Playing with the aimbot hacker Symfuhny in Call of Duty Warzone!

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Dirty Jersey
Dirty Jersey Kun oldin
I'll throw hands with anyone who hates lunchables
u4 littlem1707
u4 littlem1707 23 kun oldin
Use the tactical rover to get in the truck
Nate 25 kun oldin
You know after revisiting this video, I really disapprove of the hashtag
kaesin batista
kaesin batista Oy oldin
This was the good days
posty_losty TTV
posty_losty TTV 2 oy oldin
Hey guys I’m from the future they added broken guns they did not listen to marcel
K xBLIZZY 3 oy oldin
But like has Nate dropped a comment
THAT guy
THAT guy 3 oy oldin
I remember I was playing quads and it changed to realism when I went to go get a caprisun and I accused my father of messing with the hub then I realized it was part of the mode
Orginism X
Orginism X 3 oy oldin
every marcel vid i watch i start dieing
ItzYa BoiRenegade
ItzYa BoiRenegade 4 oy oldin
When he said They’re British had me dyin 😂
Greg Colds
Greg Colds 4 oy oldin
It tastes good marcel 😉
emerson aguilar
emerson aguilar 5 oy oldin
I have four rabbits they bite hard but not that hard basically
sniping king
sniping king 5 oy oldin
564th yes
my birthday is june 23rd this is great for a birthday
Addison_919 Boss
Addison_919 Boss 6 oy oldin
Marcel is hilarious
Oscar Gadula
Oscar Gadula 7 oy oldin
Why am i not subscribed and ive been wacthing him for 7 months XD ( i subed)
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 7 oy oldin
“I’m not a cheater” ohhhkayyy
Akatosh947 7 oy oldin
I love your thumbnails dude
VNM inoculum
VNM inoculum 7 oy oldin
When they tried to fit the SUV in the truck the license plate looks like Elon musk's new kid
TimelineGaming 7 oy oldin
At 9:30 did any one her hes outro for a quick sec
javis10000 7 oy oldin
2:57 I'ma make you squeeellll
TitznWrld 7 oy oldin
I love how symphuny looks like minecraft steve
Douglas Wojtowicz
Douglas Wojtowicz 9 oy oldin
2018: Tank on tank action MArcel: WE'RE GROWN ASS MEN! 2020: Jeep and truck action... Marcel: *singing romantic songs*
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 9 oy oldin
Where do they stream at??
Kingslayer_0628 Ps4
Kingslayer_0628 Ps4 9 oy oldin
I got a video idea I don’t know if you did this but do no armor plate you can only use armor that you start with pls do
SmallFries 9 oy oldin
The editor not getting paid enough so he said no😂
Sir Ximbot
Sir Ximbot 9 oy oldin
marcel gets wayy to little credit
Rinko the L A D
Rinko the L A D 9 oy oldin
Lunchables ham, cheese, and crackers were... like... luxury.
Logan Hobbs
Logan Hobbs 9 oy oldin
why is courage famous in this game?? he sucks and he is just annoying, downright annoying.face and all.
Heidi Slaydon
Heidi Slaydon 9 oy oldin
Because he funny
Bigboynico19 9 oy oldin
Put more memes/sound effects in the videos
Chase Crase
Chase Crase 9 oy oldin
*Tactical and lethal only challenge*
JJKING 157 10 oy oldin
Nate and marcel need to 1v1 😂😂
Kochite Gaming
Kochite Gaming 10 oy oldin
Marcel just got super aggressive there. XD “DIS GAME TRASH!” That was funny af
Althayyr 10 oy oldin
4:41 i mean he aint wrong
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 10 oy oldin
You guys need to res me. *friendly loadout incoming. 🤣🤣
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 10 oy oldin
Clearly Nadeshot trolling. 🤣🤣
Nathan Vaningan
Nathan Vaningan 10 oy oldin
I didn't diss marcel but seeing that hashtag still felt like I was personally targeted lmao
Prominexus 10 oy oldin
I'm a Nate and it was weird listening to Marcel diss another Nate XD
The Juice
The Juice 10 oy oldin
I opened 14 tabs of this video all at staggered times and i dont regret a thing.
Its YourFam
Its YourFam 9 oy oldin
Smiley TeK
Smiley TeK 10 oy oldin
Bohhrr ing 🤣
Pancake Potato
Pancake Potato 10 oy oldin
I saw the thumbnail and thought it was shroud for a sec xD
Ben Duncan
Ben Duncan 10 oy oldin
Why has this only got 24k likes
Kar98 only challenge
H Twilla
H Twilla 10 oy oldin
Marcel being mentioned as an angry translator again is too good
Kiara Ultima
Kiara Ultima 10 oy oldin
30K likes to go, Marcel and his friends will do the shield challenge
georgia Spencer
georgia Spencer 10 oy oldin
NemesisTiger 10 oy oldin
Sad thing is, its confirmed that symphony aimbots in his own video for that matter
o_Blessed 10 oy oldin
We just gonna ignore the fact that Jack said "He donated $9 to dis you 3 times... But all three of them were $2 donations...??
Sym doxe
Sym doxe 10 oy oldin
I've never had lunchables
Blazer 10 oy oldin
Gotta get the W I did my dude in Realiseum mode. GG
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 10 oy oldin
44 you got enough
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 10 oy oldin
Hey so if your a god at this game watch your pretty Good let's put some time on this thing drop a trial video you got enough tickets
Ønyx Hunter
Ønyx Hunter 10 oy oldin
Great video :3 but when you guys say lag, you dont even know what its true form is and its terrifying uwu
Nate Web
Nate Web 10 oy oldin
Ok my names Nate but I wasn’t in jacks stream and I like basically so it wasn’t me at all
VelociraptorGaming 10 oy oldin
3:28 Me, who just watched Warzone Mythbusters No. 7: *Hmmmmm*
Tbower 22
Tbower 22 10 oy oldin
Classic Battle Royale is the one without the buy station or gulag
Nate Williams
Nate Williams 10 oy oldin
Ik its not towards me but i still feel targeted 😂😂😂😂 2:52
Patrick Joe
Patrick Joe 10 oy oldin
Patrick Joe
Patrick Joe 10 oy oldin
Patrick Joe
Patrick Joe 10 oy oldin
Play tabs
MaXiMaM 10 oy oldin
Imagine being me and not knowing what lunchables are
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales 10 oy oldin
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Nevan L
Nevan L 10 oy oldin
In 7th grade this one rich girl liked me and her parents bought her those hillshires everyday and I would be the one to eat em
The benevolent One
The benevolent One 10 oy oldin
Yo the chicken nugget lunchables were pretty good
Angel Arana
Angel Arana 10 oy oldin
Victor Dives
Victor Dives 10 oy oldin
Lil tip for warzone: when you knock someone you can still execute while they're down(got to be behind them ofc). Recommended to do it if the guy is by himself from the team
[NuKe]_Retr05 NSK
[NuKe]_Retr05 NSK 10 oy oldin
honestly true. best content here
Sébastien the deer god
Sébastien the deer god 10 oy oldin
Didn't he play FoRtNiTe LIL BABY MAN
thatboichristian 10 oy oldin
Play more apex
CAPALOT_GG 10 oy oldin
Who eats the lunchable pizza without cooking it 😂🤷‍♂️🤤
Evan Duggan
Evan Duggan 10 oy oldin
Wait did you already told your fear of bunny in one of your videos
Kyle Morales
Kyle Morales 10 oy oldin
Jk this good gameplay
Kyle Morales
Kyle Morales 10 oy oldin
This sucks
Maleek Gladem
Maleek Gladem 10 oy oldin
Where is the video for today!!!
Undead Sky
Undead Sky 10 oy oldin
Wesley Carver
Wesley Carver 10 oy oldin
Screw you Nate
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson 10 oy oldin
wah is that crossbow camo
Sonic plays Millar
Sonic plays Millar 10 oy oldin
Ring back let’s go Pikachu on the switch please
Lethabo Motloung
Lethabo Motloung 10 oy oldin
Editor be like "NO" 😂 😂 😂
Elena - Nightcore
Elena - Nightcore 10 oy oldin
Hi cak cocak
Xperttt 10 oy oldin
Marcel: over there over there!! Everyone:the nogla call out!
Nikdelta 10 oy oldin
11:15 they were british
Mr Maniacal144
Mr Maniacal144 10 oy oldin
Ik has probably joking about the aimbot but if he's fr he needs booted down with all gamer hackers fine with the other one you know the one that dont ruin your day with magic hacking fuckery
The Alpha
The Alpha 10 oy oldin
Marcel you guys should do a " Mr President Challenge" were one person has no weapons and the rest have to protect the "President" by any means necessary.
IowaRAP 10 oy oldin
Hearing lupo screaming “MARCEEEEEEEEEEEL” isn’t something I knew I missed
king playz
king playz 10 oy oldin
Marcel play the new fortnite
Teebown1 10 oy oldin
"heartbeat sensors gotta go!" Ghost: am i a joke to you?
Jean Laporte
Jean Laporte 10 oy oldin
Marcel vs Nate Call of Duty 1v1 Who's the best?
Xumier 10 oy oldin
The thumbnail made me thought it was Shroud
Xumier 9 oy oldin
Dj Luminoux
Dj Luminoux 9 oy oldin
It made you thought???
E J.
E J. 10 oy oldin
4:42 yep. That is EXACTLY why I watch your videos
Marswell 10 oy oldin
Where's the night mode
Unthought Anomaly
Unthought Anomaly 10 oy oldin
Nate is the hero we desereved.
MISTY PINEDA 10 oy oldin
Hi my name is Nate also but not Nate shuger
La DaLegend
La DaLegend 10 oy oldin
12:30-12:40 The best moment in the video 🤣 This is why we love you marcel 💯❤️
Connor Graham
Connor Graham 10 oy oldin
mounted only challenge. you can only kill people while mounted
O.D.S.T G4ming
O.D.S.T G4ming 10 oy oldin
Crap the other Nate man
O.D.S.T G4ming
O.D.S.T G4ming 10 oy oldin
Wait I'm Nate but not Nate suger I'm Nate Rosa
Lance Steward
Lance Steward 10 oy oldin
LMAO nickmerks is legit reporting Symf RIGHT now on stream after the tourney
Adam Houlsen
Adam Houlsen 10 oy oldin
Can you help get a win in war zone it is hard
Ethan Dunn
Ethan Dunn 10 oy oldin
I am so sick of seeing mw
Jorge B
Jorge B 10 oy oldin
I’ve been watching him for the longest but i never got why he doesn’t go to that one building
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