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▶️ @FaZe Santana

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javon balderas
javon balderas 3 soat oldin
Do you think wildcat is the best trash talker if not him who?
[,EBK,] Mjeezy
[,EBK,] Mjeezy 4 soat oldin
This guy sounds just like the guy marcel that plays with noahj sometimes
yblan03 6 soat oldin
When marcel has legion as his support-a-creator. He real for that
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith 7 soat oldin
Heard Courage and clicked off so fast
Stark 410
Stark 410 7 soat oldin
The only thing down worse than me is the core of the earth
Denver Hoskin
Denver Hoskin 14 soat oldin
Can someone give marcel 5 mil for this thumbnail
Christian Diaz
Christian Diaz 15 soat oldin
Dude it’s not even 1 minute into the video and Marcel already sounds like if someone pisses him off he’s gunna punch a hole in his wall
Rootbeerguy690 15 soat oldin
8:53-8:58 Listen to this with your eyes closed
HitMark3 r
HitMark3 r 17 soat oldin
Memphman 20
Memphman 20 18 soat oldin
this video just made me mad watching couldn't im imagine what you guys were feeling
kelby schultz
kelby schultz Kun oldin
Can you even slide cancel on Console???? Tbh I think anyone who does it is a big B and its annoying asf to watch
Zechariah Wisnowski
Zechariah Wisnowski Kun oldin
Vaminos 😂😂😂😂
Edwin Capuli
Edwin Capuli Kun oldin
Marcel and Tim playing together is always hilarious. Brings it back to the fortnite days
RenaldoSeguin Kun oldin
I am that FPS game shitter 😂 I played Destiny 1 and ALWAYS died in crucible. I got the five kills on one life medal ONCE. Guarantee I’d be one of those 0.85 kdr kids.
Envious Kun oldin
1:18 but let’s just acknowledge how BAD dat roze nigga was in the pre lobby😭
xSoul Kun oldin
Love this.
Jay Slim
Jay Slim Kun oldin
Lovve to see Tims minecraft skills
Ralphy Lizard
Ralphy Lizard Kun oldin
😫lil badiee
Nocturnal _Vapes
Nocturnal _Vapes Kun oldin
I love Marcels content I’ve watched him for minimum 7 years but when you don’t see him have that good finish at the end of a video it is what it is I still enjoyed it lol. I’m not saying it was poorly edited or something but just that he couldn’t get that win in a entire session but I totally get it I’m a lifelong gamer somedays you just can’t get a win. Also keep up the good work I gotta get myself in ur next super chat on Mario cart, I’ll keep it short tho😂
Eduardo Palafox
Eduardo Palafox Kun oldin
Good no legion but courage and Tim are still annoying
Ultimate Smacker
Ultimate Smacker Kun oldin
I almost became the person to make this video have 69 dislikes. Instead I became the person to make it reach to 70 dislikes. I'm not complaining too much, though. 70 is still a good number, right?n
TheLostEcho Kun oldin
You should make some after dark content it’s hilarious. Love your videos
Evan Lind
Evan Lind Kun oldin
Average KD is 1.00
El Penguino
El Penguino Kun oldin
0:16 "He was just sitting back there..." *"MENACINGLY!!!"*
gradel888 Kun oldin
15:28 DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16:06 Dante you literally just got Deez Nuts’d in 2021.
goddlessanarchist Kun oldin
i cant stand that racist jack
Panes Kun oldin
I guess they’re just letting anyone in faze now @santana
Aiden Adams
Aiden Adams Kun oldin
Dude I used to be trashhhhhh but I got a lot better quick and now my highest kill game is 31 and to me that’s crazyyyyyyy
Clucth Kun oldin
Me with a 0.84 KD
Lusty World Get MoRe NAUGHTY : Live
Lusty World Get MoRe NAUGHTY : Live Kun oldin
“Watch out, his teammates name is literally Costco Hotdog” 🤣🤣😆
Mark Defeo
Mark Defeo Kun oldin
For the boys 8:53
Chiiiaro Kun oldin
Without NPCs it’s impossible for average K/D to be more than 1.0
Diego Jimenez
Diego Jimenez Kun oldin
Imagine being named Diego💀
Christopher Budd
Christopher Budd Kun oldin
So is basically going to be called balloon boi
Electrixx _
Electrixx _ Kun oldin
Wish I had bot lobbies
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord Kun oldin
(John 3:16,17) "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but should have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him." (Romans 10:9,10) "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."
DaDaNkDURR Kun oldin
9:41 was this the intro music from meta runner season 1?
Rage 9k
Rage 9k Kun oldin
My kd like 0.90 or 70
TMG_ ThatGamer
TMG_ ThatGamer Kun oldin
Marcel you know you cute right?
Jacob Larrabee
Jacob Larrabee Kun oldin
We not gonna talk about the guy that jump spotted and drop shotted was the same guy from the lobby
Braedon Morrissey
Braedon Morrissey Kun oldin
average kd for warzone apparently .8 or so to 1
Killerbro987 Kun oldin
So I went to the page what the avg kd is 1.00
summerysteam96 Kun oldin
lettuce tomato and pickles...that edit was hilarios
Jose Meraz
Jose Meraz Kun oldin
Marcel have a video of just rebirth included all rages and stress moments pleaseeeeeeeee
rocketman the movie
rocketman the movie Kun oldin
Dante Childs
Dante Childs Kun oldin
Fellow dante ?
Internet verb
Internet verb Kun oldin
does anyone remember come on down to the olive garden to get yo free bread stix
thatguyukno41 Kun oldin
i missed the quads with courage and tim :..)
issac garica
issac garica Kun oldin
i love how marcel screams you're not alive but yet missed hella shots
Saj 7
Saj 7 Kun oldin
I’m pretty sure that mathematically the KDR has to be one or lower depending on how they count deaths
Tsuki The anime Robot
Tsuki The anime Robot Kun oldin
FaZe Santana where is FaZe wham, FaZe ac/dc, and FaZe kars??
Luke Long
Luke Long Kun oldin
He he eh
ItZ Barcode
ItZ Barcode Kun oldin
I mean I play high and have a 1.2 how can they be that bad
Zig Zach
Zig Zach Kun oldin
As one of the lowest level COD players in NA I can attest that we are bad lol.
Jack Toner
Jack Toner Kun oldin
I feel like a 90min nap after this
FriedGames Kun oldin
8:19 This killfeed sponsored by Taco Bell. ROFL!
MannyGaming Kun oldin
Marcel is used to hearing Dad Jokes from Moo
T Dn
T Dn Kun oldin
You guys obviously have never seen me play if you think a .85 KD is bad
Jaylon Spencer
Jaylon Spencer Kun oldin
Anybody else quality drop at the Thor’s hammer part
yolo jaku
yolo jaku Kun oldin
he went mehh quidward
Benjamin Braun
Benjamin Braun Kun oldin
Man I feel called out on average COD players 😅
Trace Kun oldin
took me 3 minutes to realize you’re playing with Tim
Pete Troia
Pete Troia Kun oldin
Whenever I see that Marcel is playing with Tim and Jack, I KNOW it's gonna be a funny ass video. Love it man.
Diego Salas
Diego Salas Kun oldin
Jack and marcel said my name 🥲
Sin Kun oldin
hi how are ya
TRUMPS Spics 2020
TRUMPS Spics 2020 Kun oldin
Why play this trash game.
Gabe Grether
Gabe Grether Kun oldin
Did anyone else notice that we're already exactly TWO MONTHS until the next PTP (Protecc the President) challenge?
Twiggy Kun oldin
My favorite line was "he was sitting back there with the 'mya Squidward' like come on!"
Fóranzó Kun oldin
I'm watching this during my class because I want Marcel to get that watchtime money >>
Life’s DanK
Life’s DanK Kun oldin
playing games with Michael Firth
playing games with Michael Firth Kun oldin
im one of the player that suck at cod i get i kill in every 5 games o suck so i dont play
Ga M
Ga M Kun oldin
Even though people have low KD they can still be above average like I have a 2kd nothing crazy but I have dropped 50s in solos in a above average lobby
ADapperGiraffe Kun oldin
Thumbs down just cause JD is in it.....
Jacob Herrell
Jacob Herrell Kun oldin
Tim was down so bad that game he wouldve made it to the ocean lmao not the core of the earth lol
GDcyclops Kun oldin
you looking mad racist right now jack😂😂😂😂
Harrison Woolf
Harrison Woolf Kun oldin
"Careful, his teammates name is costcohotdog". Lol
Static Kun oldin
How to fix dev error tho
Just_Zach Kun oldin
Jack better stop pretending like he files his own taxes 😂
Shotogon Kun oldin
Close your eyes and listen to this 8:53
Caitlynn Jones
Caitlynn Jones Kun oldin
marcel.. you are severely attractive too. don't forget it ;)
Parker Christie
Parker Christie Kun oldin
*tim sounding like he’s having an organism* “How many bullets are in this thing....none”😂
Dont Worry
Dont Worry Kun oldin
1:30 bro it isnt that were fucking bad, warzone is so fucking different to normal COD. I play cold war, modern warfare and warzone, I'm doing alot better in warzone now, but I use to adverage 1- 2 kills a game my highest yet is 8 kills. On cold war this is easy clap when playing games like dirty bomb.
zeke syer
zeke syer Kun oldin
Honestly I think I'm part of the 0.85 kd maybe idk cause I don't check stats my highest kills in a game is 9 kills
zeke syer
zeke syer Kun oldin
I suck
Tyler Shafer
Tyler Shafer Kun oldin
Miss this squad! Top tier characters!!
XBLJohnstOnse Kun oldin
I love the simps that always give Tim and courage choppers and money. Instantly discredits the round.
chris hellon
chris hellon Kun oldin
that dee joke for JD just sums up American humour - forgot to laugh
Grimm Gates
Grimm Gates Kun oldin
Wait how tf are you counting ks im at 1:17 and would like to say if were counting everyone then it should be a 1.0 no matter what, think about it to get a kill you need to give someone else a death so it always stays the same
Simon G
Simon G Kun oldin
The avg kd will be just below 1 because it takes one kill to die once. So if noone died from fall damage etc the avg kd would be 1
Hokey Pokey
Hokey Pokey Kun oldin
Missed these videos
FluxxField Kun oldin
The average KD for any FPS is always going to be below a 1.0 if you can die from other things besides another player (falling off the map, car explosion, gas, etc..) because when you kill someone your KD goes up and theirs goes down and so the average KD across the player base will always be slightly below 1
Johnathan Garvin
Johnathan Garvin Kun oldin
I laughed so hard at this video! 10/10
PDM3 47
PDM3 47 Kun oldin
Bring back hidden masters, but I'm happy with this too
Mystic TK
Mystic TK Kun oldin
Sponge bob
Zémax - zntix
Zémax - zntix Kun oldin
You can literally just drop down from where the ladder is top pool
SuperGamer Games
SuperGamer Games Kun oldin
There is a Lord of the rings game on the wii and also a fishing planet too
Robinovitsch Kun oldin
l3oston Zach
l3oston Zach Kun oldin
I feel personally attacked by this, I have a .65 KDA
Naman Bhatnagar
Naman Bhatnagar Kun oldin
Marcel you and others for making videos, today I have lost 1 of my favourite aunts and my nephew has no father or a mother(father left them and mother died) sadly they live on the other side of the planet, so I'm happy he is with my Grandparents
LetsAMP Kun oldin
Why you thinking the Krusty Krab never gets robbed? Employees are strapped
Dijon Kun oldin
I can't express how much I love Marcel's Warzone content. Uno with the boys is amazing also but his WZ vids are A1
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