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skyy glizz
skyy glizz 4 oy oldin
Un advanced
Un advanced 4 oy oldin
next video will be like “ fall guys with ninja”
Calin Nistor
Calin Nistor 4 oy oldin
Bro you should play this game even when you don’t get sponsored. The R6 is a big community and you would get more subs
AnOmaLy GaMing
AnOmaLy GaMing 4 oy oldin
Come on down to the OLIVE GARDEN and yoo self BREAD STICK🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 And if U see this MARCEL u better remember it bro 😃😃😃
Finn McGee
Finn McGee 4 oy oldin
Marvel hasn’t posted in 2 days😢
LocoBoyChavez 4 oy oldin
Hey you should try to level up your tomogunchi turbo
Jordan 4 oy oldin
2 days later still 480p
ProCombatCarl 4 oy oldin
Among Us! AMONG US!!! AMONG US!!!! AMONG USSSS!! AMONG USSSSS!! all love...
assassination squad
assassination squad 4 oy oldin
You can make a another video with us in that
assassination squad
assassination squad 4 oy oldin
With me I forgot to tell you
Phil Fickles
Phil Fickles 4 oy oldin
That game you streamed last night please start streaming it it’s amazing
ABRAHAM DAVIS 4 oy oldin
The funniest thing is that they were playing with Millerz magic you guys probs don’t know who that is
Lambro 678
Lambro 678 4 oy oldin
I Was Gonna Say The Same Thing
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 4 oy oldin
Play henry stickman pleaseee
ShawneeNation 4 oy oldin
2:05 millerz?
Dawsen Kaaiwela
Dawsen Kaaiwela 4 oy oldin
Castle season!
Antun Baričdvič
Antun Baričdvič 4 oy oldin
Do you nead frends or not
Estevan Flores
Estevan Flores 4 oy oldin
Marcel can you do more video with your mom it’s really funny when you act around
Thomas Trasher
Thomas Trasher 4 oy oldin
Why is this video in 480 p
Isaiah Moran
Isaiah Moran 4 oy oldin
Basically is pretty decent but i wish i could get siege on pc tho
Jay The XXVII 4 oy oldin
Russian Badger does it better
Chris Vela
Chris Vela 4 oy oldin
Easiest 15k
Yash Fofaria
Yash Fofaria 4 oy oldin
DUDE the creeping winter DLC for mc dungeons is coming out in like 2 days I think get Lupo immediately and play it also there’ll be new merchants!
Ripper Doc
Ripper Doc 4 oy oldin
Rip Chadwick boseman.
Subbing To Who Subs To Me?
Subbing To Who Subs To Me? 4 oy oldin
To the 1% seeing this may god bless you 🙏and you succeed in everything you want in life💙🖤
Keeven Williams 03soccer
Keeven Williams 03soccer 4 oy oldin
Play more Rainbow six siege
ProgamerJake 4 oy oldin
I’ve uncovered that you used to be part of the staff for trollarch office
The Partisan13
The Partisan13 4 oy oldin
Jesus Christ I forgot how loud Marcel gets
Diego AMN
Diego AMN 4 oy oldin
Tw *voice crack*wnty
bud56190 4 oy oldin
Who else has seen moo and scotts videos at 480p. I see marcels video is also only at 480p. I cant seem to find a nd easy fix.
Batsy 4 oy oldin
Am I the only one who can watch this in 1080p? It only goes to 480p for me
CheatonKetty 4 oy oldin
This was just beautiful to watch😂😂 I nearly died when Marcell got in the mind of Sam Fisher😂
Colin Masters
Colin Masters 4 oy oldin
Hes using the bathroom Marcel
qtbee. 4 oy oldin
To the person who's reading this 😘 Your amazing I hope you stay blessed,stay safe and your dream come true one day ❤ My dream is to hit 1k I've been struggling to get there
Sebas Henderson
Sebas Henderson 4 oy oldin
That voice crack at 0:16
Jonathan Herrera
Jonathan Herrera 4 oy oldin
Why do they barely play this game and when they do it’s only a 7 min video and every other video they do is like 3 days of footage? 😂
FN0118 4 oy oldin
I never played splinter cell what is it
Quincy Feeney-Daniels
Quincy Feeney-Daniels 4 oy oldin
Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite has the Avengers preparing to fight Galactus
ArcTyX 4 oy oldin
Yh no good quality
BA1T jj
BA1T jj 4 oy oldin
Only 480p?
solar eclipse
solar eclipse 4 oy oldin
I'm so confused every video before I've been able to watch in 1080p but now it's only letting me watch in 480 HELP
FermentedMemes 4 oy oldin
Play this game more plssss
Gumby Gumbi
Gumby Gumbi 4 oy oldin
Play R6 more
Navi Hans
Navi Hans 4 oy oldin
Casually playing rainbow!?!?!? Impossible!!!!!
Istian Cabusas
Istian Cabusas 5 oy oldin
Tbh ive been thinking of this....basically do be like xavier wood from WWE
Homar Simpson
Homar Simpson 5 oy oldin
Sam Fischer price!
Binkerooney 5 oy oldin
Yeah I’m not happy, couldn’t they just make a remake of Chaos theory or reboot the franchise
YuMiss 5 oy oldin
i’m honestly so surprised they haven’t put john wick in this yet
Mr. World
Mr. World 5 oy oldin
Xeno2077 5 oy oldin
Deadweight Brock= not worthy to Sam Fisher😈
Luke Hartman
Luke Hartman 5 oy oldin
why when u crouch on rainbow 6 do u lay on ur back lmao, when tf would u sit down and lay on ur back to "lay prone"
утка 5 oy oldin
wtf are you trying to ask
monica jegang
monica jegang 5 oy oldin
Ubisoft must have had the idea from smii7y video Edit:the Sam fisher one
Joshua Andrada
Joshua Andrada 5 oy oldin
Ahhh... i see ur taking a leaf out of smii7s book, i see, i see.
Joshua Andrada
Joshua Andrada 4 oy oldin
утка well thx cus i completely missed that
утка 5 oy oldin
leaf out his book*
Mugzi5 5 oy oldin
love how at 6:07 marcel tells someone to stop talking lol
camelcrumb 5 oy oldin
I cringed so hard when he didnt know how to use sam fishers tactical
Full Beast
Full Beast 5 oy oldin
Why were his past two videos stuck on 360?
ShibaNeir -
ShibaNeir - 5 oy oldin
Jaime Navarro
Jaime Navarro 5 oy oldin
Anyone else getting 420p on this video
Graydon Bohn
Graydon Bohn 5 oy oldin
Is anyone else having quality issues on UZpost today? The max quality setting that shows up is 480
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 5 oy oldin
Moo shot basically on defense for a camera that wuz his. 🤣
Musixex 5 oy oldin
I got 480p that look like 1080p quality.
Jordan R
Jordan R 5 oy oldin
Even Sam fisher knife is different didn’t even notice that’s cool
Nick Zakrath
Nick Zakrath 5 oy oldin
And yet they won't give another Splinter Cell game...
AgiturLupus 5 oy oldin
wait, how were the roof hatches reinforced?? wtf?
SpiderGansta 5 oy oldin
Ubisoft spent years covering for and promoting abusers
birbmanhimeslf 5 oy oldin
Kinda sad that they don't play this game more
Ricky Delgado
Ricky Delgado 5 oy oldin
This intro screwed my eye orientation 🤣
Justin Miceli
Justin Miceli 5 oy oldin
Why is the video quality only at 480 these last couple of videos?
BoyzFromTheHood- YT7
BoyzFromTheHood- YT7 5 oy oldin
Lol its funny to see new people play seige an yall would be good to join the comedian side of seige
Henry Mcelroy
Henry Mcelroy 5 oy oldin
Why is it 480p
Vannessa Merriman
Vannessa Merriman 5 oy oldin
Do a fortnite video
Gerardo Macias
Gerardo Macias 5 oy oldin
Why yo vid only loading in 480p?
Xenotric 5 oy oldin
huh I wonder who the new operator is
Daniel Beaumont
Daniel Beaumont 5 oy oldin
"Ubisoft, can we have new splinter cell?" "Sam fisher npc in ghost recon" "No a new splinter cell" "Sam fisher's gear in far cry" "NO, new splinter cell" "Sam fisher in rainbow six" "NO, SPLINTER CELL" ".....Sam fisher in the new mobile rpg" "..."
Mad man Cat
Mad man Cat 5 oy oldin
more minecraft
Brooks Villa
Brooks Villa 5 oy oldin
More like Sam Finish Her
Michael Morales
Michael Morales 5 oy oldin
I want them to play more of R6 but it mostly forced because of the sponsorship
Roden De Guzman
Roden De Guzman 5 oy oldin
play more r6
Feksi 5 oy oldin
You should honestly play this game not just for the sponsorship
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 5 oy oldin
It's free on ps4
Mr Gonzalez
Mr Gonzalez 5 oy oldin
Look At This Dude! (meme voice) 😂 Theirs So Much Stuff You Can Do Here Than CoD Plus I Bet All R6S Players Can Agree It’s A Better S&D Than CoD 😂
scarz 5 oy oldin
It’s Cod S&D but on CRACK but it’s still fun
you gay
you gay 5 oy oldin
SlipperyJack 22
SlipperyJack 22 5 oy oldin
I think he should play this game more and not only play it when he gets a sponsor
Pure Waffle Podcast
Pure Waffle Podcast 5 oy oldin
Watching them use suppressors on every gun is painful af
T.13 Minecraft
T.13 Minecraft 5 oy oldin
only 7min long come on man
Northern Pedro
Northern Pedro 5 oy oldin
You can tell he doesn’t play siege 😂
44 maroc
44 maroc 5 oy oldin
0:15 voice crack, Lmao
bonosafk 5 oy oldin
You can hear the boredom in all of their voices
Alex Ramon
Alex Ramon 5 oy oldin
You should try hyperscape people are kill hungry asf and it’s pretty easy but sweaty at the same tim
Connor Boyce
Connor Boyce 5 oy oldin
Bruh, am I the only one that gets 480p on mobile?
Thepoondoctor 4 oy oldin
U got that McDonald’s wifi
T-Bonerism 4 oy oldin
Me too.
LtCol- Pikachu
LtCol- Pikachu 4 oy oldin
Same here brother
YOARE JoeLOL 5 oy oldin
I’m not lying I swear I was so happy when I heard about this season I was finna start crying and reach climax
aphyTTR 5 oy oldin
People complaining about the 7 mins and it being quite forced but, this was pretty good imo
Wavvyab on yt
Wavvyab on yt 5 oy oldin
Bruh this whole game is basically SnD in mw😂
Wavvyab on yt
Wavvyab on yt 5 oy oldin
Carson Rhodes siege is NOT better than cod for SURE and wow it has 2 game mods cod has about 60 game modes bruh😂
Carson Rhodes
Carson Rhodes 5 oy oldin
Wavvyab on yt No. There’s a bomb defusing gamemode and a hostage rescue gamemode as well. Siege, aside from 2 gamemodes is the FARTHEST thing from Call of Duty.
Wavvyab on yt
Wavvyab on yt 5 oy oldin
Keiruniverse I mean the graphics kinda look bad to is it just SnD that’s it?
aphyTTR 5 oy oldin
You've never played siege, have you?
Wesley Pires
Wesley Pires 5 oy oldin
Someone: a. Marcel: y'know what im sayin?!
LFA KingV2
LFA KingV2 5 oy oldin
Don’t you love 4pm uploads at night
I AM TheMatataUnit
I AM TheMatataUnit 5 oy oldin
Can they stop calling this Splinter Cell..... like for real.... its really pathetic
FREDDY G 5 oy oldin
Hows it pathetic?
Dc 5 oy oldin
You can tell he only did it for the sponsorship man. Their is like 6 minutes of gameplay
Luke Hartman
Luke Hartman 5 oy oldin
thats facts his shortest vid in awhile
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy 5 oy oldin
I don't blame him. Ubisoft servers don't work half of the time and this game does get boring after years of the same thing.
AyyCg 5 oy oldin
There's more he edited it down to that
Biensmen L.
Biensmen L. 5 oy oldin
Yow guys is it just me or is UZpost's video quality for phones suggests only 480 as the highest? Every video i watch the highest quality I can find is 480 not 720 or higher.
JJ 6925
JJ 6925 5 oy oldin
Play Alex please try seasons 6
Tony Caniglia
Tony Caniglia 5 oy oldin
Horrible video cmon man
Yolidiaz 5 oy oldin
I wish this videos weren’t sponsored so he can just play
Aware76 4 oy oldin
@Edgelord-senpai Except Fall Guys
Edgelord-senpai 4 oy oldin
He's only palying this BECAUSE it's sponsored. We all know Warzone is the new Fortnite and he won't play ANYTHING else...
ItsSkeeter 5 oy oldin
@Trent 5341 facts haha
Trent 5341
Trent 5341 5 oy oldin
Only reason he's playing the game is because it's sponsored
brandon forseth
brandon forseth 5 oy oldin
Voice crack lol
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