We Tried To Play Capture The Flag In Minecraft....

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Did they stop this server?
MediumUgly Oy oldin
Why did you kill the server
juan ruiz
juan ruiz Oy oldin
Brock is Tom Brady
Christian Gonzales
Christian Gonzales Oy oldin
See how great the content is when people actually get on the server? Can’t let this server go to waste it’s too good.
nasir McGill
nasir McGill Oy oldin
Y'all should play this again. Brock is the MVP 😎
christopher flahr
christopher flahr 2 oy oldin
i swear that there better be a gmod episode of alpha betas
EmyThePotterHead 2 oy oldin
LOL did you hear deluxe at the start say, we need another girl on our team, they have two girls on their team, SIDE and shubble
marcellus nichols
marcellus nichols 2 oy oldin
Just waiting for you to play RLcraft
Copyninja 2 oy oldin
Moo: adorable
Liboll 2 oy oldin
Hey basically when will you play gmod
Fabian 2 oy oldin
I might be asking to much but can you bring back couple's retreat
OFFTheB00F 2 oy oldin
i have not been loyal to you father the last time i have watched thi videos is when you played with the voice actor of spongebob forgive my absence father.
Mr GrayBush82
Mr GrayBush82 2 oy oldin
But yet no one was on this server today!! When the purge was happening, but at least you got your views and likes bruh 😎!!
Jake King
Jake King 2 oy oldin
"I didn't expect CTF to last this long!" Have you never played CTF before???? Dude, I've had one game of Warsong Gulch last more than an hour.
Keana Enriquez
Keana Enriquez 2 oy oldin
Are they still doing Purge?
The Camo Hunter
The Camo Hunter 2 oy oldin
7:36 "oopsie"
Scuz Mcgruff
Scuz Mcgruff 2 oy oldin
Purge is dead, RIP. F
Anime LovR
Anime LovR 2 oy oldin
Hey thx for the ep
Agent Washington
Agent Washington 2 oy oldin
0:25 don't you lie. I recognize a bong rip when I hear it. Lmao!
Patriiot 2 oy oldin
waiting for the day that everyone gets bored of regular minecraft and they make a pixlemon server...
DatShadowWolf 2 oy oldin
Pufferfish ooughh
abid Hasan
abid Hasan 2 oy oldin
Moo: "And I took that personally"
Yub-Tub's high priest
Yub-Tub's high priest 2 oy oldin
1:52 Brock getting pick last ha. Later basically regretted those words.
The Partisan13
The Partisan13 2 oy oldin
I think Marcel needs to calm down sometimes man. He keeps up with the sheer amount of stress and he's gonna get ulcers.
Thatch 99
Thatch 99 2 oy oldin
That dudes voice scares me
Snow Miser
Snow Miser 2 oy oldin
Man your team was kinda worthless huh?
Thejayman90 2 oy oldin
Just as a help for next time, try enchanting the armour with like unbreaking 1000 so it doesn't break
Elver Galarga
Elver Galarga 2 oy oldin
Like it was said in the video it would be awesome to see these as a fillers. Once a week do this, or a scavenger hunt, a parkour race, an escape room, a maze run, battles at the coliseum, or some type of Olympic games, a race in the nether with those nutsack looking things. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Dylan Bone
Dylan Bone 2 oy oldin
Honestly that was pretty dope
Josh weeks
Josh weeks 2 oy oldin
Please do more of it
Jonryan Barreto
Jonryan Barreto 2 oy oldin
Bro make a Playlist for your streams
ArtVampire Dragoness
ArtVampire Dragoness 2 oy oldin
Ladies and gentlemen Red Vs Blue minecraft edition!
jordan 32
jordan 32 2 oy oldin
Peat finally died
Afonso Boavida
Afonso Boavida 2 oy oldin
Ahahah very cool
Cam S
Cam S 2 oy oldin
Moo literally got picked last and then was a coward the whole game.
Mu'izz Siddique
Mu'izz Siddique 2 oy oldin
Yo, Eli's skin is fucking cursed.
Brandon Chapman
Brandon Chapman 2 oy oldin
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, one-day we'll cruise down Blood Gulch Avenue. It's Red vs Red, and Blue vs Blue, It's I against I and Me against You.
Jellyberns98 2 oy oldin
Gaah milton sounds so much like Frieza
Pennywise 2 oy oldin
bro schmeg is the best 🤣
Mystic TK
Mystic TK 2 oy oldin
Cool asf
MrSilentknifer 2 oy oldin
Cmndrkool321 2 oy oldin
OMG it is!
Whenzy Quijano
Whenzy Quijano 2 oy oldin
10:44 reminds me of the good ol axe roulette on gmod :') god I miss those days
Ball is Quan
Ball is Quan 2 oy oldin
Why you don’t stream this anymore 😩
Jacob Nethercott
Jacob Nethercott 2 oy oldin
Man this server is hilarious rlly hope it doesn’t die too fast
Vizion PSBO
Vizion PSBO Oy oldin
it’s sad that the crew are the only ones playing it now
MediumUgly Oy oldin
It’s dead, the guys running it kept postponing the purge and now it’s dead
Biig Money
Biig Money 2 oy oldin
pretty sure its already dead. No one streams it anymore.
smithydunne 2 oy oldin
The thumbnail designer is SICK
HamsterDmG 2 oy oldin
is the purge server dead now?
TerraNadir 2 oy oldin
Never going to be seen, but hope everything is good, and hope it's busy work. Miss the late night MC runs! Kind of tired of the crew's ego but you seem to keep a level head while others feel untouchable. I don't know why
Pirate 13 Nation
Pirate 13 Nation 2 oy oldin
Aye, they be losin’ their touch, quite disappointing indeed matey, but aye’ll still be a pirate! 🏴‍☠️
Hector B
Hector B 2 oy oldin
You should do a Minecraft Olympics type to end this series off. Team based or one player events.
Mric King
Mric King 2 oy oldin
I want to see a massive lucky block roulette for nostalgia
keisuke horota
keisuke horota 2 oy oldin
Very nice video! I'm developing a community app. There is also a group for Minecraft. Is anyone interested?
Zy Legend
Zy Legend 2 oy oldin
Love your content marcel
Jorge C
Jorge C 2 oy oldin
Moo = MVP! Loved the video. I hope you do this again
Drippy T
Drippy T 2 oy oldin
Milton......I just love having him around mannn 😂💙
damian serna
damian serna 2 oy oldin
Yo guys what was the poster website that was sponsoring marcel ? Asking for a friend
Wicked Jess
Wicked Jess 2 oy oldin
There should be rewards like 1-2 netherite ingots per player because some people are still rocking diamond... It seems like alot of people have already lost interest in this server so make it spicy while you can still get the content lol
Taylor Price
Taylor Price 2 oy oldin
Omg You’re so good at this babe
Sir Bedevere
Sir Bedevere 2 oy oldin
How can people listen to Schmeg. Like he’s funny only because he does so much that eventually something funny happens.
Elijah Jo
Elijah Jo 2 oy oldin
Hey Marcel I've been watching the exclusive scenes for Alpha beta's and im rly excited for this to come out the show seems rly good and I am cant wait for march 13th
J Cole
J Cole 2 oy oldin
1:10 I love this laugh so much
OddAssassin 33
OddAssassin 33 2 oy oldin
Who is the dude that sounds like he’s been smoking for 5 years lmao
Y Ū G E N 幽玄
Y Ū G E N 幽玄 2 oy oldin
Milton / Shmeg.
Andre Marquez
Andre Marquez 2 oy oldin
What was that scream @6:15😭💀
Jeremy Hinkle
Jeremy Hinkle 2 oy oldin
You guys would love cops and robbers
Wolvezzツ 2 oy oldin
3:16 oh no
Jonathan Gomez
Jonathan Gomez 2 oy oldin
Oh my god sidearms caught that
The Even Steven
The Even Steven 2 oy oldin
Omg, you are so good at this babe
Epiphxny 2 oy oldin
Arrow roulette was more interesting then CTF tbh
alix 2 oy oldin
this reminds me of skydoesminecraft but it’s not the same
Pirate 13 Nation
Pirate 13 Nation 2 oy oldin
Aye, relatable indeed matey
Panduhh 2 oy oldin
What’s the texture pack he usin
Manger Matilla
Manger Matilla 2 oy oldin
MVP: Moo Snuckel
Randomness Animation
Randomness Animation 2 oy oldin
Must suck to carry the team, cause your team has a bunch of noobs. ):
anisa 2 oy oldin
Iceaillfrit 2 oy oldin
Angel Guzman
Angel Guzman 2 oy oldin
The biggest mistake about this video was Marcel doubting Brock 😏
Captain of Hyperion
Captain of Hyperion 2 oy oldin
Who knew that the one one that got picked last will be the one who wins his team
K E 2 oy oldin
Lol I completely forgot about this server.
Lise Esper
Lise Esper 2 oy oldin
Any time I’m about to go to sleep not this time tho thanks 🙏
Edwin Ramos
Edwin Ramos 2 oy oldin
Is there a purge tmr
Raphael Lopez
Raphael Lopez 2 oy oldin
Outsider At1as
Outsider At1as 2 oy oldin
My guy Brock coming in with the clutch.
GGnagaraxx 2 oy oldin
Do more game modes please, this was fun to watch!
Pirate 13 Nation
Pirate 13 Nation 2 oy oldin
Aye second ye on that! 🏴‍☠️
Travibetes 2 oy oldin
I love Brock. But he would have more subs he wasn't so salty and immature
Travibetes Oy oldin
@It just be like that zzz thats whats up you got 5 likes lol but I just saw your comment. I like how you totally change the subject when I make a point lol shoo
It just be like that zzz
It just be like that zzz Oy oldin
@Travibetes you salty about my 5 likes 2 weeks later bruh. Shoo
Travibetes Oy oldin
@It just be like that zzz we must not be watching the same videos lol I'm not saying he's not nice, but he gets mad and salty and is the kind of guy that had a funny ass joke played on him, and he literally kept it out of his video cuz he was all mad and upset that they made him feel all embarrassed about some stupid word play they did on him. Hes definitely one of the most immature. Up there with Brian. But Brian's more entertaining I guess
It just be like that zzz
It just be like that zzz 2 oy oldin
Brock is like the most wholesome out of the group, what are you on lol
Jeremye Tremblay
Jeremye Tremblay 2 oy oldin
Other title: *the return of shmeg*
Nathan Wyandt
Nathan Wyandt 2 oy oldin
“I choked on my red bull” bruh ik what a bong sounds like🤣
Nathan Wyandt
Nathan Wyandt 2 oy oldin
@moto lyfe it was the fact she had that bubble noice then the cough Most of those youtubers smoke on the low so it was supposed to be funny then ya had to make it all literal😂
Nathan Wyandt
Nathan Wyandt 2 oy oldin
Bruh I ain’t dumb it was a joke g
moto lyfe
moto lyfe 2 oy oldin
That definitely wasn’t a bong dawg
Try x CASH
Try x CASH 2 oy oldin
I don’t think you do cuz that was def a slurp from a drink
Ashley H
Ashley H 2 oy oldin
Please make this a weekly thing 🙏🏻
Benzo Morales
Benzo Morales 2 oy oldin
Lmao marcel I love these minecraft videos! Always FN hilarious!😂
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 2 oy oldin
What does it take to be able to play a game with you marcel? Any game
yasmine mixon
yasmine mixon 2 oy oldin
A million dollars
MariaLouiesa Palaca
MariaLouiesa Palaca 2 oy oldin
Try jump crit for more damage with axe
Cameron Price
Cameron Price 2 oy oldin
Are pork patties still around?
Omaer 1
Omaer 1 2 oy oldin
Very Nice!
Kiing 2 oy oldin
If you're reading this, I hope both sides of your pillow are warm tonight
TheReal Youngen
TheReal Youngen 2 oy oldin
How long did this take unedited 😂😂
PandaChanpvp 2 oy oldin
iy hayt your vid yos
Terminator 2 oy oldin
SkylineCloe 2 oy oldin
Moo gets picked last "slides on ground"
Pirate 13 Nation
Pirate 13 Nation 2 oy oldin
Aye, the feeling be true indeed matey! 🏴‍☠️ 🏴‍☠️
average pokemon player
average pokemon player 2 oy oldin
I wonder if anyone will still do the purge when everyone is done and or borad with the purge
LukiLe 2 oy oldin
@yasmine mixon i know they're doing it still. I'm saying that people will get bored of it after a few weeks cause theres only so much content u can make from a server. So im pretty sure they're gonna do something big for the very last purge whenever it comes.
yasmine mixon
yasmine mixon 2 oy oldin
@LukiLe theyre still doing it, they just do it every 2 weeks
LukiLe 2 oy oldin
@Dio probably yeah
Dio 2 oy oldin
They gonna do a finale video or stream where they purge the purge server. Would make sense right?
LukiLe 2 oy oldin
Nah i think its done already its getting boring after a few weeks
Grid Lock
Grid Lock 2 oy oldin
earliest ive CAME to a marcel video, earliest i came in life was last night :/
Cris Bell-Hodge
Cris Bell-Hodge 2 oy oldin
It is sad in these comments right now but hi
Jaxon Case
Jaxon Case 2 oy oldin
Fist time commenting under 100 peeps
White_Rage Monster
White_Rage Monster 2 oy oldin
42nd comment
808 Gaming
808 Gaming 2 oy oldin
I have the WORST crew mates EVER in Among Us
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