The Most Annoying Car Horn In Warzone

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Evan Bahan
Evan Bahan Oy oldin
I deleted modern warfare because it’s so huge but watching it makes me wanna play again
Bunny Bun
Bunny Bun Oy oldin
4:41 call it lebrewnade
Jaydog O
Jaydog O Oy oldin
I have the game frag And I’m undefeated 25 and 0
Kyden Oy oldin
i can’t be the only who got flash backs of hide and seek video when basically said he’s invisible
Andi beats22
Andi beats22 Oy oldin
I just used your code for the game Frag. Plus keep making those Call of Duty Warzone vids! 🔥💯
mariano torchia
mariano torchia Oy oldin
3:25ish, 2k no kills.....THAT guy, sounds like rav.
5thGen Oy oldin
TST !!!!
AntwanFish 18
AntwanFish 18 Oy oldin
Remember that time you got ninja defused by a bot
Morgan Boyer
Morgan Boyer Oy oldin
I forgot that basically is from Washington, let's go Washington gang. Come by Snohomish
Joseph Shepherd
Joseph Shepherd Oy oldin
Does anyone know if frag pro shooter is good?
Angel M
Angel M Oy oldin
6:30 Vietnam be like
MannyGaming Oy oldin
I love how Tst is killing teams and Marcel is outside with his annoying car horn
Evan Clark
Evan Clark Oy oldin
I'm sure I'm not the only to think this, but next twitchcon Marcel better bring some balloons to sign them for fans......5 bucks each🤔🤔🤔
TyloWren Wren
TyloWren Wren Oy oldin
Why does the boss look like Stan Lee?
Papaya Oy oldin
What’s his grau setup?
Malik Lapore
Malik Lapore Oy oldin
All those years of “clowning” around, it takes a toll on you. 🤷🏽‍♂️
M M Oy oldin
LOL guy snipe Marcel “He might actually be cheating” UZpostrs always say someone is cheating or stream sniping when they get killed/knocked, its embarrasing
Greyson Green
Greyson Green Oy oldin
Lemonoffe is probably the best name for the mix
ColorZ Official
ColorZ Official Oy oldin
If you see this I hope you have a great life!!
KingMocro508 R
KingMocro508 R Oy oldin
Cafinade.... your welcome I just want 20% royalties
SilverYT Oy oldin
Marcel not to make you made but when I clicked you i got sent to a watermelon store
Seth Broccoli
Seth Broccoli Oy oldin
I heard that horn so much this video i think its ingrained into my brain
MER Oy oldin
Bro your in the 206 ayyyee
SSE Laz Oy oldin
Whats Marcel Loadout in dis vid
Lit Bros
Lit Bros Oy oldin
Name the lemonade alcohol LemonHaul
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy Oy oldin
Hailey Berrios
Hailey Berrios Oy oldin
im sorry..... coffee lemonade????
Jayden Oy oldin
I am really confused Marcel got 80fps while in the plan and over 100 while over the map
red_87chevy Oy oldin
I use frags
Eternal Raider
Eternal Raider Oy oldin
how does one here you floating 1000 feet in the air...
NinjaSkill98 Oy oldin
Lemobean coffee
Gage Sons
Gage Sons Oy oldin
Name for the coffee and lemonade mixture: Snappy Caf. Snap from the citrus and caf from the coffee
Jackson Rabon
Jackson Rabon Oy oldin
you should call the coffee lemonade a tiger woods since a tea lemonade is called an Arnold Palmer
Pakahhh 1
Pakahhh 1 Oy oldin
FRAG slick a booty game
Tyler Settle
Tyler Settle Oy oldin
I use frags all the time I got 1000 kills with them lol
mr ninja
mr ninja Oy oldin
I thought the thumbnail was 407 😂😂😂
mr ninja
mr ninja Oy oldin
I'm dum
Big fat Yoshi
Big fat Yoshi Oy oldin
"Frag pro shooter, the BEST shooter game of 2020!" also marcel: hasn't played frag pro shooter on video as far as i know
Jay Slim
Jay Slim Oy oldin
La DaLegend
La DaLegend Oy oldin
Recently started playing M&K best experience of my life
Josh Games
Josh Games Oy oldin
You gots to respect it marcels making the bag
Rudy Robinson
Rudy Robinson Oy oldin
Cold brew and lemonade is called a dirty Diana, former store manager at Starbucks btw
Carmelo Dube
Carmelo Dube Oy oldin
55 kill game nice
Daniel Healy
Daniel Healy Oy oldin
I have a class setup for you to annoy everyone you can use R9-0 shotgun with dragon breath and explosive rytec amr rounds
Liborio Villalobos
Liborio Villalobos Oy oldin
Lemon brew ice!
BLAKY YT Oy oldin
Call of duty mobile is the best mobile game with over 250 million players
Snookered De
Snookered De Oy oldin
10:01 Gulgag?
Vxltzy Oy oldin
Hal0BAR Oy oldin
The coffee lemonade mix should be called Lemoned brew.
Tyler summers
Tyler summers Oy oldin
Has any one noticed that everyone is filming in 480p
swagg 3142
swagg 3142 Oy oldin
5:12 this is a petition to stop calling that place “titties” and call it “pig nips” instead
Jacob Bullock
Jacob Bullock Oy oldin
when your dad plays Warzone and he bought that pack cause he's a firefighter and thought it was sick
Brandon Stone
Brandon Stone Oy oldin
What is the pack called please? I only play on Saturdays and can hop on tonight just to buy it and get off to sleep
Jude Quaal
Jude Quaal Oy oldin
4:03 tell me why it sounds like he just named a disease
Acu Pncture
Acu Pncture Oy oldin
You should call it Chocolate Lemonade
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier Oy oldin
12:12 whenever you zoom in on the scope I'm reminded of the Asian dude squinting meme from "community "
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier Oy oldin
@SSE Laz miss that show with a burning passion man
SSE Laz Oy oldin
Or Kevin wit changnesia
SSE Laz Oy oldin
Dozer26 Oy oldin
That horn is what i’d have on my car if i could drive xD
Edward Cavazos
Edward Cavazos Oy oldin
Do a challenge where you finish in all possible placing, i.e finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on until you have done all. Start at the highest possible place and work your way down until you get a win to finish it off
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier Oy oldin
Marcel w the 480p upload I must be early
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier Oy oldin
The start of the video 1:36
Leo Perelman
Leo Perelman Oy oldin
Hehehe ambulance go: woooooooooooo
Aries Oy oldin
x_-XMeMoX-_x Oy oldin
Is the video on 480p for anyone else?
uRustleMyJimmys Oy oldin
That’s the horn of victory 😤😤
Jace Homberg
Jace Homberg Oy oldin
seattle citrus
X-man Oy oldin
He almost looked like Timmy turner in the thumbnail
Phillip Bennett
Phillip Bennett Oy oldin
Its clemonade
GamerKing96 Oy oldin
How come you deleted your among us stream I didn't get to fully watch it
wizzleman Dizzy
wizzleman Dizzy Oy oldin
Marcel been playing with TST alot the content can't wait for more colabs
Giovanni Tapia Bravo
Giovanni Tapia Bravo Oy oldin
55 Kills last game
Ryan Driver
Ryan Driver Oy oldin
Which game is really the best mobile game??!? Raid shadow legends or frag shooter??????
Ian Turner
Ian Turner Oy oldin
Is it just me or are marcels videos not able to go above 480p?
Ben Egan
Ben Egan Oy oldin
Get Paid Marcel. hit me with those sponsored vids!!!
Damarcus Turner
Damarcus Turner Oy oldin
What happened to Brandon singing and amazing content
Emi Azevedo
Emi Azevedo Oy oldin
9:10 Your neighbors? Imagine mine as this blares in a quiet moment. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Husband gonna get a call I bet you.
Ryan Crago
Ryan Crago Oy oldin
Lemon brew that's a cool name
Jayson Randle
Jayson Randle Oy oldin
Self promoters: "Frag, the best shooter game of 2020" Literally any other popular shooter: " What? Bro what you talking about man?"
iain forrester
iain forrester Oy oldin
I just came back from holiday and got greeted with this an I have never been more happy (:
Justin Phares
Justin Phares Oy oldin
Is it just me or has all of Marcels recent videos only been at 480p max
Randoツ Oy oldin
Nice Loadout Names
BUBBA_ KLAN Oy oldin
Sound like jeepers creepers horn
LiLBOOGRiii VERT Oy oldin
Why is the video only 480p man
Trevor fleck
Trevor fleck Oy oldin
Ronjel Francisco
Ronjel Francisco Oy oldin
Does anyone know why the quality is bad? Is it intentional or just a glitch? Saw this with his other video with finn
Evan Love
Evan Love Oy oldin
the thing that looks like a rock? LOL
Jonathan Bodenstein
Jonathan Bodenstein Oy oldin
someone 1
someone 1 Oy oldin
8:42 congrats you knockdown the world greatest spy
travisscott rager
travisscott rager Oy oldin
Is uh anyone else expiriancing a problem with only marcels videos as in the quality is not 1080 and can only go up to 480 i have checked the other quality options and its only marcels videos that im ecpirancing this with
robert escalante
robert escalante Oy oldin
That horn is from jeepers kreepers truck 💀😂
Brayden Kelly
Brayden Kelly Oy oldin
I love your videos I’ve been watching for a long time!!!
BroJob Rob
BroJob Rob Oy oldin
That frag game is pretty fun actually
TheFrogofJudgment Oy oldin
The most annoying thing in warzone is my friends
John Prevost
John Prevost Oy oldin
Cold Brew + Lemonade = Lemon Brew
ReeF Oy oldin
480p btw
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson Oy oldin
Lemonade coffee sounds crazy and not in a good way lol
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache Oy oldin
2:00 "Dude take out the double melee" I'd petition for that
maruftim Oy oldin
helo ther
Boss Man
Boss Man Oy oldin
Everywhere I go I see your face
Chiqui Santiago
Chiqui Santiago Oy oldin
Your like owo and jiren in your recommendation
Dusty Memes
Dusty Memes Oy oldin
take out double melee and replace it with a one hit knife, like in the older Cods.
minute Maid
minute Maid Oy oldin
the fact marcel is using that origin shotgun makes me gag 🤢
LaDerek Cooper
LaDerek Cooper Oy oldin
The name should be colaid
Nexion Nekros
Nexion Nekros Oy oldin
480p ftw
Shadow Heart 116
Shadow Heart 116 Oy oldin
Tnx dude I love free rewards
Gage h47
Gage h47 Oy oldin
Best west coast coffee place is 100% Dutch brothers
Black Pony
Black Pony Oy oldin
Can you ask if drlupo is the narrator for weird history? Love you M
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