SO MUCH POISON - Among Us Hitman Mod!

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🐦 BasicallyIDoWrk
📷 basicallyidowrk
Friends in the video:
​▶️ @fourzer0seven
▶️ @Moo
▶️ @Yumi
▶️ @Daithi De Nogla
▶️ @Terroriser
▶️ @VanossGaming
▶️ @Bigpuffer

My Brother's Twitch!
💜 Pony:
Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

UtsuhoReiuji29 [StarDreamSoulOS64]
UtsuhoReiuji29 [StarDreamSoulOS64] Kun oldin
I saw Nogla’s blood splatter in the bottom right when he died in the meeting. Lmao
Aul T O R Q
Aul T O R Q 5 kun oldin
Scotty’s screams were great this video
Josh Hall
Josh Hall 5 kun oldin
We need more of this😂
Sarah Harrison Squared
Sarah Harrison Squared 7 kun oldin
This mod is incredible
Soo Bae
Soo Bae 9 kun oldin
7:46 and 8:33 Don't mind me
Spartan Jeremiah 217
Spartan Jeremiah 217 17 kun oldin
If i were imposter from playing *among us* then i Rather tell other about i am Imposter.. But nah.. i think about my choices to look away.. Because I'm Halo Fan and Halo Spartan..
Spartan Jeremiah 217
Spartan Jeremiah 217 17 kun oldin
So was *Moo* poison you? 7:46.
Spartan Jeremiah 217
Spartan Jeremiah 217 17 kun oldin
Did Terroriser *mocking* his UZpostr friends, Nogla voice? Is that rude? Maybe Google should help me to understand this, what is mock. Anyway moving on and Already given a 👍 your videos.
CJ Fedora
CJ Fedora 18 kun oldin
10:21 I’M GONNA DIE AGA....
TheNobleWolf 13 kun oldin
It’s actually “IM GONNA DIE GU-.”
Aiden gray
Aiden gray 20 kun oldin
6:31 cue the funny Chase saxophone music.
Shadow Mutt
Shadow Mutt 20 kun oldin
How about people on Cams can sniper people they see by clicking them?
Sargent GHOST
Sargent GHOST 21 kun oldin
Abraham Bueno
Abraham Bueno 22 kun oldin
Hey Marcel!! You probably won’t see this but I’ve been a big fan and been watching you what seems like forever now back since then pluto nash and steven bills days. I just found out you were from Tacoma and my wife and I just moved to the Puyallup area just south of Tacoma. If you ever see this message, what is the absolutely best restaurant you recommend for this area?
RayBob 22 kun oldin
Wanna cheese puff mason?
Polarovert1 22 kun oldin
Hey i Cant wait for your guys show am getting hype not even lying he going to be hilarious
Florenzo Hurtado
Florenzo Hurtado 22 kun oldin
Make a mod where your clothes hat and pet changes every 40 seconds
LilTMGaming 22 kun oldin
You watched the trailer didn't you 🙂
Reaper Knightyt
Reaper Knightyt 22 kun oldin
How’s it going bud
Ricardo Lazalde
Ricardo Lazalde 23 kun oldin
tell me if im shdow baned
Logan P33 _.
Logan P33 _. 23 kun oldin
Why does Marcel kinda look like The Weekend
Zane VR
Zane VR 23 kun oldin
You are late to make this
ぉゔぇNick 23 kun oldin
I like the background jazz music
Trevor Robinson
Trevor Robinson 23 kun oldin
Hey @basicallyidowrk i just wanted to say i’d love to see some more warzone content if its possible🙏🏽
SADBOYRELL 23 kun oldin
We need a 407 scream compilation 😂
Leoninihos 23 kun oldin
I just realized the background music is from Detective Conan. Nice
Raw Entice
Raw Entice 23 kun oldin
Hey Basically, thanks for helping me through a stressful time, you and your friends help me feel better especially with college struggles. I’m glad you guys help me through many all-nighters, thanks a lot and much love ❤️
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 24 kun oldin
2:26 carrying a body briefly
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 24 kun oldin
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 24 kun oldin
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 24 kun oldin
5:27 perfectly honest doing pokemon
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy 24 kun oldin
5:08 would if i could
Funny man0269
Funny man0269 24 kun oldin
ImSyncan 24 kun oldin
To whoever reads this I hope you have a great morning/day/night and I hope you accomplished everything you set as goals
Emahnde Green
Emahnde Green 24 kun oldin
Wait a min exclusive youtubers cosmetics!??
Jonathan Hatley
Jonathan Hatley 24 kun oldin
Why don’t you have a streaming contract yet???
Jimmy Hausauer
Jimmy Hausauer 24 kun oldin
Where’s raft?
Zach Weber
Zach Weber 24 kun oldin
That music at 2:12 was in another game, I think it was called garbage day or something. Only reason I remember that is because Wildcat played it at one point.
Camden Chadwick
Camden Chadwick 24 kun oldin
You guys need to play project winter. You guys would have so much fun with that
AdrianTGK68 24 kun oldin
me looking at the thumbnail: marcel, it's poison, not chlorine gas
Love Is Advance
Love Is Advance 24 kun oldin
Btw if your wondering why the turn the lights off song sounds family it’s from regular show
Love Is Advance
Love Is Advance 24 kun oldin
We know your homes skips pick up the phone skips
Ethan Gaddis
Ethan Gaddis 24 kun oldin
Javier Méndez
Javier Méndez 22 kun oldin
Do ur keys quickly so you wont get poisoned
Ethan Gaddis
Ethan Gaddis 24 kun oldin
Jackson Willis
Jackson Willis 24 kun oldin
Yumi pog
Rusticgames 24 kun oldin
does nogla actually have a child irl?
Javier Méndez
Javier Méndez 22 kun oldin
Brian M
Brian M 24 kun oldin
Lol when terrorizer made fence joke
Mahoney Jack
Mahoney Jack 24 kun oldin
The sparkling cheetah ironically sneeze because bacon oddly claim including a three hardboard. disgusting, parched branch
Grom Noob
Grom Noob 24 kun oldin
I can’t believe this game is still alive
AntonR Nik
AntonR Nik 24 kun oldin
if you don't like it then go, these vids are funny, they're having fun and making loads of cash
Boston Fox
Boston Fox 24 kun oldin
This video is so late lol
Colin Byrne
Colin Byrne 24 kun oldin
Are you ever gonna make cod zombies video ?
Black_Turismo 24 kun oldin
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 24 kun oldin
Shreyas Patil
Shreyas Patil 24 kun oldin
Play pummel party again pls!!!
Its pizza Time
Its pizza Time 24 kun oldin
Acejak1234 F22raptorace
Acejak1234 F22raptorace 24 kun oldin
Redwood 24 kun oldin
This is probably the best mod for among us, aside from maybe the mario kart one
Nautical Soap
Nautical Soap 24 kun oldin
Noooooogla :p
Jonathan Falcon
Jonathan Falcon 24 kun oldin
that tyler the creator “dead” was funny asf
Christopher Herrera
Christopher Herrera 24 kun oldin
For the hitman mod they should give the hitman a specific crew member to kill and if he kills the wrong one the hitman dies
Tahji Hawthorne
Tahji Hawthorne 24 kun oldin
marcel whens the show dropping
Slapiz 434
Slapiz 434 24 kun oldin
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 24 kun oldin
I love the Mario galaxy song he plays when he gets imposter it brings back memories
Evan Meyer
Evan Meyer 24 kun oldin
You just got coconut malled
Th3SaiyanElite 24 kun oldin
11:43: I love how if you look in admin room right when Nogla dies all you see is a little blood splatter come into frame.
Justin Freeman
Justin Freeman 24 kun oldin
Poison is the best mode
Kingkb2099 24 kun oldin
Love this mod I wish that poisoning thing was in the base game it make the game funner
Adrian Vizner
Adrian Vizner 24 kun oldin
Getting famous off comments day 251 so I can live the dream live every day like it’s your last day🤙
CharlieBrown678 Derkowski
CharlieBrown678 Derkowski 24 kun oldin
The thumbnail look like Kostic from Apex
mokofrmda6nine1 _
mokofrmda6nine1 _ 24 kun oldin
And he has the audacity to call nogla a bad impostor team mate
Isotopes Reactor
Isotopes Reactor 24 kun oldin
I’m still confused on Puffer and FourZero7 voices they scream so similarly.
Izzy Raymond
Izzy Raymond 24 kun oldin
Why are the Outlines of the people talking in the voting screen wrong?
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 24 kun oldin
Very Nice!
nick ortiz
nick ortiz 24 kun oldin
GucciTrashBag 24 kun oldin
I remember this game music in the among us game it’s something like trash day or something where you have to take out the trash and get milk for your cereal but you can do other stuff
No Way
No Way 24 kun oldin
Is your name marcel and you want to take down the crew? Well I have a solution for you! Step 1: create a multi shot crossbow with a large amount of arrows of harming Step 2: brew potion of strength and invisibility Step 3: execute your diabolical plan on the day by drinking your potions and sneaking up on them, once close enough(1-2 blocks) whip out your crossbow and bam. Insta-kill Step 4: take his loot Step 5: brag about it after the purge and take your crown Side note: you can use a skin that doesn’t show armour like the yoda skin for full armour whilst invisible or just normal Have a good one and keep up the good uploads
TecFrost 24 kun oldin
Gotta love the Coconut Mall music
Shawn Wilson
Shawn Wilson 24 kun oldin
8:34 when you eat the pizza roll straight out the oven
Vinnie Knibbs
Vinnie Knibbs 24 kun oldin
i never realised how much i talk like nogla, example would be "its like... well yeah"
Nathaniel Malcolm
Nathaniel Malcolm 24 kun oldin
I feel that even with proximity chat active, the best person to disguise yourself as is Nogla cause everyone here *(especially Wildcat)* can try to pull off a decent Nogla impression.🤣
billy 1999
billy 1999 24 kun oldin
You guys should play project winter
Ethan - Youtube Tips
Ethan - Youtube Tips 24 kun oldin
You got me hooked for the whole video. When is it coming out? Thumbs up 👍
Yoshi Waffles
Yoshi Waffles 24 kun oldin
Why hasn’t there been a everyone’s an imposter mod yet
N.A.C ent
N.A.C ent 22 kun oldin
I mean wouldn’t that mean the game could never end though ? If anything tho you could do a last one standing mode where everyone can kill and last man standing wins and everybody starts off in different rooms
The Lonely Potato
The Lonely Potato 24 kun oldin
Can you stop with the colour around the names? It works fine for a while in the video then it just becomes a mess and is super anoying to look at
Sara D
Sara D 24 kun oldin
why the background elevator music....
Dylan Tracy
Dylan Tracy 25 kun oldin
I love the skins you guys have
Akali Main
Akali Main 25 kun oldin
There are 2 paths you can take the cursed one 228922 or the holy one 318224 the choice is yours don't regret your choice and for those who choose the cursed path... I can only pray for you to make it out unscathed.
Fine Lies
Fine Lies 25 kun oldin
anyone else feel that moo actually dosent like nogla? just me
Johnathan Ward
Johnathan Ward 25 kun oldin
voice overlay in the meeting is jacked up at 10:21
Egg Salad
Egg Salad 25 kun oldin
Hey basically, can we get some more Voldemort content?
LastSoulofFarron 25 kun oldin
Basically needs to get a new outro.
TA DA 25 kun oldin
I am just jamming to mario music
Lily Same
Lily Same 25 kun oldin
They should play Dungeon Defenders who's with me
Westii Z
Westii Z 25 kun oldin
puffer cringe
Poqoa1312 25 kun oldin
Talk to your editor man highlighting the wrong people talking lol
NaddieChan 24 kun oldin
It’s not the editor. It’s proximity chat that glitches when someone dies to poison when the meeting gets called
Syed Ata ur Rahman
Syed Ata ur Rahman 25 kun oldin
DatShadowWolf 25 kun oldin
poggie woggies poison away uwu
Keiran Mines
Keiran Mines 25 kun oldin
Love your work Marcel
Leem Sharif
Leem Sharif 25 kun oldin
Nogla is always funnier in everyone else’s videos
Yq Diaz
Yq Diaz 25 kun oldin
More warzone
yuir woods14
yuir woods14 25 kun oldin
thank you basically I wanted to know how it looks when some one gets poisoned
Darrin Harris
Darrin Harris 25 kun oldin
Y’all have to keep doing this mod it’s hilarious
Marcus Price
Marcus Price 25 kun oldin
If we don't get more of this... I swear to god I will support and wathc all your vids smh
Johnny _
Johnny _ 25 kun oldin
Still the best outro after years❤️
Vampra Scare
Vampra Scare 25 kun oldin
Me: Seeing Marcel get Hit Man Me: Awesome!
Plant 24 kun oldin
This is the greyest comment I’ve ever read.
Matthew Elekana
Matthew Elekana 25 kun oldin
Lol the color coding is wrong for everyone. Look at the person speaking and that highlighted color on 10:22
Alien 25 kun oldin
I miss warzone.
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