tag you should have friends if you cheat 🙄
Tj Gross
Tj Gross Oy oldin
Little did marcel know one month later he would be using the famas to win games
Michael Blanchard
Michael Blanchard Oy oldin
One month later he will use the famas cause its meta
Ray Yañez
Ray Yañez 2 oy oldin
Not using the famas did not age well
Cayden Orr
Cayden Orr 2 oy oldin
11:24 wtf🤣🤣
NS - 07GG 756031 Calderstone MS
NS - 07GG 756031 Calderstone MS 2 oy oldin
insane moly 7:57
Declan Keown
Declan Keown 2 oy oldin
Wait he was using the mp5
V1mT _Tex
V1mT _Tex 2 oy oldin
Could’ve used the amax
Anthony Osorio Martinez
Anthony Osorio Martinez 2 oy oldin
Or what they are
Anthony Osorio Martinez
Anthony Osorio Martinez 2 oy oldin
Who doesn’t know who BEYBLADE are
Brent Job
Brent Job 2 oy oldin
echo the dolphin
Tkong 17
Tkong 17 3 oy oldin
10:57 that is literally like printing a fish you caught as a trophy 🤣
XO_ Rade
XO_ Rade 3 oy oldin
yo i’m not even lying i use the kilo with certain attachments and it’s literally super good
Bruh_ Magic
Bruh_ Magic 3 oy oldin
This is the most easy fucking challenge in the world
FolkloricStorm8 3 oy oldin
This is why I prefer COOP instead of freaking warzone/ Multiplayer. Cause there is always hackers/aimbots that always infest the games.
KDR Hound
KDR Hound 3 oy oldin
Weren’t marcel and Simone fucking married bruh what
robledo 903
robledo 903 3 oy oldin
This isn’t even a challenge😂
Jameswolf 3 oy oldin
The only reason me and my friends stopped playing warzone is solely because of cheaters its sad cuz we like playing it
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 3 oy oldin
And they didn't really nerf the Grau either. It's still the meta. With the 3x scope It's a long distance killer.
Zach Summers
Zach Summers 3 oy oldin
The famas is a 2 burst though
Jaxon Teo
Jaxon Teo 3 oy oldin
People really like symfuhny he was caught using aiminbot and wallhacks
Jaaasper875 3 oy oldin
LilBurrito 3 oy oldin
Is this even a challenge
Yarely Vazquez
Yarely Vazquez 3 oy oldin
I know about the canvas challenge thing
Isaiah Hunt
Isaiah Hunt 3 oy oldin
Why did this show up 3 days later wtf UZpost
David Frederick
David Frederick 3 oy oldin
I've been running the scar and uzi in warzone and that boi claps lemme tell ya
Tekkai Sikunumi
Tekkai Sikunumi 3 oy oldin
Marcel: I'm gonna use the FAL and the Uzi Me and my friends still doing a continuous joke: FAL? We use the AFL
swiss_ EXO
swiss_ EXO 3 oy oldin
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 3 oy oldin
Wait is Marcel actually having kids do you have a Twitter or something
OutlawCharger 440
OutlawCharger 440 3 oy oldin
4:42 a friend of mine in high school, crashed the school’s computer systems by plugging in Overwatch to the school computer so he could grind levels😂😂😂😂
Austin Syroteuk
Austin Syroteuk 3 oy oldin
"No MP5" immediately picks up epic mp5
Amari Trotman
Amari Trotman 3 oy oldin
Man, They can’t use anything but the GRAU and the MP5, smh 🤣
Debo kills
Debo kills 3 oy oldin
I like how the aimbot is just a ongoing joke.haha
just tired
just tired 3 oy oldin
Marcel: Their not gonna need the Grau. MW: Wanna bet.
August Edens
August Edens 3 oy oldin
Oh dude I’m a twin boi... good fucking luck dawg XD
Doctor Diamond
Doctor Diamond 3 oy oldin
Is marcel really becoming a father?
Daniel Masson
Daniel Masson 3 oy oldin
Hey marcel They nerfed it
Masking Grenade
Masking Grenade 3 oy oldin
“You needed a flash drive” You mean a USB?
Pieoaa 3 oy oldin
“Symfuhny’s aimbot couldn’t even help us” good title laughing so hard rn 😐 jokes over now get over it ur not funny
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz 3 oy oldin
One gun yall been sleeping on is the Kilo 141. My build has like no recoil... I use a Tac laser, commando foregrip, 19.8 singuard barrel and a monolithic suppressor
BXSO Yt 3 oy oldin
Underrated opinion Fal shreds
GL Estes
GL Estes 3 oy oldin
This was recorded like 4 months ago how you have am editor that takes 4 months to finally edit a video
Carson Boyd
Carson Boyd 3 oy oldin
I did the same thing that symphony did 6.19
King of Dreamland
King of Dreamland 3 oy oldin
Grau is the reason that warzone is bad
Caster 3 oy oldin
We kind was such a good game I still have like 10 of the stuffed animals
James Stone
James Stone 3 oy oldin
I like how he says they won’t nerf it, yet in the mid season update grau is getting a nerf:)
joann maxwell
joann maxwell 3 oy oldin
bubble trouble 3 The best game on hudgames
Matthew Munoz
Matthew Munoz 3 oy oldin
yeah team uzi! *crickets*
Dakota Downey
Dakota Downey 3 oy oldin
Are you actually having twins
spaced out gaming
spaced out gaming 3 oy oldin
No Grau isnt a challenge
Bruh Momento
Bruh Momento 3 oy oldin
I like how “the perfect play” was him killing afk people 😹😹😹
Jayson Randle
Jayson Randle 3 oy oldin
Jack had club penguin? Lucky. I didn't even have the dinosaur game lmfao
2 Many Ball Faces
2 Many Ball Faces 3 oy oldin
I see the video title and it made me laugh because I don’t use either of those weapons and I play a lot fuckin better 😂 no offense. I do love ur vids.
CAPTINREX 22 3 oy oldin
I just ran into a Legit hacker yesterday and have some video proof, how do I send it to the Developers?
Jake Hughes
Jake Hughes 3 oy oldin
You're not using the Grau etc, but you guys are still using the M4, MP7 and those custom Uzis, thats stupid!
Dorian Wallig
Dorian Wallig 3 oy oldin
Anyone else get scared when the loot drop fell literally like 34 centimeters away from basically.
Phillip Bruce
Phillip Bruce 3 oy oldin
What is the gun ay 10:15
1ofThosememesOnyoutube 69
1ofThosememesOnyoutube 69 3 oy oldin
I burped right as symfuhny burped🤣
Retroswag KING
Retroswag KING 3 oy oldin
Mp7 is the best don’t care
Simp.drexler 92
Simp.drexler 92 3 oy oldin
6:25 u can’t pop a chute near windows I died that same way so many times
Simp.drexler 92
Simp.drexler 92 3 oy oldin
BruhItz Glitch it was but u can’t pop chutes near windows if u didn’t know that
Itz Glitchz
Itz Glitchz 3 oy oldin
No it was the gas mask
AntisocialBaconStrip 3 oy oldin
If you guys are getting trolled by Chinese cheaters just type “tiananmen square massacre” in Chinese text (天安门广场大屠杀) in chat and watch their internet get pulled by CCP
Rhys Davies
Rhys Davies 3 oy oldin
I also Lost a 1 v 1 because of that stupid gas mask animation :)
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 3 oy oldin
Dude the C4 part was funny af
UltraCy 3 oy oldin
Amax w/ long barrel, ranger grip, compensator, recoil control pistol grip, and fully loaded is something I always use over the Grau. It's a sadly underrated gun. Yes, I do realize how four out of the five attachments are recoil control focused.
00 Devan
00 Devan 3 oy oldin
im always like "i feel like ive seen this" and then i remember i was watching jacks stream lol
Corri Waasdorp
Corri Waasdorp 3 oy oldin
im here still wondering what jack did to get all those kills at the start of the game
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 3 oy oldin
AFK'd the drop and snagged all the other AFKers
Nate C
Nate C 3 oy oldin
Holy hell didn’t expect theses guys to freak out about not using the grau sweetly guys huh
Darth Cerebus
Darth Cerebus 3 oy oldin
Notice how literally no one in the entirety of Warzone is competent enough without the custom classes XD
Mason__ Gamez
Mason__ Gamez 3 oy oldin
‘Synfuhny has aimbot’ Look at what courage does... 8:34 I think it’s the other way round
A M.
A M. 3 oy oldin
We just gonna ignore that marcel is having kids
Dylan Games
Dylan Games 3 oy oldin
This kid acts like it’s hard to win without a grau that literally every game I play
Lyonheart501st 3 oy oldin
im totally convinced symfuhny is cheating but like, SUPER GOOD at playing it off
Carlos Enrique Hernández Patacón
Carlos Enrique Hernández Patacón 3 oy oldin
I don't use grau, i use the galil and uhhh... the revolver
Stormyawsome 57
Stormyawsome 57 3 oy oldin
M13 and mp7 try it
Young_Yappa 3 oy oldin
Jus use da new ar, m13, and the kilo the grau is not needed
Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts 3 oy oldin
Only bits use grau
Kristian Simon
Kristian Simon 3 oy oldin
Marcel having twins ?
Jacob Pons
Jacob Pons 3 oy oldin
Apparently Symfuhny is bating his hacks to other UZpostrs 😂
Christopher Ortado
Christopher Ortado 3 oy oldin
Search and destroy is what the mode was
Christopher Ortado
Christopher Ortado 3 oy oldin
Marcel I think I just killed you when I played now on cod multiplayer
popoff 29
popoff 29 3 oy oldin
Wow congrats Marcel I never knew
cade crandall
cade crandall 3 oy oldin
Marcel you need to put up some valorant gameplay, pleaseeee!!!!
Mully Ree kid
Mully Ree kid 3 oy oldin
This is more intertaning than fortnite I know my name ninja yeet I watch them lol
Beal728 3 oy oldin
The kilo is good
YianniX 3 oy oldin
warzone without the grau just isn’t right..
Duncan McGee
Duncan McGee 3 oy oldin
Famas with the sniper barrel is pretty good
Gary Moore
Gary Moore 3 oy oldin
Wow so the m4 and mp7 they are not much worse than the grau and mp5 you just choose to use trash
Sharing_ Bucket
Sharing_ Bucket 3 oy oldin
Why did they diss the famas
Mobmeegoh 3 oy oldin
Imagine thinking that using an underpowered gun is a challenge
Monotone Excitement
Monotone Excitement 3 oy oldin
Kinda crazy how we have to turn “not using the Grau” into a challenge.
jeremiah bush
jeremiah bush 3 oy oldin
Congratulations on having twin boys Marcel! 😁😁😁
Playing with the aimbot hacker Symfuhny in Call of Duty Warzone!
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