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Jose Valle
Jose Valle 20 kun oldin
In season 6 there is a dark mode of battle royal so the going dark makes sense
Landon Conard
Landon Conard 22 kun oldin
anyone else notice at 0:18 warzone was spelled wrong
theevilgiraffe 12
theevilgiraffe 12 Oy oldin
Anyone else get triggered when he opened the chest and did not take the gas mask at 1:49
Ihateicecream 2 oy oldin
How is this fun for other people this gun need a nerf on recoil and movement speed plus swap speed plus limited bullets
Rylan Moore
Rylan Moore 2 oy oldin
It's like acr130
Grubby bum
Grubby bum 2 oy oldin
Do a whole game using the Minigun while in helicopter as the door-gunner. Like a 1980's helicopter gunship
Beckham Davis
Beckham Davis 2 oy oldin
Marcels skin is “going dark”
The Flash GOS
The Flash GOS 2 oy oldin
Captain price: about to sleep* Also captain price: going dark
Adam Somerstein
Adam Somerstein 3 oy oldin
I’m reloading gets me every time
Guys I think they’re going dark
Pegi Smart
Pegi Smart 3 oy oldin
Love the spelling at 0:17
ashish sangolkar
ashish sangolkar 3 oy oldin
12:00 This is the moment they knew, they f***ed up.
Reckless 3 oy oldin
My n... My n... My neck hurt. You probably thought I was gonna say something else, you racist smh
Bruce Hinds
Bruce Hinds 3 oy oldin
Can you buy it with COD Points?????
Ntxoo Thoj
Ntxoo Thoj 3 oy oldin
This is how many people rage quitting... I I V
Josiah Montanez
Josiah Montanez 3 oy oldin
All of you are a disgrace to the character captain price
Justin Quick
Justin Quick 3 oy oldin
Starbucks Barista: "Hi welcome to Starbucks may I take your order?" Price: "Yea I'll take a tall coffee" Starbucks Barista: "Ok what kind?" *intense music starts playing* Price: "The rules haven't changed, there's a fine line between good coffee and great coffee, bravo six I'll take Dark"
Jushua Spada
Jushua Spada 3 oy oldin
Im a ex marine and riding on the side of a chopper is fun and cool
Dino Dude
Dino Dude 3 oy oldin
Did he just say the n word
Justin Walters
Justin Walters 3 oy oldin
tbh when i was in college i ran out of toilet paper and started wiping my ass with the fast food napkins i had in my room. It's really hard to tell if everything is clean if the napkins are brown though.
Rinko the L A D
Rinko the L A D 3 oy oldin
When someone makes fun of your favorite game or show 2:07
reeee123 3 oy oldin
When they bought all those uavs I thought they would go on forever😂
KitiPai 3 oy oldin
"Price, there's something wrong in Verdansk."
jd gorsline
jd gorsline Oy oldin
Ghost is cool
Sylence 3 oy oldin
Stjepan Nikolić
Stjepan Nikolić 3 oy oldin
da fuk is this. i did not know this exists
Penny Piker 21
Penny Piker 21 3 oy oldin
Whats the music the use when they are in the choper with the minigun 2:19
J Heaven
J Heaven 3 oy oldin
I love marcel yelling *I'M REELOOOOAAAAADIIIIIINNG!!!!* 2:06 🤣🤣
AKARIOTMATE 3 oy oldin
The song for the mini gun is called: In The Arms Of Anger - By Under Earth
Rikachugaming 3 oy oldin
Whose it from.?”I’m reloading!!!”
Joseph Tiberio
Joseph Tiberio 4 oy oldin
whats the music thats being played for a few seconds at a time, would like to know!!!
Max 905
Max 905 4 oy oldin
Marcel: "Bravo-6, I am dark"
jack Lindsey
jack Lindsey 4 oy oldin
How these guys are getting wins while totally screwing around while i have to full focus just to place 10th is beyond me
Had Y
Had Y 4 oy oldin
"WE'RE DIVING INTO VERDANSK,GOING DARK" that is legit the best thing i ever heard of my life
shane gibbs
shane gibbs 4 oy oldin
did they ever win that game when they had the miniguns
IGI 0110
IGI 0110 4 oy oldin
was i the only one headbanging
Seamus Kirkpatrick
Seamus Kirkpatrick 4 oy oldin
we can all say they went DARK
Different Visions
Different Visions 4 oy oldin
Y’all are hilarious 🤣
Not_king YT
Not_king YT 4 oy oldin
The heavy has made his way into warzone
Ploosh Studios
Ploosh Studios 4 oy oldin
My favorite part was when they went dark
jan thorbjørnsen
jan thorbjørnsen 4 oy oldin
You can`t just sit in a helicopter and shoot with miniguns... Ha ha Minigun goes brrrr....
Seth Weckerly
Seth Weckerly 4 oy oldin
Everybody: bro this game isn’t fare anymore Marcel:hehe minigun go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt
GrimKing27 Mr.M
GrimKing27 Mr.M 4 oy oldin
You should do the zombie easter egg in warzone
Spoo Dadoo
Spoo Dadoo 4 oy oldin
In waronze
Niels Boer
Niels Boer 4 oy oldin
I felt properly amused during this video, keep it up!
Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl 4 oy oldin
BraceFace 123450
BraceFace 123450 4 oy oldin
Someone please tell me where to find that heavy metal
Billis_the_willisyt 4 oy oldin
I love smii7y’s content and all but he seems a bit funnier in other ppls vids
ASSEATER123 4 4 oy oldin
Sees thumbnail: Me: i know this video boutta be dramatic asf The video wasn't even that dramatic bruv
Cohenaters 4 oy oldin
Where is terroiser when u need him
Ioannes Nexus
Ioannes Nexus 4 oy oldin
Do the voice! Do the voice!
joann maxwell
joann maxwell 4 oy oldin
On the leaderboards for the bubble trouble 2 on the hudgames website, I saw that someone had beaten this game with only six deaths.....
Evil Nick
Evil Nick 4 oy oldin
Lol I love the boondocks and his vids 😂😂😂😂😂
Evil Nick
Evil Nick 4 oy oldin
Well you can tell basically watch the boondocks
El Aviles
El Aviles 4 oy oldin
Cyber Fighter256
Cyber Fighter256 4 oy oldin
12:00 when Delirious hears intruders in his cave so he brings out the minigun teddy to kill them
anova nurius
anova nurius 4 oy oldin
Dizzy_Dunce 4 oy oldin
Basicallys been dark idk what y’all mean
Frankgoji 4 oy oldin
9:32 Octodad enters the voice chat
Connor Leahy
Connor Leahy 4 oy oldin
I beg you stop butchering the British accent
Uncle Skoden
Uncle Skoden 4 oy oldin
Hi I’m the girl that had my birthday today
AJS 960
AJS 960 4 oy oldin
Hey Marcel hope life is good with whats been going on
King Myers
King Myers 4 oy oldin
His graphics 👏
Cameron Casto
Cameron Casto 4 oy oldin
Nobody:… Houston Astros: 6:43
NoTurbskies 4 oy oldin
“in waronze” 0:17
Mr. Poot
Mr. Poot 4 oy oldin
Minigun+chopper=Terroriser pack
Axios Gaming
Axios Gaming 4 oy oldin
Marcel definitely did some sort of drug before this video and honestly i aint complaining 😂😂😂
accept death
accept death 4 oy oldin
Every time i turn of my light i hear a voice say going dark
jessica cenobio
jessica cenobio 4 oy oldin
Does marcel stream
RRebel 993
RRebel 993 4 oy oldin
Hey look Marcel is playing a new game, other than fortnite
David Little
David Little 4 oy oldin
Now we wait for the patch to the fire sale
Aydan Gibson
Aydan Gibson 4 oy oldin
AM - 09WM 708165 Applewood Heights SS
AM - 09WM 708165 Applewood Heights SS 4 oy oldin
I prepose a tmnt challenge. Win a game with the riot shield blue print and kali sticks.
Ghost215 4
Ghost215 4 4 oy oldin
Ghost215 4
Ghost215 4 4 oy oldin
Whips & Vids
Whips & Vids 4 oy oldin
8:45 tsek tsek tsek tsek My fellow Southern Africans will get it😉
Tyson Bull
Tyson Bull 4 oy oldin
Not gonna lie who activates double xp tokens in warzone
Boyfriend Wannabe
Boyfriend Wannabe 4 oy oldin
4:30 *Insert why are you bullying me?* meme.
Tripppy 4 oy oldin
Y’all should play ark survival on ps4 and join dark mafia
kelly michael
kelly michael 4 oy oldin
anyone still know about the series of "master of disguise"?
Anther site
Anther site 4 oy oldin
I kinda want you to do more SnD videos.
Zachary Shelton
Zachary Shelton 4 oy oldin
Anyone get the Doug reference? I did and really appreciated it.
Pluygers 4 oy oldin
Using the new what?
Lt_Bondy006-5 *Rhino Squad*
Lt_Bondy006-5 *Rhino Squad* 4 oy oldin
Omg , Brian would love this
Giovanni Tapia Bravo
Giovanni Tapia Bravo 4 oy oldin
Since u guys r using the same operators you should have been like that was a good job me thx me no problem me alright go get em me I’m in wait that’s not me oh WATCH OUT ME!!!
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
Marcel is the guy who uses explosives cause he is to trash to use AR’s or SMG’s.
Colin 4 oy oldin
6:00 im just imagining the amount of sprite cranberry references made in chat during the stream
Rinko the L A D
Rinko the L A D 3 oy oldin
Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Sanchez 4 oy oldin
I’ve seen this before Courages stream
Pranks Funny
Pranks Funny 4 oy oldin
The gameplay in fireboy and watergirl 2 on hudgames is out of this world.
SuperPaco1818 4 oy oldin
The music whenever they started shooting the mini gun thank you! I used Siri to know the song and now I’m just jamming hard 🤘🏽🤘🏽👊🏽
SuperPaco1818 3 oy oldin
AKARIOTMATE Under Earth- in the arms of anger
AKARIOTMATE 3 oy oldin
What’s the song name?
Cherrycamaro357 4 oy oldin
7:03 when we get our stimulus
bazook Rodriguez
bazook Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
Can’t believe nobody said “wE aRe lEaVInG”
Anecia Stewart
Anecia Stewart 4 oy oldin
On a completely unrelated topic i want 2 apologize to marcel. I had reccently saw a video of him and anthony playing and came upon the wall of a monkey and panda playing. I was in smittys stream and said we need Monkey Marcel and got 100% banned lol i feel so bad too 😭😭😭😭 idk i respect you guys 😭😭😭😭
Anecia Stewart
Anecia Stewart 4 oy oldin
@Jimbo P i realize im slow
Jimbo P
Jimbo P 4 oy oldin
The level of grammar skill here is out of this world.
Nate Knepp
Nate Knepp 4 oy oldin
Go to Trench and open the bunker. Theres numbers around the map. Shoot the number you see around the map it opens the bunker. Then find numbers inside of the bunker and shoot those into the passcode and answerone of the phones on the table. Brings out a big turret that kills anyone in the room if you're in the line of fire
monstaa2233 4 oy oldin
0:17 nice spelling puffer. waronze instead of warzone
Luke Spencer
Luke Spencer 4 oy oldin
6:42 Like the astros
haDoogan123 45
haDoogan123 45 4 oy oldin
No money challenge PLZ
McLOVIN_04 4 oy oldin
This dude courage tries so hard to have a personality
Leo Knudsen
Leo Knudsen 4 oy oldin
did you know in multiplayer if you call in a weapon drop field upgrade there is a chance to get the same minigun out of it
Kayla Mac
Kayla Mac 4 oy oldin
Whenever he tells Brian that there’s a mini gun in the Game he’s gonna think I hear in opportunity for content
Tate Hann
Tate Hann 4 oy oldin
They should allow us to put the minigun in our loadout but each shot does barely any damage, but the fire rate is crazy.
Brandon Ravelo
Brandon Ravelo 4 oy oldin
11:53 *Delirious wants your location.*
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